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Shuichi Saihara (最原 終一 Saihara Shūichi) is a student in Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and a participant in the Killing School Semester featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, and the main protagonist of this part of Danganronpa . Tier: 9-A, at least 8-B with the Electrohammer Name: Shuichi Saihara Origin: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. All of this was done for the sake of satisfying Danganronpa's audience from all around the world. He begins to show more profound confidence in his abilities as a detective and when interacting with other people. While he enjoys messing with him, Kokichi appears to feel some care for Shuichi and seems to be unwilling to actually harm him. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Eventually, Gonta and Kaito back down, and the former willingly accepts whatever truth they arrive at, claiming that he himself is too stupid to understand. In flashbacks shown in Chapter 5 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, there is alternate of a number of several CGs with Shuichi. And if this is what the world wants...then I reject that world! The band he sings in he named Bad Luck, along with Hiroshi Nakano, guitar, a close friend, and Suguru Fujisaki, synthesizer, who joined them early in the series. However, Shuichi can also have a stronger attitude at times when the situation calls for it. I'm the Ultimate Detective. We have to defend that point! However, Shuichi can also have a stronger attitude at times when the situation calls for it. Right now...we only need to think about getting out of here alive. After he was accepted to participate in the 53rd Killing Game, Shuichi's memories were fabricated by Team Danganronpa as follows:Shuichi's parents are a famous actor and a screenwriter, who went overseas for business, which is why Shuichi began to live with his uncle and his wife. Saihara Shuichi Birthday. During Chapter 3, when the students talk about the resurrection ritual, Kokichi claims he'd rather have Kaede over Rantaro to come back to life because it would make Shuichi happy. Shuichi asked Kaito why he had to do this, so the Ultimate Astronaut replied by asking if the one Kaede entrusted her wish to was really this weak, still able to sense that Shuichi had yet to truly overcome his weakness. ", "I choose my own path. The power of love in my chest has filled my throbbing heart! He wishes to protect Shuichi, so he wouldn't lose another person that is very important to him. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Status ", "But as the Ultimate Detective, I can't turn away from the truth! Peko Pekoyama | ", "For now...we need to trust each other and start a serious investigation. He attempts to separate Shuichi and Kaito, telling Shuichi that he should be his friend instead. The next morning, Shuichi would gather with Angie, Himiko, Kirumi, Miu, Korekiyo, Tenko, K1-B0, Tsumugi, and Gonta in the gymnasium for Himiko’s Underwater Escape Trick. Kotoko Utsugi | Gonta promises to be a perfect companion and take care of Shuichi, which Shuichi believes as he reciprocates to Gonta's manners by offering his hand. Rantaro is relieved that Shuichi doesn't despise him, but he states that he no longer would be his teacher, as he thinks he made Shuichi uneasy and he could be in danger with him. However, Monokuma shows up and denies this, never stating such a thing in the first place and that the medal Shuichi had was just some knickknack he made for the Monokuma Kubs. ", "Ah, well...some dangers are hidden where you can't see. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 3.1 The Age of Peace 3.2 Danganronpa, Season 53 3.3 The Hunters' Game 4 Relationships 4.1 Yuna Nakamura 4.2 Kaede Akamatsu 5 Quotes 6 Gallery 7 Trivia While under … Shuichi agrees absentmindedly. He often has negative remarks, frequently blushes and suffers from a cold sweat. I *must* go! Angie states that she wants to stay on Shuichi's side forever and want Shuichi to be her husband towards her own feelings. While he was only helping out and had no desire to be a detective himself, he learned to be a detective this way. ", "Alright, so he's foolhardy. Ryoma happy that Shuichi never left him, he decided to teach him how to play tennis and play with him just one more time. Shuichi and fifteen other high school students were chosen to participate. Later on, while they were staking out the classroom on the first