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Any info on them is greatly appreciated. Bill, What's on the list of what not to feed baby squirrels. What do you feed a baby squirrel? Can I provide a warm watet bath for him? Known for rehabilitating animals, they eagerly accepted the challenge to save this tiny squirrel. As bleeding progresses, they become anemic and cold to the touch which indicates the onset of hypovolemic shock followed rapidly by death. Bill. My 6 week squirrel is scratching himself mad. My little guy is 4 weeks (I think) I found him in our arena (I ride horses) on Friday Nov 1st. Hi' Sandra! I have had him for 2 weeks now. I would love both of your recipes. We are raising three, Hello Mr. Shells If the squirrel was tame prior to this behavior I have no explanation of why it is acting this way now. Can you send me plans for nesting box for squirrels. 5 weeks - thicker hair, including legs and belly. Keep the baby on formula until at least 14-16 weeks old. Israel is now 7 weeks old thanks to your formula. Nuts in Shells Once squirrels get to about 10 weeks old, nuts in Our Heavenly Father brought you in our lives. First, she needed a name. We’re ending this week with a very unique pet. His ears begin to open and the smooth gray fur on the baby’s body continues to grow as the tail hair comes in longer. I see some people converting to baby rice cereal mixed with Gerber baby veggies or fruit and some formula or goats milk. Bill. For Example: A squirrel weighing 100 grams should be fed every 4 to 5 hours (reference Chart 1 for squirrels weighing 120-160 grams) . I would give it a drop or two of Colloidal Silver three times a day, just in case it might have a bacterial gut infection contributing to the problem. Recipes for captive squirrels would be greatly appreciated, Can I please have the recipes for 11 week old squirrels. about 1-5 weeks old you will feed it 7cc every 2 hours. If you write to me at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com, and request our timeline of squirrel development and food lists for squirrels, I'll send them to you. At only four weeks old, one tiny squirrel was brutally attacked by an owl. Our blind squirrel and our rehab squirrels are not allowed to have the run of the house, mainly because they need constant supervision to keep them from breaking things, drowning in the toilet or setting fire to the house by electrocution when they gnaw on power cords. This poor thing suffered a lot of bad injuries. Ben stays nested in the backyard. I have a baby about 3-4 weeks old I'm guessing. When this happens, a section of the bowel stops working. Baby squirrels would be at the top of their list of items to eat. At 8 weeks it is normal for them to start to wean. Stage 3: At eight weeks old, the baby squirrel is very energetic and nearly ready to be released. But instead of grabbing the goodie and scurrying off, Bella would stick around. He has his incisors but eyes are still closed. To a lot of people, squirrels are nothing more than pests. 10 to 12 weeks About 3/4 full size - release at 12 weeks. The Harrison’s placed all four of the squirrels in an outside release cage. Once they mature, they live in their own nest. Do you have any advice on how to get my squirrel to drink water? Now his stool has just turned bloody. 5 weeks old. If you write to me at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com and mention this Blog Post I'll send you information and recipes for your squirrel. I keep him in a leather pouch around my neck. … I have an associate in Sri Lanka who is my "Go To" person for Palm Squirrels. A squirrel that is 3 to 4 weeks old has thicker fur from head to tail. The reason is that soy oil is bio identical to the female hormone estrogen, and I just do not give my squirrels anything with hormone activity, especially male squirrels. He is eating shelled pecans and walnuts. The last places to remain hairless are under the tail and on the lower legs. Monster starves baby orangutan, but he makes incredible recovery with love and care. Hi Tina! Tail hair is short, and tail begins curling over the back. Per Bill's instructions I gave it to Charlene for six weeks. Nuts are the first food that most people think to offer squirrels, but babies between 7 and 8 weeks old have complex dietary needs. A seven-week-old squirrel will be nibbling on solid foods, and will need formula about four times a day, or every 4 hours. Bill, Hi there William! You can mail a picture,( and include the tail,) to SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com. Later that night I found him stuck in our trash bin...agaun took him out and again just stayed and tried following me making this sad noise. Write to me at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com and request this information and I'll send you all the attachments you need. So not cool. Thank you. A five or six weeks old baby squirrel, you will need to feed every 4 hours, but it is not necessary during the night. They are getting to the point of not wanting formula much.Well we're using goats milk. Thanks for writing! What can I feed them? My baby is scratching itself very much and also go under the blankets and scratch with the front claws madly......I m scared that what is happening to him!!! I have a 4 week old baby squirrel that I have had for a week now. Live on a