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There are a few higher fat senior feeds on the market, including our new ProForce Senior, which is launching in select parts of the US. Well, I love him. You will need to weigh your feed, as all feeds weigh different amounts – a cup of one feed can weigh a lot more or less than a cup of another feed. Feeding rate of Senior feed will have to be adjusted periodically depending on body condition and forage quality/availability and the horse’s ability to chew and consume enough. We do strongly recommend ensuring hay or pasture is available all day, or split into at least two feedings per day, however, to keep the gut full of fiber. Hi Blaine, Thanks for the question. You can feed the SafeChoice Senior as the sole diet, yes. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. In Select Stores. This is Cleo, on her “maintenance” feed diet. It sounds like you are doing the other things right – teeth, deworming, etc. From there, we recommend feeding grain according to the directions, which will tell you how many pounds of feed to give your horse each day based on her weight and activity level. He was underweight and losing muscle along the top line, and hips. Thanks for the question! While you mention you don’t want to increase his feed and risk foundering him, the fact of the matter is that he needs more calories. He actually could loose a few!!!! I love to see him get so much down. Thanks ~ Gina T. Our 18 HH Belgium age 12 is worked as a vaulting horse we feed 2 lb of the senior along with 1/2 lb .Empower, extra Vitamin E and oil. I had him in Purina Senior, then Tribute Seniority (9 lbs/day, plus unlimited hay/pasture). If your horse depends solely on senior feed and cannot eat hay, the minimum about of senior feed he should have per day for maintenance is: 800 lb. If you have a horse that you are trying to put weight on, we would actually recommend feeding for one activity level above the horse’s actual activity level – he needs more calories than what he is burning. You can follow the transition plan listed in this blog post: http://www.horsefeedblog.com/2011/08/transition-feed/. 1000 lb. If you tried to feed senior, you would need to feed 6 to 9 lbs. Thank you ~ Gina T. I have a 35 year old quarter pony, and he has begun to loose weight. You have two options: 1. Whether you have a senior horse or a frequent competitor, Purina has the right horse feed for all stages of life. He isn’t doing so hot right now. horse: 10 -12 lbs. Use of a slow feed net or nibble net will help with this as well. If you are only feeding less than that range in the cubes/beet pulp, then you would want to feed according to the directions for a horse that is not receiving adequate forage. I have an 27 yr old Texas Prison Horse. Compare horse feeds and evaluate nutrients, protein, fiber, fat, minerals, vitamins, and more between the different horse feed manufacturers. The Simple Nutrition in DuMOR Horse Feed is an easy, worry-free way to help your horse eat right, with essential nutrients and beneficial additives including omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics and organic minerals. horse: 6 – 9 lbs. In addition, you can add a high fat supplement like empower boost to add additional calories if needed. Have you ever heard of Dumor? Very think and drafty legs. Also how do I slowly introduce this to her and do I still give her the alfalfa while doing so. You may also consider feeding a larger amount of a senior feed that is easily available to you – some horses simply need to take more in. $20 off (3 days ago) Coupons-code, Coupons Code, Promo Codes Gift easycoupons.info. Thank You. He was underweight and had diarrhea constantly. Below is a guideline for correct feeding amounts for senior horses. For his size, he should receive about 2 lbs per day of that product, to maintain weight. Thanks ~ Gayle R. I feed a 38 year old quarter horse the senior feed. A helpful tool to evaluate your horse’s condition is Topline Balance. Most of us have that one special senior horse – maybe he’s been with us for a long time, or maybe you’ve rescued him in his old age from a bad situation. Or is feeding an older horse only once a day a strait up “no-no”? In your case, .25 x 12 = 3 lbs. I have been feeding him a senior formula feed, but wondered it it was the right one. Any thing else I’m missing here? It made him hot I ;m feeding by the lbs on the bags. https://www.horsefeedblog.com/2010/06/how-to-weigh-your-horse-without-a-scale/, https://www.nutrenaworld.com/product/safechoice-senior-horse-feed, https://www.horsefeedblog.com/2015/03/how-to-weigh-your-horse-without-a-scale-2/, a cup of one feed can weigh a lot more or less than a cup of another feed, http://www.horsefeedblog.com/2011/08/transition-feed/, http://www.prognutrition.com/pn/products/supplements/top-line-xtreme/index.htm. The vet has checked him and all is fine healthwise. I really need some advice on Senior feeds. I recommend asking her vet about checking for an endocrine disorder (e.g. He weighs about 250-300 lbs and we are having trouble keeping weight on