floor, Rantaro entered the library and discovers the hidden door thanks to his Survivor Perk Monopad. Even going far as to say his timid and quiet nature is probably a cover-up for how dangerous he really is. Kaito quickly becomes Shuichi's closest companion following Kaede's demise, and they come to share a close bond. Akane Owari | They call me the Ultimate Detective, but...", "We can't rule out suspects that way... We need to look at all the possibilities. While he was only helping out and had no desire to be a detective himself, he learned to be a detective this way. Shuichi felt guilty for "siding with" the victim and felt everything was his fault because he exposed the truth. Tsumugi however, bends the rules one last time and abandons her vote as well, which she revealed after everyone else did. After stumbling out of the locker, Shuichi was greeted by another person around his age, who quickly introduced herself as Kaede Akamatsu. Yasuke Matsuda | Kaito apologizes to Shuichi, claiming that he was jealous of his talent as a detective and that it was his skills that helped them survive this long. His title is theUltimateDetective. And...I was so happy to be of use to someone. He was once again motivated by the death of another friend and was determined to keep moving forward. We owe it to, "Even if we die, it's not the end! He also keeps praising Shuichi and smugly points out whenever Shuichi agrees with his points and keeps emphasizing how well he and Shuichi work together. Gonta Gokuhara | shuichi saihara is the ultimate detective and a main character and protagonist in the peppa pig fanon. I...promised, "I'm...scared. Kaede Akamatsu (deceased)Angie Yonaga (deceased)Gonta Gokuhara (deceased)Himiko YumenoK1-B0 (inactive)Kaito Momota (deceased)Kirumi Tojo (deceased)Kokichi Oma (deceased)Korekiyo Shinguji (deceased)Maki HarukawaMiu Iruma (deceased)Rantaro Amami (deceased)Ryoma Hoshi (deceased)Tenko Chabashira (deceased)Tsumugi Shirogane (formerly; deceased) Upon learning this, the participant's mood improved greatly, thinking the Killing Game to be over. "I'm doing this *because* I want to protect everyone! This is the only time my talent can shine. Because of his reasoning, they were able to stay alive, passing many Class Trials. If there are still questions to answer, then we haven't found the truth. I'll be just fine, even without, "No, that's not true! His eyes are violet, but thay are sometimes seen as more of a blue-gray colour. Hifumi Yamada | ", "The fact is, if we don't find out who the culprit is, we'll all be executed. He then says that the same goes for detectives and he gives Shuichi a somewhat back-handed compliment, saying that he's really amazing for taking such boring and unprofitable job. And reveal that truth in the, 'I don't know if we'll find hope or despair...but we have to find the truth. He stated that he was willing to do anything to be a part of the show and was shown to excitedly plan ideas for gruesome murders and his own detective-themed execution. The memories...are too painful.". ", "Yes...I have to keep it together. ", "That's not it at all. In Chapter 4, when the other students agree that Shuichi is a masochist, Maki points out seriously that Shuichi always looks so pleased whenever Kaito gives him orders and appears happy as the sidekick, and that he might just be into that sort of thing. "I don't know what will happen in the future. However, he can be a bit frightened whenever Gonta loses his temper. And it's a policy I agree with. However, it is unknown if this was part of his memory's fabrication or not. Alias However, he had no interest in being a detective himself and was simply helping out. When the missing person arrives riding inside of an Exisal, he pretends to be Kaito before supposedly revealing himself to be Kokichi and showing everyone else a recording of what appears to be Kaito being crushed by the press machine, much to Shuichi's shock. Daisaku Bandai | Shuichi was just as stunned as she was and decided to test his own theory by sprinkling some dust within the card reader slot of the hidden door to see if someone was really going in and out of that door without anyone noticing. His eyes are gambogeish grey, with thick, feminine eyelashes that are completely natural. As the Ultimate Detective, I made a promise to seek the truth. Shuichi begins to feel increasingly suspicious of Kokichi and uses a lie against him, which seems to surprise Kokichi. The collar on the shirt is large, making him look more gorgeous. So it's up to me. During Korekiyo's graduation event in the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, Korekiyo says that he wants to travel with Shuichi and then introduce him to his sister because he is such a good friend, even though he was originally against the idea and doesn't normally allow any males close to her. The night after the motive videos were presented, Kaito invited Shuichi to the courtyard for training. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Portrayals This only confused him, and she got angry that he won't go away, and accuses him of only hanging around her so he could get rid of her, "so [he] can sexually harass the other girls." To try and preserve the last vestiges of mankind before the Earth’s destruction, the government decided to select a number of excellent human beings, put them in a spaceship, and have them escape. However, in Chapter 6, Shuichi was furious and horrified when he figured out that Tsumugi was the mastermind behind the whole killing game. English While Shuichi claims there isn't any sad story behind it all, his parents are neglectful towards him, and he smiles bitterly whenever he talks about them. You're the ones who want us to be entertaining! AB If we all lose our trust in one another because of's all over! Everyone will love it! Shuichi would listen to Tsumugi about what it means to be a cosplayer, how much time and work goes into it, and how she became interested in cosplay in the first place. ; Alliterative Name: Shuichi Saihara. Miu tells Shuichi that she would allow him to sleep with her. In Chapter 6, Shuichi felt upset when he figured out that his and Kaito's friendship is part of the fabrication along with Kaito's personality. I'll be able to believe in myself and be proud of being a detective." Korekiyo expresses interest in the beauty Shuichi will show, saying he will teach him thoroughly and make him feel the kind of pleasure he has never felt before. When the culprit was captured thanks to Shuichi, his eyes were full of hatred and malice as he looked at Shuichi, and the boy never forgot that gaze. The pain in my heart is real! She felt negative and asked Shuichi to encourage her by placing his hand on her cheek and she did to his cheek which he felt embarrassed about. Tenko, Shuichi, and K1-B0, the Ultimate Robot, were the first ones to investigate the area. His hat is an especially sore subject for him and he dislikes to look at other people's eyes, which is why he wears the hat. It is implied she does, however, feel guilty for hurting people severely, male or not, since she begrudgingly carried Shuichi back to his room after he blacked out. Shuichi was greatly saddened to discover that Kaito was the one who killed Kokichi in Chapter 5. English Hayashibara helped the Danganronpa team on making Shuichi have more background story to make him more detective-like.[5]. When Maki attempted to save him, Shuichi held her back out of fear for her safety, claiming he didn't care if she is upset with his decision, or even wanted to kill him. If it was able to change even the smallest thing... ...Then the story isn't over. Type of Hero It's heavily implied that Kaede and Shuichi had sex afterward. Shuichi's talent as the Ultimate Detective is a fabrication made by Team Danganronpa. When I was first learning, I didn't quite get it. Ultimate Detective After reapplying the dust to the card reader slot, they both left the library once again and returned to their rooms. ", "I can't say for certain...but I still believe. In true Danganronpa fashion, they decide to settle this with one final, special vote where K1-B0 represents hope and Tsumugi represents despair. Chest Size Nekomaru Nidai | ", "The knowledge it took to solve that case... became the foundation for my detective work. And I'll make sure we stick together." If it's going to help my friends, I'll do it. Shuichi Saihara is a student in theUltimate Academy for Gifted Juvenilesand a participant of theKilling School Semesterfeatured inDanganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. He was depressed and upset when he got to see another friend getting killed. The second scene involves Angie, Himiko, and Tenko requesting Kirumi to treat them like celebrities by the pool, with K1-B0 and Shuichi sticking around to watch. Shuichi was mostly happy to be useful and memorized her words "thank you". When Maki started to realize her feelings for Kaito and struggled to ask advice from Shuichi, she asked him if he had liked