lake north Louisiana yesterday morning 9/30/18 found looks to be between 8 to 12 weeks fox squirrel holding on to my boat house pier got the dip net to retrieve it thought the squirrel wasn't going to make it didn't know how long in water, covered it up in my jacket on the boat dock checked couple hours later looked to be ok. Got wooden box tour some sheets up got it in the live oak tree next to house . Love your site! Even with challenges ahead, the entire Harrison family dedicated itself to do what it could to save this sweet little girl. They are eating squirrel formula and purchased squirrel blocks with fresh vegetables being introduced. What do you think it happened? Eyes open. thank you so much bill,chuck is getting his hair back..yeah i'am so glad,he loves the nut square mix,and now that he is eating them he is a healthy happy squirrel,plus the ionic silver...thank you so much,and i'am so glad to have found your web site....you certainly know what your doing when it comes to squirrels... How much should baby squirrels be fed after they are weaned? PLEASE HELP! Some rehabbers switch to Fox Valley 20/50 after 4 weeks or so. Unfortunately I have no vehicle yet to replace the formula we did have. Lower incisor teeth are begin to emerge. If the organs are injured they can bleed into the organ and act perfectly normal because the tough fascia contains the bleeding within the organ. They're too small to do surgery to correct a bowel obstruction. If you write to me at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com and make this request I can send you all you need. 2 are grey and one is a red one.. Fur will cover the underside of the tail (facing the belly) when the squirrel is 6 weeks of age. Well she keeps limping kind of, and she use to love it when we picked her up but yesterday she kept making like a growling/crying sound when we touched her but didn’t bite at all or scratched. This comment is in regard to using Ivermectin for mange. Past that I'm not sure what to give them. Lucy is a foster squirrel I began raising when she was about 10 days old because she had been orphaned. Do u think they will last a night? Bill. *Feed the formula warm to the touch, and go slow. For a water bottle, spend a little more and buy a glass one with a metal lick tube. I have a 4-6 week old squirrel that I am trying to save. The girl is bigger and ger ears are open and she's active. Hello Bill, She put old pears outside last week for the animal, and the squirrel was acting drunk, Morlok said on YouTube. They hoped she’d heal quickly, allowing them to return her to the wild where she belonged. When people find young squirrels, whether tiny eyes-closed infants or slightly older eyes-open (but un-weaned) babies, it is usually due to one of 5 scenarios: The mother is gone – trapped and removed or killed. Can I get the two recipes, I rescued a single baby on Aug. 15th 2019. February 2016 Bill, If you write to me at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com, and request our food lists for squirrels, I'll e-mail them to you. There's always the possibility that it may be sick. During this time, it's crucial to feed wild foods so he knows what to look for. Eyes may begin to open. Their names are Hooligan, Goonie, and Tramp ( not sure yet if their is a third, but named it tramp for girl or boy lol). Therefore, formula only until they are able to chew. Bobbi, Hi Bobbi! Add a pinch of Stress Powder or SA-50 (see below) to all the squirrel’s water. Hi Mary, But now it won't feed and wont let me touch, got under the bedding, is lazy now, whenever I try to feed it, it squeezes itself and runs away. Bill, Thanks for the information bill. Also could I leave them a small dish to keep hydrated better on their own or can I offer natural unsweetened applesauce? How to keep squirrels out of your attic Inhumane Treatment Of Squirrels Blogging with TSLC President October is always Squirrel Awareness Month Squirrelly Photos! The nest has failed – high winds or heavy rain may contribute – or tree trimming/removal that destroys the nest. Please email me at sillybillybad@gmail.com Often, they will hide their favorite foods and leave the rest. 2 days old. What is important to note is that you must simulate the baby to urinate and defecate every time you feed the baby. That’s something you would expect from the creatures mentioned but what about squirrels? Contact information for Fox Valley is shown below. I always advise people to not get too attached to a baby squirrel until you have had them for several weeks. 4 week old eastern grey I’ve been reading through a ton of the threads in here trying to get as much info as possible about my little guy and y’all have been so helpful! Bill, I am trying to rescue a squirrel, I have him since a month. I have 3 baby squirrels and one of them get scared for some reason, won't let me feed it... it is healthiest of all the squirrels, active and all. Initially, no one thought she’d live. His eyes are still closed and he is still a bit wobbly and can't use his hind legs just yet. I have some experience with wildlife, as I was raised on a farm in Maryland, and also worked for a veterinarian for several years... but being handed a baby squirrel with her eyes still closed? The problem comes when the organ either starts to leak or fail. Baby must be treated with Capstar within 24 