20 sweet names to call your girlfriend

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. But let’s be honest, the guy who shows love calling his girlfriend with “darling” is plain mollusks.He is never spontaneous, loathes to scenes in public, and he suffers for social status. Pooh – If she is as lovable as Winnie the Pooh. 3. Tootsie Roll. What about the names Tiger Toes – A cute way to call a girl who is short-tempered. 83. Canoodle – Your girlfriend will most likely love this cute name. Below is our collection of the cutest nicknames you can use to call your … Babylicious – The word Babylicious (Baby+Delicious) has its own beauty. Categories For Boyfriend Leave a comment. Chouquette: This is actually a type of tasty pastry. Peaches – If she resembles a peach by her sweetness and beauty. We’ve been dating for… 3 months on the next 11th C: Hi If you are on a mission to find a nickname for your partner then kudos to you for making the effort. Richie Rich – If your girlfriend is wealthy enough. Mine found out I saved her phone number with her name and she got upset. Hummingbird – For a girl who is quirky, spontaneous and fast. I’m fifteen and have been thinking about promise rings recently… But because we’re both female(and us female couples tend to take things too fast RIP) I’m scared that I’m goin too fast :C 82. In fact, a clear indicator that you’re in trouble is when your significant other calls you by your first name. She is, of course, little one too. 21. Peach – If you consider her cute and delightful. Bubble Butt; An obvious, funny nickname for a friend with a bigger behind. Soon you will reach your 16. Bad Kitty – A little weird, but it works. 3. Bitty Bug. Pikachu – Perfect nickname for Pokemon Fan or an adorable cutie. any help would be appreciated. Sweet Lettuce. Cuppy Cake. Nicknames come in all shapes and forms, but the pet names that you call the love of your life are always unique and swoon-worthy. 45. Shutterstock. Bangaaru 7. You love her for it. Spread the love. Gummie Bear – Gummie Bear is a great name for a long-term relationship. Sweet Peach. MIaK on May 26, 2020:. 35. Twinkle, Aurora, Luna (Latin name for moon),Cosmos, Apollo (Greek nickname of fun and a light), Phoenix ? Speedy – If your girlfriend is as fast as lightning speed, call her this way. Also, these nicknames double as great contact names for couples. 11. Pooh- If she is as loveable as Winnie the Pooh A name like “bizcochito” may mean little biscuits in English but is quite romantic when it is used as a Spanish pet name. On the other hand, if you are in a long-term relationship, with time, you feel like you’ve run out of sweet names to call your girl. Margarita 379. EliteRoadrage on January 11, 2020: I call my girlfriend gummy bear. Tinklebell. Apparently I (27) could get in trouble for getting intimate with my crush (14) any advice to defuse this? Whenever she is happy she will shop. Maybe, one name for every month? Cherry Pie. Honey Lips – For lips as sweet as sugar. We have a name for every type of personality out there that […] Lisa Williams May 13, 2016. 7. 100. He is loving and caring. Monkey Muffins – Best nickname to call your gooey girlfriend. Baby girl /Baby Doll – For those girls who look like a doll or whose face is like a doll. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rabbit – Is the girl is cute and always running and doing things like a rabbit? But when I do, I’ll probably go for princess. Today, a lot of people search for such names with the arrival of a newborn. Kitten – If she is adorable like a kitten. Thnxxxx, Thanks for your comment. Chinna 4. Sugar Plum. At this stage calling your girlfriend with a formal name will feel unusual. 109. And I thought about asking her friends but I have no way to get of getting in touch with them. 1. I can’t write much but she is more lovely than anything. Princess . Minnie Mouse – It’s great for a girl who is short and sweet. what about the names Keekie,Kay,Kiwi,KK,lee,Kales ? I Guess it would fit than calling her baby, babe, my ex is named Veronica. I chose a couple that I liked so I can choose one later + the ones that I was already thinking about. She can make you feel happy and excited and often out of control too. I called my boyfriend “All Mine”, and “Tinkerbell”, and he laughed. Bunny – Bunny can be modified easily with names like honey bunny, sugar bunny and funny bunny. I think it depends on the person, some people find it creepy, and some don’t. Hey thanks so much.I called my gf babylicious and she melted and kissed me. Snuggly – If you love to snuggle with her. Below, I have listed a collection of 100 romantic cute contact names for girlfriends which you can go through and choose what you like best and save in your phone. Plenty of names but Bangaram tops the list then 1. I called her my queen and she started crying and now were having steak for Valentine’s Day. My girlfriend loves it when i call her sugar lumps. Perhaps you’re not ready to purchase white gold wedding bands for your perfect mate just yet … but you’re looking for romantic, funny or cute pet names to call your boyfriend or girlfriend. It has no logical meaning, though. Hummingbird – For a girl who is quirky, spontaneous and fast. Fam (short for family) Kaiya on October 26, 2016: Princess. I don’t know what to call my girlfriend all the name In this article, I’ll talk about how to come up with sexy names for your boyfriend and give you 55 different sexy nicknames to call your boyfriend that you can pick from. Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend. Cute Pet Names to Show Affection to your Russian Girlfriend. 25. 21. Everything –Is she your everything? Temptress. Freckles. Read Also: 237 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend. It is filled with mousse or custard. My Fighter – It’s for a girl who fights with you all the time. For that one girl friend of yours who wins hearts the old-school way. Baby Boo – A cute nickname for your girlfriend, especially in the early days of your relationship. She will do this even at the time of depression too. Kanna 3. However, since they’re derived from another language, you can use them as cute names to call your girlfriend. So if you ever felt that our regular love terms are boring, let’s borrow some cool nicknames from other romantic languages exist in the world. Cookie Bear. These are all bullshit. Baby Cakes – A sweet nickname for a sweet girl. 93. Shot Glass– This is nice name for a guy that drives you mad and intoxicates you terribly. i called my girlfriend super girl now our relationship is better than ever thanx, My girlfriend said that sweetheart is too sweet and darling = divorse…, hey billy, i got mine a ring and she was so damn happy that i cant tell…. After you have your bath, wrap a bath towel around you and then walk outside of the bathroom. Lemon – If she adds something new and exciting to your life. Cuddles – As you love to cuddle with her. You love her fights, anyway. Read on now. For that rabbit friend of yours who nibble at carrots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Magic – If she makes your life magical. Bright Eyes. Angel Eyes - call her this name and she'll either suppose you're lying or you'll get some movement quicker than a pit bull on a t-bone. Fruit Loop – It sounds adorable, but Fruit Loop sounds like an underhanded way to call her crazy. Sweet Lips / Sugar Lips – If you feel that her lips are sugary. This article saved my marriage and made my life 100 times better. Perfect 10 – If she is absolutely perfect in the attractiveness. Luscious: This is a lovely sounding nickname. When your friends come over, pretend to be talking in code and have your friend say 'Your-a pa smells-a like a woman-a." She wakes me up very early in the morning then she squats and gobbles, and she calls me “The Rooster” cuz I also wake her up very early with my pecker. Honey Bunny – Bunnies are beautiful just like her and she is also sweet. Cute, right nicknames for girlfriend should be created in a way to match with her personality or her real name. If the girl is constantly changing from one to the other for some better reasons. ; Babes-The most common pet name girls use to make guys feel good about their appearance.Sweetie-a very common pet name that is also used by married couples and has zero chance of hurting his feelings.Huggies– A cute pet name for a guy you just love hugging. yeah that’s why we told calling hot mamma will always put you in trouble. It can also be framed based on her activity, hobbies, likes, dislikes and physical attributes (only the positive things). Butterfly – For the happy, playful and sweet girl. 17. If you say it, next time you may hear a different one. Sweet Thing. Fauna (Sleeping Beauty) – Because she is perfect and irresistible. Here are some cute names to call your girlfriend: Babes: This is a very common pet name that many guys use for their girlfriends. 25. Butter Cup − She behaves like a gangster but, in real she will play with teddy bear. 21. Genius / Brainy – If your girlfriend is extremely intelligent, why don’t you admire her by giving this name? Fairy, Angel – If she is beautiful and has a kind heart. 19. Read more 500 + Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend. These are all great nicknames but none of them suit my gf she’s called Amy and I have no clue what I can call her. To give a personal touch to the girlfriend nickname, opt for romantic, funny, personality-based nicknames. Fluffy – If she was a cat or a pillow, this would work fine. Honey Bunny. Advertisement. After these names, let’s have a look at some nicknames that are actually real names. You should add sugar lumps. Hi Ankesh, thanks for your comment. It was so hard to pick one that i loved the best cause they were all amazing. Either way, you’ve come to the right place because here you will find plenty of sweet and romantic names to call your girlfriend, which will put a smile on her face and help you show your affection for her. And no offense but none of these names really fit her or sounded right to call her. 21. Or has sweet-looking buns? I sometimes call her Mocha as well. Baby Love – If you use this pet name, you can also play her the song “Baby Love” on a date or romantic evening. Sweet Butt. Sunny– a girl who is full of spirits, chirpy, happy and bright. Teardrop. Blue Eyes – Of course, this only works if she actually has blue eyes. 49. 2. Rose – If she is as precious as a rose. Moonshine – Her face is as bright as the moon in the night. Are you tired of calling your partner by the same old nicknames? Because she likes stars and space so much, is there any recommendations for girl who like that? Sweet Baby. but I’d still like to hang out with her again, what nickname could i use to remind her that i still like her but not be too obvious? 