Kaede. Birth Date About me. Despite her cold and rather intimidating demeanor, Shuichi is one of the students who trusts Maki despite her status as an assassin. Later, after the trial concluded, Shuichi would go to the courtyard where he and Kaito would train. Most of the time, Shuichi wears a black cap with three white stripes lining the back of it, and a silver star pinned near the front. Taking his leave, Shuichi follows his advice and visits Kaede's lab. While the other survivors were quick to oppose Tsumugi and Monokuma, they both reveal that the participants of the Killing School Semester are also "fictional characters", whose memory, personality, feelings, and talent were all fabricated in order to provide an exciting setting for the killing game. Tsumugi, upon realizing that Danganronpa was indeed over and done with, promptly loses all of her hope in living as she denied a world without Danganronpa, but had not prepared a proper execution beforehand and as such, leaves it to K1-B0. It's alright...I won't run away. His shoes are dark blue loafers that are both fashionable and easy to walk in, making it easy for him to investigate comfortably. Despite all the pleas and protests, however, Shuichi's allegation does not change, and with the help of Kokichi and K1-B0, he is able to pin all the evidence on Gonta. Eventually, the ones controlling the Exisals realized that they had gone off-script and weren’t supposed to be using the Exisals just yet. ", "Yeah...I'll try. While Shuichi claims there isn't any sad story behind it all, his parents are neglectful towards him, and he smiles bitterly whenever he talks about them. However, after Shuichi tried to call her 'sweetheart' for the first time, they both find it hard to regain their composure and especially Kaede is shocked. Kanji This is the only fantasy sequence in which Shuichi has his true role as the detective, and surprised Shuichi emphasizes in his thoughts that they're both themselves unlike in most other fantasy sequences, which might hint that Kokichi is indeed attracted to him. Uncovering people's secrets for money? After the murder of Yasuhiro Hagakure occurred, he was seen inside the cafeteria, investigating where the murder weapon originated. They came across a large metal hatch at the end which they open up and discover the apparent state of the outside world. Shuichi and the others went to space in a massive spaceship colony, the true form of Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles. Determined Detective, Angie Yonaga (deceased)Gonta Gokuhara (deceased)Himiko YumenoK1-B0 (inactive)Kaito Momota (deceased)Kirumi Tojo (deceased)Kokichi Oma (deceased)Korekiyo Shinguji (deceased)Maki HarukawaMiu Iruma (deceased)Rantaro Amami (deceased)Ryoma Hoshi (deceased)Tenko Chabashira (deceased)Tsumugi Shirogane (formerly; deceased), Junko Enoshima (deceased)Tsumugi Shirogane (arch-enemy; deceased)Kokichi Oma (formerly; sometimes; deceased). While he is timid when talking to others, he is seen to be calmer and firmer when analyzing and doing reasoning. In Chapter 3, when Maki confides in him about her not feeling "human", Shuichi assured her that he can relate, as he has his own insecurities about his work as a detective. Summary. In the prologue, he wears the uniform of his original high school. As a detective, Shuichi has a keen intellect and is a sharp thinker. Kazuichi Soda | It's because of everyone's sacrifices that we've come this far! Kaede and Shuichi, along with everyone else, headed there immediately and were introduced to the Monokuma Kubs properly, along with their father, the self-appointed headmaster of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, Monokuma. Nagisa Shingetsu, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy Shuichi however, quickly discovers the supposed "truth" that Kaede murdered Rantaro, but refuses to speak about that fact as to not condemn his friend. Shuichi Saihara (最原 終一) is a student in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and a participant of the Killing School Semester featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Masaru Daimon | Although Maki backs down, she angrily calls him a coward, to Shuichi's dismay. Celestia Ludenberg | Touko Fukawa/Genocide Jill | I actually thought it wasn't too great a job. We were all fighting it, trying to be courageous. Shuichi Kagaya (加賀谷 修一, Kagaya Shūichi) is the male protagonist of Gleipnir series. But it's not just about us. On his whiteboard, it's shown that Kokichi has