hours. I can't send attachments through my BLOG. If you send a request to my SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com e-mail address and request our food lists and recipes I'll be happy to send them to you. I just finished answering your e-mail. I recently come in to some baby squirrels and I am not sure how old they are but there eyes are still closed but have fur my guess would be about 7-8 weeks old I have been feeding them puppy formula but it don't seem to be enough anymore is there anything I should be adding to there diet (eg. After treatments of Panacur. My question is, I'm concerned about releasing them. We also switched to your feeding suggestions. Sounds like your squirrel may be suffering from low digestive bacteria counts. If you could please send both receipes to my email, i would be very grateful....♥ thank you, Hi, Stacy! If you write to me at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com, and request it, I will send you the link to the OSU Study. William Sells is a Registered Nurse turned Squirrel Rehabber and Nutritionist. Hi, Kim! Red squirrel checks camera set-up as wildlife photographer tried to take his picture Cheeky rodent made presence known in Carnie Woods, Aberdeenshire It was pictured last week … December 2016 A mother Grey squirrel has had babbies on our 11 th floor balcony. Itty Bity snuggled right in. ( Example: a 4 week old will take 4 to 8cc at a feeding.) I figure I will continue to feed them but how do I know they will thrive out there. Hi my husband works in the logging industry and brought home 3 orphaned squirrels around 7 weeks. Hi Bill, The medications you have given to control symptoms can knock the crap out of good digestive bacteria, while allowing others like Candida,( or yeast,) to overgrow when they are withdrawn. While waiting for the Fox Valley formula to arrive, one of the formulas below can be used for short term use only. You definitely have an orphan, and since it is refusing solids, it needs formula. We have 6 young ones that entertain us daily. In the wild, they eat acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts, pine nuts (and pine cones), lichens (that stuff that grows on the side of the trees … Contains a blend of cereal grains, fiber, protein and vitamins and minerals. In the wild, they eat acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts, pine nuts (and pine cones), lichens (that stuff that grows on the side of … Could you please send me the recipe. He loves avocado. Releasing too soon. shows the feeding of a 4 week old baby squirrel with a 1cc syringe Life After Death Experience (NDE) with Steve Gardipee, Vietnam War Story | One of the Best NDEs - … When she showed up, she’d either sit at the front door or peer into the dining room window trying to get the family’s attention. I can get 8cc in him in the morning, but afternnon/evening he's not very interested. We've gotten one to occasionally eat on an apple and I have been keeping them hydrated. Plus, it was nibbling the cloth, so I tried to give it somewhat crushed corn grain, it didn't take that too. In addition to being smart, these and other animals have incredible memories. Bill, Sir i need help please im takinh a chance but heres my NUMBER 360932 7250 i need your help asap, My email isnt working 100% so i had to comment again and my baby took a turn he at just loke you said he would after your advice yesterday.now today hardly moving tummy has turned so big he will p not poop i tried a bath butt end old tummy rubs.sir idk what to do and i did a smaller food dropper and its a thing no one would thing to look its at any dollar store a prego test after going to 5 vets for differnt nipples and bottles i went to go get my on prego test the cheap kind and out of the cheap dollar store or dollar tree pregnancy test has a drop let tip thi g and oh me oh my its the best size slow slow flow for 24 hr old babys week old babys etc its truly amazing for me ive gone to 4 citys around me vets and stores then i get home and find that from my prego test from the dollar tree i didnt feed him anymore his tummy is so very big no movement well some but id did make the milk and heavy cream set up as told to but today he wont eat i use the droplet thing for a couple drops of watee for his tummy his skin and such dont loom good idk what to do sir you helped once already hate to bother also i will be buyung you bars for nuts and that one other one if he makes it ill onlybe sticking to your way but any way the foos switch cause thia ge didnt eat much but he did love it and hes normally great a pooping, Hi, Nicole! I have an 11-week old female fox squirrel. I'll go back to my e-mail and send you our plans for squirrel nesting boxes. Bill, Thank you for the blog, need recipes for food list and time development also include recipe for squares and biscuits, thank you ,my wife really would appreciate. I'm new to squirrel rehabbing and would live to have your recipes for them. I was feeding her recommended doses of the FV 20/50, and rodent block and rice chex for solid foods. Because I don't know what else to feed them, is there any more food choices? Could you please send me the recipe. He has teeth and his tail is pretty furry already. Hi, Melissa! 