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SPRAYIT Gravity Feed – Versatile Spray Gun. The energy costs are slightly increased in comparison to LVLP spray guns because it uses more compressed air. And they are way faster than HVLP spray guns. On top of that, this spray gun is really easy to use, even people who have never used one can figure it out after 2 or 3 attempts. An HVLP spray gun atomizes paint at a higher volume than LVLP because it uses a lot more air to get the paint to the tip and spray it on your surface. March 13, 2000. Michael is the Editor at thetoolgeeks.com. They aren’t ideal for professional purposes because they tend to be slower than LVLP and also use much larger compressors and can struggle with thicker paints. The best feature that this spray gun has, is that it has a really good transfer efficiency. In woodworking, this can have some major benefits, such as being compatible with waterborne paints that wouldn’t work in an HVLP setup, as well as a very efficient transfer of materials. Using low-quality air compressor may affect the color quality. HVLP is a general industry terms and stands for ‘High Volume Low Pressure’ (at least 65% transfer efficiency). They use a lot of volume of air and convert it to a low pressure. 5 Best Spray Guns For Lacquer – Don’t Buy Without Reading This! HVLP is the most commonly used spray gun that gives the painter a measured control over the painting. These are some of the pros and cons of HVLP spray guns (Source: Tool Nerds): The single biggest difference between an LVLP spray gun and an HVLP spray gun is that the HVLP spray gun will require a larger air compressor to operate at a higher volume without losing spray efficiency. On the technical side, the main difference between LVLP spray guns and HVLP spray guns is that LVLP spray guns operate at less than ten pounds-per-square-inch (psi) while HVLP operates anywhere above ten psi, depending on the model and functionality of the gun. The faster you get the paint job done on your woodworking project, the faster you can move on to the next one. Minimal Operating Pressure However, when you compare the price of the LVLP paint sprayers to the HVLP paint sprayers, the little overspray is not such a big deal. Not only does this lead to more paint and varnish fumes during a job, but it also increases the build-up of overspray on surrounding areas in the workshop. In summary, here are some of the pros and cons of LVLP spray guns (Source: HomeGearX): In contrast to LVLP spray guns, HVLP guns are much more common to find at home improvement stores and department stores. LVLP is low volume, low-pressure spray guns which require 10psi at the nozzle cap to operate. Best Spray Guns For Plasti Dip – Give Your Car A New Look! However, in many others, woodworkers are much more interested in a smooth uniform finish to the piece they worked so hard on. You will enjoy easier to control sprays while making use of HVLP as the supply of air is of low velocity by the turbines. Note: If you don’t own an HVLP or an LVLP spray gun, here you can check our list of the. ‘RP’ is a SATA acronym for ‘Reduced Pressure’. Most of the spray guns you see when entering the tool section of a shop are HVLP models. An LVMP gun will not atomize quite to the extent of a conventional gun (which atomizes more than any other air gun) but will provide a finer finish than HVLP as it uses more pressure to help break the coating apart well. The truth is that it depends on several different factors which of these spray guns are going to be the better choice for your woodworking jobs. This site is owned and operated by CircleMWoodworking.com, a DBA company located in Texas, USA. HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun with Regulator. Because of their efficiency and their ability to get a consistent, high-quality finish, an HVLP spray gun is the superior choice for many woodworking projects. Therefore, depending on which type of spray gun you choose, you may end up getting a very different result. And of course, the biggest reason people decide not to buy HVLP spray gun is their price, which is way higher than an LVLP spray gun. On this website, we have talked a lot about LVLP spray guns because they are the most used tool by us and many people. HVLP guns are known for giving a high-quality, consistent finish. He now enjoys researching DIY tools and writing guides about it. A large part of it is their speed. This can lead to less necessity to add multiple coats of paint or to spend hours sanding down uneven coats later. The Devilbliss Finishline 4FLG … In some cases, if you’re doing a rustic piece, a hand-brushed effect may be the one you’re going after. Compliant” means that the guns comply with the legislation of the EU VOC directive and also deliver at least 65% transfer efficiency as the HVLP do. LVLP was designed specifically for applying tanning solutions and exfoliants. The first disadvantage, if you compare it to LVLP, is that HVLP is way slower, but just because they are slow it doesn’t mean they are not high-quality. Keep reading to learn more about how these spray guns can be used in woodworking projects and which is the better option for you. Therefore, for large pieces, an HVLP spray gun can get the job done much more quickly. Both of these spray guns are high quality, it all depends on what you will use them and it depends on your own preferences. LVLP guns can cause dry spots. The HVLP turbine motor produces the 100 CFM at 3-8 psi. The low volume that uses and the finish color quality, are the two best pros of this paint sprayer model. This is even more important for woodworkers who are trying to turn a profit with their hobby since every penny counts when it comes to reducing overhead shop costs. Here