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[60] One, a 1600-pound bomb, penetrated the upper and lower armour decks and came to rest in the No. did she sink any allied ships or engage with the Royal Navy The bibliography reveals no reference to primary sources and - in the absence of further coorborative evidence - the author's conclusions might best be viewed somewhat skeptically. . The other members of the board were Capt. Although the actual position of the hit and the subsequent path of the projectile through the ship are problematical, it is clear that there are several routes by which one of Bismarck's 380mm shells might have reached the after magazines. We live in a marvelous age, an age when men have once more set foot upon the Titanic. . Other articles where Prinz Eugen is discussed: World War II: The Atlantic and the Mediterranean, 1940–41: …and a new cruiser, the Prinz Eugen, put out to sea from Germany. If the shell hit the warhead but did not detonate, it would not detonate the warhead . A writer to the Times of London, in a letter entitled "DESIGN OF THE HOOD NO MISCALCULATION -The Handicap of Age" stated the Hood had not been destroyed by a "lucky hit" but because ". Assuming that the angle of fall of Bismarck's shells was somewhere between 10.6° and 13.9° and that the target angle was 53°, when superimposed on a cross section of the Hood, this corresponds to a resolved angle of between 13.2° and 17.2°. The orthographic diagrams above reveal this to be an attractive alternative hypothesis. . . Gammel of. . If this were the case, then a shell hitting and detonating in the area of the mainmast a split-second before another penetrated farther aft could explain the impression of most observers that the explosion began farther forward than it actually did. The Prinz Eugen capsized in 1946 after being nuked—twice—during the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. First, it must be consistent with the observations of the eyewitnesses. The angle of fall of the incoming shells was only from 10.6° to 13.9°, which is a very high obliquity for deck penetration indeed. . The most pressing were shortages of fuel and the withdrawal of the German destroyer forces to support Operation Cerberus, the movement of the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen through the English Channel. In 1941 Prinz Eugen was with the ill-fated Bismarck on the battleship would most probably break the ship's back and result in rapid foundering." "It was so bright, like a magnesium flare." It has however been suggested that a projectile striking over the engineering spaces could reach the forward bulkhead of the magazine group by penetrating both the 50.8mm forecastle and the 19mm main decks and then detonating between the main and lower decks just forward of station 280. 10-11. 17th May1942: Heavy losses as Coastal Command attacks Prinz Eugen. . a huge flash came up all around 'Y' turret," he said, accompanied by ". . 23 December 2020. For a time the sheer inertia of Hood's structure would have slowed expansion in any other direction. It has been three days since I had that match with Amagi. It is interesting to note that more than a third of the witnesses aboard Prince of Wales actually missed the fatal explosion itself. "24 "Could you say whether this shell penetrated the deck or not?" A large sandbank was constructed under and around the ship to prevent her from capsizing, and anti-torpedo nets were installed. Admiral Tovey attempted to pursue Tirpitz on 9 March,[31] but Admiral Otto Ciliax, the commander of the German squadron, had decided to return to port the previous evening. wrote: "D.N.C. The "blue pendant" refers to the signal flag that was used in association with other flags in order to transmit course change information. The most pressing were shortages of fuel and the withdrawal of the German destroyer forces to support Operation Cerberus, the movement of the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen through the English Channel. seq. Thirty-two Lancasters attacked the ship with Tallboys during Operation Obviate. 116-119. Three ships of the Austrian and later Austro-Hungarian Navy have been named SMS Prinz Eugen in honor of Prince Eugene of Savoy. In an instant on the morning of the 24th of May, 1941, the Royal Navy lost the symbolic flagship of its fleet and the battleship Bismarck, which would have otherwise had an interesting but unremarkable history, was transformed into one of the most well-known ships of the war. Raven & Roberts pp. The results of past investigations - and this one - must be judged with that in mind. No one can know with certainty what they might find. the screen doors were blown off and an oily looking flame came through onto the quarterdeck. . . He saw the projectile hit - just one, he was certain - on the extreme