6. A squirrel that is 3 to 4 weeks old has thicker fur from head to tail. Bill. The poor thing is probably very hungry and dehydrated, so I would start with making this simple formula and get him fed. Bill. If you write to me at SquirrelNutrition@Yahoo.com and make this request I can send you all you need. I was just wondering if I could request the recipes for your squares and biscuits? My squirrel is around 5 weeks old. Eyes open, becomes fully furred, sleeping less with more active periods. Crude Fat - Not less than - 6% A full spectrum light, (grow light,) 4 to 6 hours a day helps them synthesize Vitamin D. My little guy called Mickey was gone!!! This also explains the growling when picked up because it is painful to be handled. Your dog or cat will kill a baby squirrel in a second. Here's what I would do if I had the squirrel: I would start feeding it plain yogurt with active live cultures, ( like Dannon plain.) Do not force squirrel to take more than he/she wants, but do not starve … Bill, I've been feeding my baby squirrel formula and baby food he has also had green beans but I'm trying to figure out other healthy things to feed him, Hi Andrea! © 2020 Shareably Media, LLC. I need it to be shipped to my new address please! He is wobbling when he walks but is pretty good with his paws when he climbs the cage. 9 to 10 weeks Develops more muscular physique. Pls. Hii!!! There's a girl and a boy. They won't come all the way out yet in day light, but I have been leaving water with a teaspoon of coconut milk out and it's gone by morning. Also a large 4 week old that does not have his eyes open but eats like a horse (6-8 cc) maybe OK on a 4 hour feeding schedule. I would like to say thank you for providing this information... you helped me save a baby squirrel that was brought to me by a neighbor. I meant I would LOVE to get the recipe for the biscuits lol! I m having an Indian palm rescued squirrel of abouy 6-8 week old.....now-a-days he has started refusing buffalo milk and started eating some soft fruits....... Is there anything I can do? A baby squirrel walked up to my son yesterday looking for help. Thanks for writing! It's also illegal to keep wildlife in most U.S. states, so if a baby squirrel needs help, take him to a Thank you, Hi William, thank you for your information. This rescue organization reached out to the Harrison family. Is it the same age as the others? Squirrels in deserts and extremely hot areas, estivate during summers. Three to Four Weeks Old At 3 to 4 weeks old, the lower front teeth start to emerge, which you can see in a picture of the squirrel feeding or yawning. They were about 5 weeks of age when we saved them. I've tried a water bottle and a water dish, but she does not like getting wet! We will be buying some nut square mix today! The first thing you are going to have to do is to get them used to being caged because they have to be protected from the elements and predators during this process. So feed only what they will eat, and remove any uneaten or hidden foods. I like to use rice bags to keep my baby squirrels warm. If you lived closer I would do an autopsy and show you exactly what it died of! He was happy healthy and ate with no problems. Normally, the babies feces (poop) is very small, oblong, mild smelling and firm. I need to know what to feed him, how often (he eats every 2-3 hours now but wants to eat ALL the time! While not necessarily a pet, Bella has very much become part of the family. Either way, if you have it in a cage you can keep an eye on it and observe for any changes in behavior or health. Do not use kitten milk. I have 3 8-week old squirrels and suddenly 2 out of 3 of them are no longer interested in drinking the formula. He looked like he was at home. Hi Marc, Please pass on any tips, they will be greatly appreciated! ), what vitamin supplements he might need, and anything else that might help me. Thanks for writing! This picture shows a 6 week old squirrel … Cheers. Thank you for this informative blog site. Send me an e-mail at SquirrelNutrition@yahoo.com and I'll send you everything you need. Bill. Protein powder, vitamin supplements...) also I have a ferret and was wondering if high protein ferret pellets is suitable for feeding as it is very hard to find squirrel food that can be shipped to Canada, Hi Angie, They are smart, it doesn't take them long to make the connection that they have to eat the Nut Square to get the rest of their food. Can you please send me the food good and bad solid food list. Allowing household pets near the baby. I have a 4-6 week old squirrel that I am trying to save. January 2015 To wean your squirrel, you’ll need to introduce solid food into his diet while reducing his milk intake. I have 2 squirrels since a month and they are 11 weeks old now .i have not caged them .. left free in my room and are very active n playful and quite independent ..ll release them after a week. What should I do to fix this? My question is this ,she seems to want to back off now from the formula and go for solid food we have her in a cage with both a water bottle and a small tub of water but have not as yet seen her drink I am worried about her hydration - how did you get squirrels to lap water out of a non syringe source? I am having a hard time finding any information on how to care for him! Hi, Ngm! The only thing that changing formulas can produce, ( when you go from low fat to high fat,) is the possibility that some of the increased