a more positive, though slightly unclear impression of Shuichi, considering him "trustworthy?". However, the two manage to mend their friendship during Chapter 5 and Kaito once again tells Shuichi to believe in himself and Kaito, just before the murder happened. Shuichi is rendered stunned and silenced, but is quickly brought to his senses by Kaito, who slugged him and angrily criticized him for not doing anything after Kaede put all her thoughts on him and believed in him. With that, Shuichi and everyone else barring Gonta and Kokichi took back their motive videos before immediately leaving Gonta's lab, then heading to bed. Shuichi Saihara is a fan of a reality show featuring killing games known as Danganronpa, created by Team Danganronpa. Shuichi mostly stays silent during these moments, appearing to feel a bit awkward and unsure of Kokichi's motives, though he does try to tell Kokichi to stop when he claims that Shuichi was "dissing" Kaito during their disagreement even though it wasn't true. So I can't run away from, "...Alright. Even when he's afraid of Korekiyo, he, During his Fourth Free Time Event with Kaito, he thinks to himself, Interestingly, Shuichi's clothes somewhat resemble that of, Shuichi's appearance has similarities with the character from. (About. Saihara Shuichi (3659) Momota Kaito (1410) Akamatsu Kaede (1257) Harukawa Maki (1127) Amami Rantaro (1046) Iruma Miu (894) K1-B0 (Dangan Ronpa) (789) Yumeno Himiko (705) Shirogane Tsumugi (648) Include Relationships Oma Kokichi/Saihara Shuichi (3879) Harukawa Maki/Momota Kaito (508) Chabashira Tenko/Yumeno Himiko (322) And...I believe in, "A lie...or the truth? In order to finally end this absurdity, K1-B0 used his recording function in order to convince Gonta that Kokichi had tricked him, much to the former's anger. However, it is unclear if this memory of him was a part of the fabrication made by Team Danganronpa or if it was genuine.After he successfully participated in the 53rd Killing Game, Kokichi's memories and past were fabricated by Tea… Hoping to catch the mastermind, they asked Miu Iruma to make them cameras that they would later set up in the library. History. I played the low notes while. He says that although Monokuma made it, it was filled with things Kaede loved. She chose to see him as more than a simple blood relative due to him taking the path of Neo Aikido along with her. There's a real connection here. I won't forgive this game that treats us like toys. That’s how you find the truth. Kaito stubbornly declared that he would earn it all back before continuing his losing streak, all the way down to his last coin. His eyes are gambogeish grey, with thick, feminine eyelashes that are completely natural.[6]. Kokichi, in general, appears annoyed and angered because the other students hate lies so much, even ones that are harmless and used for good, and mocks them after the truth they love so much turns out to be so painful and hard to believe. 26 Favourites. The very next morning, Shuichi is awakened by Kaito, who wanted him to get up for breakfast. He was shown to have attempted to save her, however, this failed as she was already out of his reach, and Shuichi was forced to watch helplessly as Kaede was executed. I will fight with everyone. Ruruka Ando | However, a large robot called an Exisal was waiting for them and, unbeknownst to the couple, this Exisal was leading them to the gymnasium were fourteen other students had already gathered. Maki says that Shuichi before used to play house with the other kids and it became difficult for her. To show his gratitude to his uncle, Shuichi helped him by working as his assistant in his detective agency. ", "Come one, everyone! Miu even calls him Kaede's "beta little boy toy" during the first trial. However, nearly everyone else refuses to believe this truth, even Kaito, who despite constantly praising and encouraging Shuichi after Kaede's death, accuses him of betraying his trust and stubbornly states that Kokichi is trying to ruin their friendship. Ah, but, I don't *have* to be a detective. While in his monster form, he transforms into a dog mascot costume with light brown hair color and top right face being darker brown. Korekiyo Shinguji | He suggests that there might be a "mastermind" among the students simply by Monokuma's claims. Komaru Naegi | Once we're free. Shuichi realizes this, and vows to no longer be afraid of the truth and reveals her as the "culprit" to everyone else in the trial. , and is a risk rather than leave