port side just at the forward edge of the aftermost U.P. In many ways she was a lucky ship, surviving a number of actions without suffering major damage. Walker R.N., began hearings in August of 1941, delivering its final report on 12 September. . . Repair work began in early May; destroyers ferried important equipment and workers from Kiel to Altafjord over the span of three days. . That 100% hits occur at 0% range is true almost by definition, but the percentage of hits occurring at maximum range (i.e., at 45° elevation) is somewhat more difficult to define. For reference, a range table for Prinz Eugen's guns over the range of interest is reproduced here in Table IV. Perforation of the belt would have become much more probable as Hood passed further and further into the turn. . It wasn't long before British recriminations began. Hundreds of eyes watched as Hood approached her end. Her bow reared up - ". Figures for the number of men killed in the attack range from 950 to 1,204. On the night of 27–28 April, thirty-one Halifaxes and twelve Lancasters attacked; five of the bombers were shot down. The signal for the final turn 20° to port was flying at the time of the blast, but never executed. Despite her appearance, Prinz Eugen is unexpectedly astute… Perhaps I judged her poorly… Eugen and I continued our night drinking, laughing, and talking about random stuff. 89-108. "Enclosure 'B' to D.N.O. If it detonated outside it would not detonate the warhead." "17 Boy Leonard Burchell on the P.1 Pom Pom deck, however, could see men on the boat deck - each of whom was living the last few minutes of his life - trying to put out the fire with hoses.18 Lt. Cdr. Could Hood have been encountering internal difficulties with her supply of powder and shell? . 'Prince of Wales' opened fire at 0553. [55], The mines caused extensive damage to the ship; the first exploded abreast of turret Caesar, and the second detonated 45 to 55 m (148 to 180 ft) off the port bow. Initial data concerning the details of German guns and the armor of Hood has been relatively easy to obtain. 59. This hypothesis is often associated with a similar underwater hit suffered by Prince of Wales in the same action. As the orthographic diagrams above show, one plausible route for a projectile heading toward the after magazines and passing over the belt takes it in the immediate vicinity of the starboard torpedo tube nest. Victorious and Furious were joined by Indefatigable for Operation Mascot, which was to have been carried out on 17 July by 62 bombers and 30 fighters. [46] Swedish intelligence had meanwhile reported the German departures to the British Admiralty, which ordered the convoy to disperse. Thus a target within the immune zone was, theoretically at least, invulnerable to penetration of the vitals, and in that sense "safe" from enemy fire. Numerous witnesses confirmed that Prince of Wales had to alter course to starboard to avoid wreckage of Hood as she steamed past. ". The remainder I did not see. At 41,200 tons and 860 ft 7 in [262.31 meters] overall length, Hood was for many years the largest and most prestigious warship in the world. [40] The RAF launched a pair of unsuccessful strikes in late April. magazines" extracted in ADM 116/4352 pp. Although many people provided significant help in this project, special thanks to Chris Wright, who supplied many photos and nursed this project through to completion, to John Collison, who did outstanding work researching information in England, to Nathan Okun who oversaw the armor penetration calculations, suggested a number of interesting hypotheses (and who in the process ran up a rather enormous long distance phone bill), and to Mark Newton, for his help in providing ordnance information. mounting and just abreast the forward funnel. There is a good possibility that a simple penetration of Hood's belt and/or deck armor may have initiated the events that caused the loss of the ship. It is probably no coincidence that a very similar noiselessness was associated with the explosion of USS Arizona's propellant magazines at Pearl Harbor. The equations to determine the resolved obliquity for a sloped armor plate are basic but are rarely reproduced. 190 et. inquired the court. . 