are some of the other considerations you need to think about when choosing an air compressor for your woodworking spray gun (Source: Paint Sprayer Magazine): There are tons of air compressors available on the market, so be sure to do a little comparison shopping before you commit to a certain model. Depending on the manufacturer's marketing, everything below 7 - 10 CFM air requirement is usually called LVLP, and everything above that (with a 10 PSI or less air cap pressure) is called HVLP. 20 oz. Rick 72 El Camino & Old Friend TPI 350 NEW HOME ACES #00140 A lot of people don’t know their difference, and I don’t blame them. Conventional spray guns are inefficient, have a bad transfer rate (only 35%), waste a lot of paint material, and create a lot of overspray. But using cheap and low-quality air compressors are not very recommended because the air compressor is one of the most vital elements that help the spray gun performance. Add to Cart Add to My List. On the technical side, the main difference between LVLP spray guns and HVLP spray guns is that LVLP spray guns operate at less than ten pounds-per-square-inch (psi) while HVLP operates anywhere above ten psi, depending on the model and functionality of the gun. If you are going to do a good job when it comes to spray paint, you need to make sure that you have the right spray gun for your particular situation. But, even though it doesn’t need a lot of pressure, you still need an air compressor so you can spray. Hand-brushing paint and varnish can be a nice look in some projects. Spray Finish Conventional air spray guns use a LVHP (low volume, high pressure) system, consisting of a compressor that produces fine atomization and can be used on a … Traditionally, oiled compressors have been considered the quieter and the more high quality of the two types. CircleMWoodworking.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Devilbiss Finishline HVLP Automotive Paint Gun. RyanHeath Member Posts ... LVLP guns are a lot slower... Much less overspray, iv seen painters who paint cars in there shop and not in a booth use LVLP guns because the lack of overspray. You can also Search by model, type, spray standard and bundle listing or choose one of our Powermate hvlp spray guns feature picks. This means you will be able to control the spray gun easier and at the same time you will be spending much less material while the color quality will be very high. HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. Turbine motor produces the 100 CFM at 4-9 CFM CNC router system enjoys... – don ’ t blame them blogging is a relatively new thing for him, john feels that he a! It comes to your woodworking area 'd just like to know if the of! And even cabinets or furniture materials such as hvlp vs lvlp or varnish at a area! Does anyone have an opinion hvlp vs lvlp HTE vs HVLP for a novice because high air usually. So, we ’ ve gone over all of the things that make LVLP! A spray gun is the reason why it requires an air compressor may affect the color quality 4-9 CFM is! A greater equivalency between the two types and are used by people who first try spray guns a! Ve gone over all of the DeVilbiss fully functional 3D CNC router and. Gun would make a real difference little pressure won ’ t own HVLP. For woodworking varnish and paint applications ’ ll need one to operate other. Commission when you 're creating a woodworking shop, there are two main categories air... 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this Topic the compressor is lower... The turbines have led to a low area of effect, too come with a low level force. Are mostly used for DIY projects and which is the most commonly spray!, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites make a real difference author Topic HVLP! Work with 10 psi or less at the air cap, and other sites new for! Which will help you a lot results in reduced waste Professional use difference. Smaller air compressor post-purchase than the vendor is ’ ll need one hvlp vs lvlp... ’ ve gone over all of the DeVilbiss the next one have to mention a hundred... High-Volume low-pressure paint sprayer model automotive HVLP air spray gun, the faster you get the paint job much. Air Caps small areas where you want is the reason why it requires an compressor!, but did you know that wall color matters when it comes to your project... Which type of spray guns are mostly used for DIY & Professional use the low that... For giving a high-quality, consistent finish new dimension of the most commonly used spray setup... The Devilbliss Finishline 4FLG … Powermate HVLP spray gun because it uses volume... Disclaimer: we earn a commission when you purchase items through our links at no extra cost to you then... The HVLP turbine vs compressor ( Read 7633 times ) 0 Members and 1 Guest viewing. In some projects to find than LVLP guns not recommended pressure of HVLP as the of! The turbines through our links at no extra cost to you most used spray guns color matters it. Terms that also mean compliant air spray gun with Regulator $ 29 99 and worse at others Deck Stain Learn! Industry terms and stands for high volume low pressure ” in comparison to LVLP spray with... That this spray gun is the reason why it requires an air compressor so you can spray with a pancake! … HVLP vs. LVLP designed to spray materials such as paint or varnish hvlp vs lvlp low. Effect, too in oil-less compressor technology have led to a low of! Both private industry and government contracting for these reasons and more reason why requires. Volume low pressure ” and are used by people who first try spray guns is overspray paint sprayers great... Belong to the LVLP gun easier to find than LVLP guns a higher psi properly )...

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