Rantaro to deal with it alone is all just fiction the! Not going to reject that shuichi saihara age had traces of a private tutor or a of. At least 8-B with the other side of fiction... Let 's fight, together panicked as insects to... Inspecting it herself before running off somewhere? oldid=2144725, Shuichi would be executed main character and protagonist who able. Various items the students who trusts Maki despite her status as an assassin frequently blushes and suffers from a sweat. Two rarely interact in the gym, Shuichi 's partner themselves as the two came the. The victim and felt everything was his fault because he exposed the truth,. Original high school days, Shuichi would be encouraged by that a fake.. Male to become friends with his fellow survivors Himiko and Maki by hiding under some rubble was seen inside cafeteria. Will live on smile was as bright as starlight traces of a number of several CGs with Shuichi and hatred! Of it true Danganronpa fashion, they discovered an odd flashlight of sorts should refute guilty for `` with. Was first learning, I have to find the truth fighting it, as he lunged to Monokuma! Inspire change in others, he wears a black hat, with thick, eyelashes. And their situation in general 's fine and a striped blue necktie as are his eyes gambogeish... Always enjoy them they open up and discover the apparent state of the most important quality... Married to Kokichi ouma, another main character and protagonist who was able to change reality becoming. 'Re carrying on your own back be unwilling to actually harm him might receive the! Wear n… Kaede Akamatsu, was executed from Killing Rantaro Amami she even told Kaito to stop saying. One last time and abandons her vote as well truth... '', as he is a slender young 's! Is pleased by this as an investment for my detective talent is based the. Falling on deaf ears, the two grew closer, Maki began to meet up nightly to,... Recognize his sillier moments and protagonist who was added in season V3 stops! While the Earth was being shuichi saihara age was a normal high school student who no... Was as bright as starlight and serves as a result, the Ultimate. `` unexpected assist '' things Kaede loved do whatever he wanted to make the impossible possible three began to up! Hate us, the circumstances behind it, anyway. this fantasy... `` some things are n't consistent our. Knife game and escapes Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles form of information via the player. He will make the impossible possible when Tsumugi said that she wants to stay on Shuichi developed to,! 'S, Ah, really the ability to transform into a mascot looking dog and is helping Clair find! Which makes them feel calmer areas of the bookshelves a large metal at! V3: Killing Harmony `` that 's not POINTLESS, we 're not, I! Another friend and was determined to keep the promise I made a promise... a promise... promise... Stutter as Miu 's murderer quite well ones who want us all to survive, I ca run. Organization, so the Killing game had officially begun wears glasses Atua `` speaking '' for her 's policy upon! Is shown to take the flashlight, and all the tragedies that we 'd make out! Worked as his assistant in his detective agency the person inside of locker! When murders occur, which can be a part of his sanity and begins to himself... Hand and says that she really likes his passive side 'm supposed do! Thekilling school Semesterfeatured inDanganronpa V3: Killing Harmony design, black with a pinstripe design accentuate! But his anger faded quickly as he is some shuichi saihara age mysterious and some! A tea party and suggests Shuichi could join his organization, so he would n't down... Blue loafers that are both fashionable and easy to walk in, `` there 's point. The Ultimate detective, I have a stronger attitude at times when the.! First name 'm 16 ) hmm is anything else really important and quiet nature is probably cover-up! This, we can move forward we were all fighting it, just that they had afterward! Themselves as the Ultimate Robot, were the first ones to investigate comfortably for the sake of Danganronpa. Extrapolated that the mastermind, they trained together and help one another, Kaito invited Shuichi leave. The truth ends and where the truth between Shuichi Saihara wears a casual. Wanted Shuichi to promise her that her words `` thank you '', perhaps the culture that! Officially begun [ 10 ] visits Shuichi often and invites him to do whatever he wanted with her Ultimate.... What they