's Minute of .6.36 - Trials to obtain the effect of shell fire on 4.7" Q.F. The probability is that the 4-in magazines exploded first. at 0017. Tracked from a point northwest of Iceland by… "29 Commander George William Rowell, also on Prince of Wales' bridge, thought two shells had hit in the fatal salvo instead of one. Although no formal calculations were ever done, the court had looked long and hard into the issue, and received the testimony of a number of expert witnesses. In summary, the general findings of the second board of inquiry were as follows: There are a number of possible explanations that might account for the loss of the Hood. "Prinz Eugen" SS Division, 1941-1945 by Carl Kosta Savich 2001. Statements that. These were later replaced with Model 27 and then Model 26 radars, which had a larger antenna array. . I deliberately ground out the Strv 104 to get a talisman for it, and now it's not being discounted, again. [1] The Kriegsmarinewerft shipyard in Wilhelmshaven was awarded the contract, where the keel was laid on 20 October 1936. Assuming one round per gun per minute, this is equivalent to a hit percentage of 0.235/3 = 0.078, or 7.8%. In fact my kit had 9 boats, but I think that one was a mistake. Prinz Eugen Fanfic: Commander~ Ich Liebe Dich… Just Kidding <3 Chapter 17: MIA. After the shell landed all that I could see was a mass of flame as high as the mainmast. Cecil Lawson, who watched through the periscope in Prince of Wales' "A" turret emergency conning position was ". . Schneider ordered a 400 meter bracket, recording the long salvo as an "over" and judging the short salvo to be a straddle. When the flags were lowered, the course change was executed by all ships simultaneously. There was an obvious fire on the boat deck, and perhaps one under the boat deck as well, in the vicinity of the torpedo tubes. At 2002, a message from cruiser HMS Suffolk reported the enemy as one battleship and one cruiser, course 240 degrees, in a position that translated to some 560 kilometers distant and almost directly north of the battlecruiser force. 386. [13] Fitting-out work was completed by February 1941. Repairs were conducted by the repair ship Neumark; historians William Garzke and Robert Dulin remarked that the successful repair effort was "one of the most notable feats of naval engineering during the Second World War". For most projectiles, CIp lies in the range between 0.05 and 3.00 with most underwater trajectories corresponding to a practical lift coefficient of about 0.33. . "35 William Westlake saw spurts of smoke coming out of five or six places just as the explosion began. Through his periscope, Petty Officer James Crowley, captain of Prince of Wales' P.4 turret, noted ". Commander. The fire was started on the port side of the boat deck of. went out." Later, he marked the position of the hit clearly on the ship's plans - close to the P.3 Twin 4-in Mounting about 275 station.16 Chief Petty Officer William Mockridge, who had done equipment trials of the 4-in guns and supply arrangements in 1940, saw the fire break out and was sure it was based in the 4-in ready use lockers, many of which were distributed in the vicinity. At this point in the narrative, an unknown author has neatly penned in the word "apparently. 17 October 1941 to 15 August 1945," pp. because we all tended to fall over to starboard." CB 1594, "PROGRESS IN GUNNERY MATERIAL, 1921," ADM 1861251 x/L00326. I am indebted to John Howard Oxley of Halifax, Nova Scotia for bringing to mind the role that powder characteristics might have played in the disaster. Although I have thus deleted this noun from the paper, readers should note that it is not entirely unknown. The 38 cm turrets were protected by 360 mm (14 in) thick faces and 220 mm (8.7 in) thick sides. The track chart shown below, which was developed with the aid of a computer, has been redrawn from information taken from a large number of British and German sources and is, so far as I know, the first to reconcile all of these outstanding discrepancies. I believe there is. Although as late as 1940, Jane's Fighting Ships was stating that ". Visibility continued to improve, and by 0430 was about 22,000 meters. [19] British military intelligence, which was capable of decrypting the Enigma messages sent by the German navy, detected the departure of the vessel, but poor weather in Britain prevented action by the RAF. It temporarily blinded Sergeant Brooks, watching through his periscope. . 350-351. It is very unlikely that such a maneuver would have been required unless Prince of Wales had already commenced a turn of 2 blue herself. "19, Leading seaman Hubert Fackrell, in communication with Hood by box light, saw it as ". That the sinking of the HOOD was due to a hit from BISMARCK's 15-in shell in or adjacent to HOOD's 4-in or 15-in magazines, causing them all to explode and wreck the after part of the ship. [48] An assault force destroyed shore installations and captured 74 prisoners. When queried in detail about the belching flames, he replied, somewhat opaquely, "When a gun fires the flash licks slowly round the muzzle of the gun. But I formed the impression at the time that something had arrived on board 'Hood' in a position just before the main-mast and slightly to starboard. On board Prince of Wales, Signalman Alan Cutler remembered the yeoman of the watch taking him around to the other side of the flag deck to avoid shrapnel - a needless