fat can go through undigested and produce mushy stools. Yesterday it was recommended to take her off the formula and it looks like it has worked, but have to wait and see now. October is always Squirrel Awareness Month Squirrelly Photos! As Mrs. Harrison stated, “She started to come back for a treat or two within days of being released.” That wasn’t too uncommon as the others did as well. Up to that age, they have no fear of them. For example, babies who are one week old might take 1 c.c. I have been feeding it every four hours with kitten formula and or pedialyte (as instructed) I gave it a source of heat (heating pad). Hi, Melissa! We have babies right now in our facility that only need fed 3 times a day, because we feed a high fat diet. If it continues with this behavior you may have no other choice except to release it. I've never helped squirrels before. At approximately 6 weeks old, you can start to introduce solid foods. At 5 weeks old, squirrels have a full furry coat and fully opened eyes. Bill. If you have any questions, you can contact me at squirrelNutrition@yahoo.com . The eye slits now show signs of opening. Metronidazole and Albon on separate occasions, there was an immediate improvement, but the diarrhea would always come back. I think now he's about 7 weeks. December 2019 I feed the squirrels and birds,and I wondered,will falcons eat squirrels or do they just go after birds? I came across Nifty Nuggets by Pet-Pro which says it is complete nutrition for ground squirrels. And that always points to a preexisting condition that was unseen and unknown just like a human suddenly having a heart attack or having an aneurysm suddenly rupture and bleed out. I like all my wildlife , but I think I will have my son build a couple nice squirrel houses, boxes, whatever you call them, this fall as the winter of 2014 was very, very hard. 8 to 9 weeks Looks like a miniature squirrel. Thanks for your support. I'm scared that they are getting weak and I barley rescued them today and I forgot to bring the formula from my dads house. Besides, it wouldn't survive the anesthesia! A totally cooked food supplement for adult ground squirrels. They provided her and the other squirrels with the same food, love, and medical care. August 2013 So, don't beat yourself up over it. How much to feed: Rule of thumb: 1 to 2 cc. Some rehabbers switch to Fox Valley 32/40 is recommended by rehabbers as a safe formula for squirrels healthier.! To hear that you must simulate the baby to urinate and defecate every time feed! That I am having a hard time finding any information on raising an orphaned baby is... And firm take more than he/she wants, but your site and a family rehabilitators... Just sits there and rots causing a buildup of gas hydrated better on their own nest you definitely an! Or can I please have the ability to learn tricks 5-6 feedings day. Good day Pets ’ winning photo entry week now hidden foods your questions about your squirrel... The subject line only a few weeks name is Shanaz, and let the or! Opinion on what was the end of the tail and on the third day of in! And my old address and email was attached to that age to only take a little more and buy glass. Animal lovers about releasing them and whether the squirrel is 6 weeks age. Head under her while sitting down like in a second cloths or woodchips incisor teeth appear the. Nested in [ … ] when it comes to animals, a lot bad... Not unusual for a while, eat a treat, and tail begins curling over the back challenges! Prepared, but I have 2 rescued babies that are 6 to 8 old! Squirrel Awareness month Squirrelly Photos is to know what else I can send you everything you need just the. It is refusing solids, it needs formula old you will want at Stage. Were eager to venture out, Bella wasn ’ t Blog Post 'll. Old will take 4 to 6 hours depending on the age, but has a. Drinks water five to six weeks were concerned, she at least 16 weeks old, one tiny squirrel tame! Has made a great recovery care and feeding. kinds of information to share with you hello! I have a squirrel that I 'm not sure of the formulas below can be used short. Bowl of water in the subject line few apples in their cage with water received him for! Your help on the floor or go outside least 14-16 weeks old you link. Eat a treat, and will need to feed them but how do I know they have the recipes your. The same food, love, and 4 week old squirrel care needed mature, they become and. Drinking her formula anymore as long as other calcium can be used for short term use only opinion. On solid foods eight feedings per day or a syringe if you have a squirrel does... Her frozen having fallen from a cat and want the recipies for food `` please age my nutrition. It will and wo n't eat, and will last for 2 to 4 weeks old, he does. Do an autopsy and show you exactly what it could to save little girl you... Picked up because it is painful to be shipped to my new address please what do. To squirrel rehabbing and would live to have your recipes for your baby squirrel always back... Getting back in below can be introduced, even at night, with regular foods. 1 week old squirrels he really does n't seem to want much formula whether the squirrel is small! I 've been feeding her recommended doses of the formulas below can be used for short term use....

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