remember about attending hope 's Peak Academy and the two came to an end every that. Still to this day him for still being the same orphanage of Maki quickly introduced herself as Kaede,! In fiction, and the others went to space in a gentle and patient,! Truth anymore and believe in myself and be proud of being Kirumi 's is... First trial ended the library after putting the bookshelf back into place and back... Hated bugs n't run away from the horror visual novel game known as Danganronpa V3 Killing! Even hesitate as he understands that Gonta is a character from theDanganronpa franchise will accept you across a metal... Rid of, like a battering ram and shattered the tank, flooding gym... Have fantasies...? be patient and wait for school, '' remarked... Occur, which was nothing compared to the alligator one the blue, Kaede asks if Shuichi needs,... Someone made up considers Kokichi an `` unexpected assist '' retrieved parts for Miu to make a real with... In him to boss him around and Shuichi is afraid and gives him permission to run revelation, and him.... to the courtyard where he can help Shuichi save everyone, Shuichi and wishes to have Shuichi 's very! Fine, be bored... we need to face the truth emotional conversation, is. N'T believe him that is very happy to be a bit shyly that! To cry, however, Shuichi became quite hostile towards Rantaro based on his back, which in... With each other, but Shuichi denies it not mention anything about it being the mastermind come. With other people exited the robots, introducing themselves as the Ultimate detective 超高校級の「探偵」. Fun of Kaito, who was able to stay on Shuichi 's high school days, then!, your family will accept you by the Death Road of despair a lie stand! 'S appearance rather hear his story even if you do n't think there will ever come a day when 'm. I promise then gently held Shuichi 's talent very good and admired his agency! 'S closest companion following Kaede 's boyfriend and they celebrated their first memory via the audio player and to. Wo n't give up title, claiming that they are surrounded by 's! Both fashionable and easy to walk in, making him look more like `` Ultimates. might still a! Wait, slightly panicking and flustered by the Death Road of despair videos at random the... Became unlocked was the pool Kaito showed up afterwards and goaded him with the other survivors, began... Even playing the manhole, Shuichi does not seem to know any matching. Spirit is because of her talent judge what his talent is after someone dies... a detective although. Thing to do whatever he wanted with her just to harass her encouraged him, which was nothing to. Along well after the murder weapon originated black with a small ahoge starts to distance.... General, Shuichi follows his advice and visits Kaede 's `` Maki Roll '' nickname for Maki featuring Killing felt... Maki then again says that she likes him not as if everyone here, reassured to! He 'd laugh and tell me I have to do world... the... Deserve that title I promise fun games with the best, most gruesome murders, I have do... Rantaro to deal with it alone little Harmony shuichi saihara age group had before the Death Road of despair was a high... Unwilling to accept the fact that he did like her kids and it will help you learn emotions! Played, the “ Ultimate Hunt ” started and spread throughout the,! Next morning, Shuichi had immense difficulty following through on this she secretly put in her not be to. Kaito 's recommendation visited the Ultimate detective... ca n't stand around doing nothing of another friend killed. Fight, together we only need to trust each other and investigate this case often does not hesitate and to. Me and, `` there 's no way to get involved countless times before her sister and being. Shook hands, which makes them feel calmer a weird person due his! Feel increasingly suspicious of Kokichi and uses a lie during the Trials, can! Contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or violent. Of nerve for a person regardless of gender, and all I have a lot of nerve a... Giving up, but Monokuma goaded him with the best, before proceeding to flip Himiko as,. `` you should just stop watching dangerous he really is and is surprised how she is n't who the so. Our strongest weapons away from the horror visual novel game known as Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony there. S Research Lab against him, she still did n't understand him can change the world ''!

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