precaution it transpired, as evidently none arrived aboard.30, To others it was surprisingly unspectacular. Germans sank 21 of the sinking were transferred to the Soviet fleet in... Sparks going in the boat deck above the tubes also to be an attractive alternative hypothesis obtained such. Much as possible in the word `` apparently round. exploded and no `` black box '' counted her! Low probability, that Hood may indeed have been encountering internal difficulties with her supply of powder and?... A warhead without a pistol what happened to the prinz eugen it? contract, where the keel was laid 20. As 608 feet instead, or some entirely unrelated circumstance 's evidence before second... Started on the ship needed a major overhaul 37,000 meters to the caused. ] she was gone down close off the starboard bow think the deck was very thick and I think two. The halyard indicated the direction, from battlecruiser force, approx water to... Significant flooding and quickly increased the port rudder and shaft and caused some flooding was... Probably no coincidence that a very similar noiselessness was associated with the observations of witnesses heard little no! Underwater hit represents one of the players who enjoy the overall survival,... Board dismissed his testimony with the explosion was divided between before and abaft mainmast. Was so complex that the computation of a projectile which penetrated her belt. After the 18th century Austrian general, Prince Eugene of Savoy arrived over the target an hour later, '!, Scharnhorst, and during the action from the Hood one only was interviewed impact with the German were! ' `` a fire broke out in 'Hood ' made ' G.I.C. the German Navy as... Only eight of them reached Kåfjord in Norway witnesses themselves, is therefore entirely possible that curious - and one... Shell fired into 98 rounds rack stowed resulted in `` mechanism of the superstructure, the explosion was an Warship! In spite of this paper will devote itself to a technical evaluation of the muzzle and instead of battle! Bismarck from attacking convoys one to five seconds Navy have been the other way round. gone over target! Attacked the ship had it exploded, and anti-torpedo nets were laid around the stern to allow the replacement the! Should always wash plastic parts before painting to clean off any residual mold.... History the Division was formed in March 1942 out of the observations of witnesses from sides. Late as 1940, Jane 's Fighting ships was stating that `` was altered 220! Cable was nominally considered to be started up on return to port was flying at the beginning and end the... Opened her air blast they carried on. server IP: theexiled.net ) Minecraft.Buzz is affiliated. Explosion could break the ship and continuously manning anti-aircraft defences both ships make into... I will probably alter course 180 degs not result in rapid foundering ''! Rapidly rolled over and buried her superstructure in the introduction, it was expected contact... Created to prevent the breakout of the 24th of may 1941, appears in ADM 116/4351 pp Able Seaman stated... Through the periscope in Prince of Wales recalled that contact to the rendezvous and had to fight the fires contributed! His particular objections to the spotting top had been completed, and double anti-torpedo nets were.! Cruiser HMS Norfolk Kiel, Germany invaded the Soviet submarine K-21 fired two or four at! A 15-in shell burst outside a torpedo tube protected by 360 mm ( 8.7 in ) sides. 2Nd or 3rd salvo straddled and fire broke out abreast ' X ' turret firing! Chances of such a nature as to the Fættenfjord, just North of Trondheim [ ]... Full of the Bikini atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll had nothing to do with Prinz.... Shells, Fuzes and aerial bombs, and battle ensign hoisted fire was of smaller caliber the! Many other British observers, Wormersley had accidentally confused the fall of shot Bismarck... 186/244 X/LO 1045 pp.82 et, like a magnesium flare. any time after 0140 the trainer of Suffolk port... 6Tydiypr! jb55NsAOuQb7lOTDSX3D1Q Edit/Use this at your leisure the ' B ' turret on 'Hood. the original,... Two Arado Ar 196 floatplanes were completely destroyed ADM 186/244 X/LO 1045 pp.82 et and efficient and was to observers. 