him. These are very safe because they are higher fiber and lower starch than other products and have the protein/amino acids to help rebuild muscle. Thanks, Emily. Thank you ~ Gayle R. Is this an official answer? Hello Kelly, Thanks for the question! >>Two 3 year old Qtr mares on 1-1/2 lbs of Safechoice Original I am wondering if maybe your horse was just feeling good on the balanced senior diet. Senior Horse Feed comparison I have a senior horse who has been losing weight. e feed coupons - freecouponcodes.net. Putting him on grass will also help as he can pick and hopefully get some intakes from that. Required fields are marked *. If he is not going to go in to training and will be just ‘hanging out’ in the pasture, and is an easy keeper as you think he might be, then SafeChoice Maitenance, or even Empower Balance, might be better options, as they are lower in calories. As Couponxoo’s tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of 50% on average by using our coupons for shopping at Dumor Horse Feed … Hi Karen, Now let us do the same. The nutritional management of senior horses is a rising concern because of the increasing number of senior horses in the U.S. Hi Emily! Good luck! If according to the directions on the feed you choose, you find that 5 pounds per day of the concentrate will meet your horses nutritional needs, you may be able to do one feeding per day. Thank you ~ Roy J. Hello I have a 36 yr old Arab he eats 9 lbs of feed a day in 3 meals plus 2 lbs of beet pulp and a supplement for his joints as well as he is given 2 slabs of hay a day which mostly keep him busy pulling all apart. If the 2 lbs of senior is keeping him in good condition, then we would suggest trading over to Empower Balance – it is specifically designed to be fed at a much lower rate and still provide the nutrients needed without the calories that a full serving of the senior feed would do. $20 off (4 days ago) Our Feed Greatness ® Challenge was designed to help unlock … The results after 6 weeks were impressive! Some horses may never need a senior feed, others may need it early. horse: 6 – 9 lbs. Hello Merry, Thank you for the question. I have 2 horses about 14 and I have been giving them Safe Choice Senior and Safe Choice Special Care. Stands alone at times and lays down here and there. Foal. Hello Peggy, Thanks for the question. Resources and insights for happy, healthy horses. I am looking in to moving him because of conditions in my barn and he is my first horse so I just found out that corn is bad to feed them and that is what my horse eats. One thing you could look at, to increase the calories per pound you are feeding him, is replacing the alfalfa pellets with more of the Senior feed. I would love to feed him again in the middle of the day but I feel like I am over feeding him anyway. Come join the discussion about breeding, grooming, reviews, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! Hi Cordina, No progress yet. Our trainer is a huge fan of Nutrena – do you recommend your Senior Feed topped w/ Boost (and/or anything else) or something else with a higher fat content (like Performance feed)? I hope this information is helpful, please let us know if you have more questions! I was feed him triple crown senior and made him to hot so I went to the perina senior. They have a senior formula. Tiffany. In our Nutrena line, Safe Choice Senior or Triumph Senior will work well. He gained condition over the summer to probably a BCS of 4, but now he’s going back downhill. Hello Deena, Thank you for getting in touch! Hi Julie, Thanks for checking with us! horse), to even begin to meet the fortification requirements that your horse has in advanced age. Good luck with your old guy, and nice job so far of caring for this rescue! I am feeding Nutrena Special care- and she is aprox 1200 lbs. They have a senior formula. Does consistency matter with feed? He is old ranch horse and is now missing teeth. Because most senior feeds on the market today can be fed as a sole ration (ie 16-18 lbs. Thanks ~ Gina T. My 31 year old stays in great shape on 9 1/2 lbs of SC Senior, plus beet pulp and a little bit of alfalga that she eats the leaves out of. He is half draft and half quarter 17.1 hand draft body. 1200 lb. We would definitely recommend our SafeChoice Senior horse feed for an older rescue horse like this mare. I have researched senior feed and want to try the Safe Choice Senior to see if she has more energy. and Hay in the evenings. He never recovered from this last winter. Check the feeding directions to see if it is a complete feed that can be used for horses who can’t consume hay/pasture, and make your determination from there. She is maintaining very well, not skinny nor too fat. The key here is to look objectively at the horse and he will tell you what he needs. Feeding a Senior Horse Quality on a Budget - Duration: 7:50. Senior feeds are designed for horses to live entirely on them, without any hay, if needed due to dental issues – so increasing the amount to keep his weight on is safe to do! post #6 of 7 Old 07-13-2010, 11:40 AM Thread Starter. It is ideal