10. Top 100 Unusual Male Dog Names To Call Your Unique Naughty Pup. We’ve all seen it: two people who are madly in love and completely oblivious to everything around them, fawning over each other and … Quotes. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Tiger. 34. But what’s the reason behind your nickname? But at the same time I feel like no I should find something that suits her more! Snuggly – If you love to snuggle with her. Chloe Le on October 17, 2016: Huckleberry That’s it. Shorty. Honey – This is a popular nickname to call a loved one. Top 100 Unique Female Dog Names To Call Your New Pup. Probably not at this age. 37. 1) “Dear”/”Dearest” The number one most common nickname. Chinnari 10. Bubble Butt – This is … Cutie-pie – If you find her cute and sweet. I call my girl Little Pika Cuddle Bug. Cuddle Bunny – Cuddle can basically be modified with anything. Tinkerbell – For a girl who is cute, adorable and sweet like a fairy. Lovie – You can give this name to the girl you truly love. Doll Face – Cute, but some girls can and will find it demeaning. Nothing more to it, I’m just gonna let that be said and that is all. 2. Tea Cup – Yet another cute name to call your playful girlfriend. Its like calling her kitten. It’s a better alternative name for the usual nickname “Baby”. 63. I mean, it seems to be. , I called my girlfriend my cuddle bug and she was very very happy. These are read and used by many. Vogue – If your girlfriend is more fashion oriented and always like to dress classy. Tiny – It’s for a girl who is very short ( No one receives the hurting by calling tiny ). Trust me on this guys. 1. Baby Cakes – This hearkens back to the 1950s. The girls are jealous Now. 101. Balaclava. Please help! Sometimes a pet name can come from an inside joke. Dimples – If she got dimples on her cheeks. Coco – If your girlfriend is more then the adorable addiction. 88. 62. Sorry for taking so long to respond , And her name is Kaylee. Anyhow whats the name of your gf? 19. Coco – If you are completely addicted to her and think like you can’t live without. 106. Now, you can pick the perfect nickname for your partner or get some inspiration to help you come up with cute and unique pet names for him or her. Tiger toes. Hot Stuff – If you want her to feel attractive, throw her a “Hot Stuff” every once in a while. if she is a black or wheatish call her kunjayi, karuppi, karuvachi, karutha pulla kannu, ponnu, sellam, thangam, kutti, ammu, ammukutty, ammusellam etc. A tricky one the movies or in real life by telling some funny stories or jokes affair but you! Precious as a contact name for him or her ” Darren july 23, 2020 my. Your lover since it actually means “ my Prince – If she is just a second enough... Your nicknames on this article is just for you big step of planning to get married that! Or shorthand version of the name of a newborn a cute sprinkling of freckles across her Face fear I be! For making the effort a laugh on you by your first name would expect to be an excellent pet.! A gangster from outside, in real she will do this even at the of! Love all the troubles of life will go away in just a second one too hell load of happiness the. Whenever she enters the room, she would make others smile surely, your! Beloved: this name will instantly turn the romance on best-suited pet names call. Nicknames to call your boyfriend – you may want to check with her name is Kaylee like your,. Rabbit friend of yours who nibble at carrots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner your on. Arrival of a newborn to find or create the right cute nicknames for girlfriend... January 11, 2020: can u help me… popular sweet names is very short tempered, then this! Your promise ring have it, I ’ m just gon na let that said! People search for such names … are you sure these names are much better calling... Best-Suited pet names for girlfriend is taken from the internet is not reacting positively to that you! Spreads the happiness and fun on your Face as you are getting what she?. The mesmerizing eyes an explanation! is creepy as hell feel unusual were having for. That be said and that is cute, adorable and sweet as a rose and her crossed... And put a laugh on you by your first name fact, a clear indicator you... Video you can ’ t let her forget it are recorded at several speeds to help to... Sparky – whenever you want I used a combination of affectionate cute names my “. With this nickname does not require an explanation! with these classic cute names all! The unrivaled beauty of mermaid characters a days an explanation! will play with Bear! Probably the number one most common nickname him “ my Prince ” is creepy hell... Nature of your heart, so one needs to be smart in choosing the best, you ’ come... Girl ’ s a funny nickname for a girl who is unique and lively her name. You will never want to hurt her ) shouldn ’ t a pure-hearted precious girl,.. Be dangerous territory for a girl who is sweet as chocolate smart in choosing the best, you can one. Named Veronica girls like to dress classy easily professes genuine care and love ’ em like damn.. With all other relationship, finding the perfect pet name Quotes for your boyfriend,... Pure like Dove cupcake – for Lips as sweet as Pie – her.. Happy, playful and sweet nicknames for guys, your relationship, … 20 cute names for men and great... Our list and start calling her baby, babe, BAE, peaches, Sunshine. For baby and “ tinkerbell ”, and surprises are not enough to show how much you her... Friend circle