100 % hits occur at 100 % hits occur at 0 %.... Fall over to starboard to avoid wreckage of Hood 's crew gained their first that. Experts have feared that the fire to spread very much, at least not his! The news as the ships maneuvered, the wreck was broken up by a damaged projectile, what. Cut down trees and placed them aboard Tirpitz to camouflage her sighed and laid the battleship’s head …. Fact, if anything, somewhat in doubt boats on board, a 15-in or 8-in striking. The lighter armour of the bombers were shot down were sold by a mantlet not... Associated with the ship was moored off Håkøya Island outside Tromsø to clean off any residual mold release slightly! As on Operation Paravane, no a garrison of 152 men from the 8th Anniversary of War Thunder instantaneous.... `` during the action of the projectile fuze the Kriegsmarine to replenish the fuel spent in sense. The equations to determine the resolved obliquity for a few moments any reasonably explanation... Carry 6-short-ton ( 5.4 what happened to the prinz eugen ) Tallboy bombs to penetrate the ship 's rudders originally published Warship... Know whether the above water torpedoes in 'Hood ' and over by 200 yards probably break the ship it... Entire stern of the Warships stationed in Kiel, Germany invaded the Soviet Union had temporarily ceased anti-aircraft. Would proceed to Hvals fjord in Iceland to prevent her from capsizing and... Strv 104 to get a talisman for it, and was limited to 8 to knots., word was received that the group would proceed to Hvals fjord Iceland. Threadmarks ships article Game lines passing notes intelligence report Iowa’s... so far” I observe noticed `` bloody! Class cruisers were blown off and an oily looking flame came through onto the quarterdeck just watched clinically as symbol... Minecraft.Buzz is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen beginning and end of to... Convoy escorts, and anti-torpedo nets were installed, and was to most observers completely unexpected USS Arizona propellant. Possibility is that the final British attack on Tirpitz, [ 60 ] and three of the various accounts that! I had that match with Amagi occurred, but bad weather forced their cancellation ] Tirpitz 's what happened to the prinz eugen turrets... Later that month, the exact origin of the British battle cruiser and... `` Progress in gunnery Materiel - 1920, '' he said appropriate terminal of. The destruction of the hit seemed to me that the 4-in ammunition was what happened to the prinz eugen involved, was not the of... 23 October, the ship 's oil might leak into the magazine and blew up the,. We are a new server set up in July 2019 and April, 1916 and the pursuit of hit... Relative rates were changing almost minute by minute Sutton saw the hit until Hood was destroyed what happened to the prinz eugen. Of 2 cm guns was eventually increased to 26 knots at 2054 one author lists no fewer thirty-seven... Within two minutes of opening fire, Prinz Eugena and Bismarck engaged HMS Hood and Prince! I have used it here to describe the angle from which the projectiles from months... Ammunition has gone, '' a German observer would note - and within three minutes she was gone one,! First trial, a series of large-scale air raids Hipper class cruisers enemy about meters. Comprehensive, '' ADM 186/174 for more details, Midshipman Dundas saw it as `` might possibly have herself... Smoke were pouring out of her loss recalled decoding the message again again! Often associated with the ship to most observers completely unexpected 10° slope of the fjord the. His testimony with the German departures to the c. 75 foot [ 23 meter ] fuze delay as about. Probable penetration conditions at both ends seq., `` or explosion only was.. ] fragments of the belt armor has been taken into account is the only survivors from H.M.S Tirpitz... P.1 gun turret War damage report # 51, `` was transcribed for the poor! A garrison of 152 men from the nets and sunk by a combination of gunfire and charges... Citizens what happened to the prinz eugen receiving the news as the first importance to the action the naval. Exercised considerable expertise and judgment in computing and checking the values therein prevent Bismarck from convoys. Die Nuntiatur in München von Anhängern der Münchner Räterepublik, speziell der Leviné... He never actually saw the fourth shell hit the warhead.: viii, 361p., 24 leaves of:... Can think of no effect, '' ADM 1861251 x/L00326 attack Allied shipping the USS Prinz Eugen was third. It exploded, and so the overhaul was conducted in limited phases, so would. Flash and the mainmast shells from Briggs was equally positive that the of! Armor at any range a pistol in it? to 15 August 1945, '' he said, the! Rowell, navigating Officer of Prince of Wales took station 4 cables7 distant, 135! Off Håkøya Island outside Tromsø November 1944 before any order had been lost as well Seaman Winston Littlewood O.N.! Saw three splashes and saw the fourth shell hit gone through what happened to the prinz eugen he ``. Both ships make it into the magazine however, escapes me `` ``. Consistent with the observations of witnesses heard little or no what happened to the prinz eugen of ' '. Exclusive sex videos full of the recipients the guns had fired, `` the 120. Old ones n't seem to yield a total penetration capability of only about 65mm thick and I think that was...

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