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10 de dezembro de 2020


Nor does it "dull" their performance in any way - it just allows their natural brilliance to show. "I started using Perfect Products in May after they were recommended to me. They are now jumping very successfully in the smaller grand prix's and are moving up. What I love about this product is that it does not take away from the performance of the horse, it just makes him more attentive. ""I am a dressage trainer in Southern California. Magnesium calms the nervous and cardio-vascular system; calcium excites nerves. ", "Just want to send you a quick thanks for creating such a super product. Supports Optimum Electrolyte Balance with Soothing GastricProtec™ Aloe Vera Complex for Gastric Integrity. I highly recommend this product! I currently use the Perfect Prep Training Day, Gold, Supreme, and Lactalex on my horses/ponies.Perfect Prep is by far my favorite show prep, joint support, and gastrointestinal support to use at the barn and before the show. My horse went around like a champ and no one could believe that the product had worked that well. Product Description. We used your Perfect Prep EQ Training Day at the Appaloosa Word Show and our mare did not bleed and was much more manageable. It just gave him that much more confidence in himself. "Anonymous Hunter Jumper Trainer"My horses train and perform in a relaxed manner on one scoop of Perfect Prep EQ Training Day Powder a day in their morning feed." "Anonymous AQHA Trainer and Judge"It works great, even on our most excitable horses." Individual results will vary. Perfect Prep Extreme changed that and my career with that horse. It is best to combine with Perfect Prep EQ Training Day and Perfect Prep EQ Gold. The stall cleaners were even having problems with her in the stall. "Anonymous Grand Prix Jumper Rider"I have never been able to train his lines of changes...Since I started him on your product we now have the 4 tempi changes and 3 tempi changes." We use it on our horses before every event. LEARN MORE Perfect Prep EQ Gold paste is a calming supplement that actually works! It provides long lasting calming support in an easy-to-administer oral paste. "Lauren Knopp Regalia Farm"We figured we would never find anyone that could 'fix' him so we put him on Training Day. This calming supplement uses natural ingredients to create sustained relaxation and focus in horses during stressful conditions. I thought that maybe if we put some of our high stressed, high issues horses on Training Day it might help them settle. "Emily Miller DVM Cleveland Equine Clinic"...I tried Perfect Prep EQ Training Day powder and on the second feeding day I felt my mare take a deep breath and relax." Low-Price Guarantee. Inositol is a B vitamin that is required for proper formation of cell membranes. After a month we had him responding and trusting us." However, you may want to try Perfect Prep EQ Gold as it lasts up to 18 hours. We only create formulas that comply with prohibited substance guidelines. Ideal for “that sustained golden attitude,” Gold creates focus that lasts up to 18 hours. Effects Our most advanced quick acting paste! Perfect Prep Extreme by Perfect Product satisfies the demand of higher level horsemen and trainers for a quieting product that is designed to be safe, ethical, and simple to use. While these products have been thoroughly tested and found to be useful, formulas in the Perfect Products, LLC product line have not been subject to FDA testing, and are not intended for any specific veterinary purpose. With only 60cc of calming paste packed into a 1-to-2 dose syringe, this fast-acting formula takes effect in just 90 minutes. Effects The most complete long acting paste! SHARE. What is Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Paste? Perfect Prep EQ Gold Paste is a long-acting focus and attitude formula for horses requiring support for extended periods of time. When you buy direct, orders over $60 Ship Free via FedEx Ground. Copyright © 2006-2019 Perfect Products, LLC. "I have several hunter under saddle horses that just need the edge taken off for show day. "Amy Renae Jones"At a CDI last weekend Perfect Prep Extreme saved my day as it was a difficult indoor arena. Directions: Administer 90 minutes prior to performance. Fall of 2012, I was informed that she had a 4th degree roar and could probably only be used as a walk trot school horse. "Anonymous FEI Circuit Veterinarian"The mare performed extremely well...We love your product." Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Calming Paste Perfect Prep EQ Extreme Calming Paste is quick acting, targeted calming for increased focus during stressful situations. ", "We recommend them as the very best products on the market, and believe me, we have seen them all! "Jessica Jo "JJ" Tate Grand Prix Dressage Rider"I have trusted and relied on Perfect Prep EQ Extreme for many of my parade events over the past few years." I won my first world title on CRR Ember Babe at Pinto World in Amateur Horsemanship this year. After a month we had him responding and trusting us. Adjust for desired results. After a month we had him responding and trusting us. Administer daily beginning 4-6 feedings prior to performance. Thiamine is an essential B vitamin that is key in the digestion of polysaccharides. Thank you Perfect Products! The formula contains only naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids and B-vitamins. ", "Perfect Prep EQ Training Day powder is wonderful, but the Extreme paste is brilliant. It works great, even on our most excitable horses. The horse stayed good all day and my preparation time was almost zero! Thank you for making such an effective product. She was listening to the aids and her ‘black outs’ were minimal. Click here to find a Perfect Products Dealer near you! We avoided the wait at the lunging pens. Sure is nice to have a sane mare to ride as an aged adult! Please next-day 6 tubes so I can show my horses! “Horsemen shouldn’t have to choose between providing their sensitive horses with the electrolyte support they need,…, June 26, 2020 - Perfect Products is pleased to welcome Hunterbrook Farms Owner and 2019 USEF Equestrian of the Year…, The Problem: Your Horse Has Suffered a Soft Tissue InjuryFor competitive horses, soft tissue injuries …. ", "It works great, even on our most excitable horses. "I am calling from [a big AQHA show]. ", "I find Perfect Prep Extreme is a great way to save my horses' legs and make my customers happy. Use Perfect Prep EQ Extreme alone or as part of the Perfect Prep Calming System. The Prime Paste from Perfect Products is perfect for calming your horse without decreasing performance. Shop Online. Using the Perfect Prep Training Day Powder alone is effective, accomplishing a calm and quiet horse with taurine, inositol, B vitamins, and magnesium. We started him on GastroEase EQ & began to see immediate results. "Over the last two months, we have begun recommending the use of Perfect Prep EQ Products to many of our long time clients. 100% Happiness Generous 60cc oral syringe contains 1-2 doses of active ingredients. ", "Sane and Sound helps them both to take a deep breath and do their job to the winning level. Contains no prohibited substances. Perfect Prep Training Day Horse Calming Supplement - 2lb tub trend We started showing him with Training Day & Supreme paste after the first of the year and it is now part of my regular show prep. Thanks for helping me get to the winners circle Perfect Products! I also love that it protects the gut and has joint support. ", "Your Perfect Prep EQ Extreme has been instrumental in avoiding unpleasant IV medication used to prepare horses for the show ring. One of my personal horses that I own has qualified with a junior rider in my barn for NAJYRC in Kentucky in July for region 7. "With our busy show schedule, I was glad to discover Perfect Prep Gold. Q: What is the difference between Perfect Prep EQ Extreme and Perfect Prep EQ Supreme? Now at his first show 2 weeks ago, I put him on the Extreme and the owner was able to compete and successfully control him in the ring earning them a 67% in a Third Level Freestyle taking 2nd place in an OPEN class against professionals! Click here to read testimonials from customers like you! Perfect Products, LLC makes no claims that offer veterinary advice.CONTINUE"Perfect Prep EQ Training Day has made it possible for him to safely accept training and even focus on his work." $45.99. ", "We started showing him with Training Day & Supreme paste after the first of the year and it is now part of my regular show prep. Relieve your horse’s pre-event gastric jitters with targeted, fast-acting support. Perfect Prep™ EQ Gold Long lasting calming support in an easy-to-administer paste. ", "We avoided the wait at the lunging pens. 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