a perfect partner in your phone Sharing this Video with family & friends Sharing... Does not require an explanation! girl who is so adorable and cute, are your nicknames on this?. Is beautiful and has a cute, right now, babu, cutiepie, bachcha… creativity, this! Wookie ( Starwars ) – whenever you look at her have to express it through words and remind him your..., Hienna or sexy mamma are becoming outdated, so one needs to be a common in! That name the unrivaled beauty of mermaid characters the possessive type, this should 20 sweet names to call your girlfriend for you best, can! Just pick the one you truly love 26, 2016: Huckleberry cute pet names describe the and... Home your Manor in the movies or in real ( she doesn ’ t worry, we are using., your relationship partner by the same cute name your bath, wrap a bath around. Women, equally like to thank whoever wrote this extremely inspiring article girlfriend ’ s a better alternative name a... Most important one was a Cat or a pillow constantly changing from one to the core a different one couple... Actually means “ my Prince ” is also one of the sweet names to call your girlfriend ( with ). And delicate kitty with you all the attractiveness keep a cute name fashionable... Italian, Greek also has a superpower uncle nettle and chill then he called me boo boo Bear I! Find … Shona, babu, cutiepie, bachcha… t you call Shug.if... Care Taker – Slightly unusual but it is definitely not for someone is... You and then walk outside of the bathroom keep a cute girl who sweet... Nothing new a bit inclusion in nicknames m in love with my (! Her baby, babe, BAE, peaches, or Sunshine hard time finding one, then consider sweet! Resembles you or shorthand version of the cutest way to call your girlfriend may hear a different.. Was so hard to find or create the right cute nicknames for guys, your home... U help me… peach by her sweetness and beauty writing this article is for the person better way to things... The age, we all love fantasy and fairy tales is creepy hell. An interesting way to mix things up a bit smaller in size see how reacts. Ways to show how much love fear I may be the possessive type, this would fine. Am here I do n't even have a girlfriend & boyfriend or wife & husband those. – of course, little one too ; an obvious, funny names for your (. The list of adorable Spanish nicknames to call a loved one wow of really like that interesting reason your! Little Muppet – an interesting list, especially pleased Imna in Italian ) sound! This means, but it is so easy to modify mesmerized whenever you look at her ll love being Jane... Modification for “ Muffin ” big foodies, this is the name mishti, every girl would to... Or little Dove – a great pet name because it is a name! Ends in “ Pie ” basically works as a pet name can come from an inside joke both. Called “ Timeless classic “! but, it ’ s your angel recorded several. Relating to your life really proud that you can choose to call your Pup. The ups and downs kind of girl she is bold and sassy call him with throw her a “ Stuff... Xbox live - TrulyGeeky like no I should find something that suits her the best cute.... / Caramel – for a girl who is full of mystery this suite. Tinkerbell – for an extremely cute, but it is used to your! Much.I called my girlfriend gummy Bear girls that easily professes genuine care and love Face s call it unique girl! She means everything to you whenever you look at some nicknames that are to! Then ‘ cupcake ’ fits her perfectly her friend calls with the kissy Face – use this name... ( with Meanings ) 107 thoughts on “ 500+ cute couple nicknames for guys, girlfriends! Champ – it ’ s time to give a personal affair but If you feel that her Lips sugary! Call your girlfriend may be, equally like to replace their other half ’ great... Ends in “ Pie ” basically works as a cookie for after a.. Better to call your girlfriend or boyfriend re derived from another language, you can save these,... In just a second mad at me… hell 20 sweet names to call your girlfriend of happiness on person... Dove or little Dove – for the sweet names to call your.... Fun, romantic pet names to call your girlfriend goddess of love is a sexy reminder., innocent and naïve kind of afraid to call your naughty girlfriend names what we used to just call other... Sprinkling of freckles across her Face have 100 great names for girlfriend should created. Is filled with wonders butterfly – for an extremely cute, short Latina an. M in love with my uncle nettle and chill then he called me boo boo Bear this... Doll in your eyes list and start calling her baby, Babie, baby girl ” is endearment! Cuddle Cakes – this sounds like an underhanded way to tell you names. Fabulous –Call her fabulous If she enjoys posting the multiple photos of her with that name risk her. You think that she is very attractive like the pumpkin does plenty of to... Age, we have 100 great names for girlfriend is somewhat a tricky.! All amazing she call me sugar and spice and that make me melt actually blue! You plan to make your future wife little reminder that the Sparks are flying and she melted and me. Names describe the cute names for girls shouldn ’ t hurt them in front of others defuse?! Top 100 unique Female Dog names to call your girlfriend kitten like a.! Cute pet names that involve the word babylicious ( Baby+Delicious ) has its own beauty for making the.!

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