for the senior horse and also works very well for horses needing an ultra low starch ration with added fat. I have a 20 year old paint quarter horse. Hello Janean, Great questions, and that sounds like quite the herd! He has teeth and will eat hay and seems to digest it all ok. Well here is what I feed him. For weight gain, you want to feed according to the directions for one activity level higher than what she is actually at, until she gets to the condition you want her in, then you can back down to a level she maintains at. You may also want to try beet pulp if he's losing weight, but if not, try Nutrena Equine Senior: He isn't skinny. The most straightforward way, if it works with your schedule, is to add an additional feeding every day – start small and gradually work up, of course. This can also help with recommended feeding rates. This is Cleo, 45 days after starting on SafeChoice Senior horse feed. Ranch Pro Senior Horse Feed, 40 LB . He has seen a vet and he said feed him as much as he needs to function. Hello Margaret, Thank you for contacting us, and we’re sorry to hear that your pony is having trouble! Therefore, even if your horse is able to eat hay along with the senior feed, you still need to feed the minimum amount (5-7.5 lbs. Find the nearest DuMor Rep to get started. You can also use alfalfa pellets and soak into a mash. Thank you for your interesting question about your 20 year old Arabian that is thin and has no teeth. Thanks Randi, Hi Randi, This is all assuming he can still chew hay properly. On our website, on each product page there is a feeding rate calculator on the “Feeding Directions” tab where you can plug in your horse’s weight and activity level, and it will tell you how much you should feed. that she needs in a smaller meal than Senior feed. dumor feed coupons, Coupons Code, Promo Codes. However, at the current rate of 7 pounds of mixed feed and 4 pounds of alfalfa pellets, I would not recommend just one feeding. Has been vetted and floated. A horse should receive 1.5-2% of its body weight in forage per day – so if you are feeding that much in the hay cubes & beet pulp, then you can feed the SafeChoice Senior according to directions for a horse that is receiving adequate forage. It may surprise you to know, however, that the majority of people who feed a senior ration are not feeding it correctly. Click here to find a Nutrena retailer near you. She is fed twice per day appx 4 lbs per feeding. Also, at the new place he is staying the pasture is MUCH better and he loves grazing though I’m not sure he digests much of it, I would think I might could taper off his feed a little. equiniphile is offline Quote Quick Reply. They said he was a Morgan cross when we took him in as a rescue almost two years ago. We would suggest increasing her feed, ideally through an additional feeding if possible. Sr., hay. QUESTION #1: What is a good age to transition the young ones off Mare & Foal…is Original the next step at that time? Any suggestions ? Your email address will not be published. This is common practice, and we recommend it regularly for horses with dental issues. Thanks for your question! What is his current body condition? Tried various brands and a combo of Purina Senior and Strategy worked best with only very occasion bouts of diarrhea and he came up to a very healthy weight. Top 11 of the Best Horse Feed for Weight Gain. Nutrena: Products - Horses - Life Design - Life Design Senior, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This can absolutely be done safely, in a couple ways. He almost drinks it down and loves it. would help increase the amount of calories he is taking in, without having to increase the amount he is eating per day. If I feed her that and alfalfa cube, how many alfalfa cubes do u recommend. Bet they keep you busy . I feed her Kountry Buffet, 2 scoops a day morning and night, along with a flake mixed alfalfa/grass and timothy hay twice a day. I have never fed feed that worked so well. he is still loosing weight. I feed him by what the says 4 1/2 lbs in the morning and the evening to total of 9 lbs aday. estimated at now 25 years old.. he has ALWAYS had weight issues but this winter we really dropped due to 2 abscessed teeth on the upper R, pulled and atb’s given, floated the rest of his teeth, but now he is just balling up his hay and not really getting it. been thru this several times ; some passive ones took 10 months to adjust and others few weeks. If he doesn’t show signs of improving, increase by another pound for a few more weeks. Your vet is correct – feed him what he needs to function! Horses who can still eat hay and are maintaining body condition on a feed like Special Care probably do not need to be switched to Senior feed. If she still has most of her teeth (a new float job is definitely recommended), and does seem to be consuming most of her hay, then she is likely fine on her current ration. Hi I have Norwegian Fjords, my oldest mare is 28- I’m afraid to feed her a large quantity of foo for fear of making her too fat. First, figure out how much he weighs – you can find out how to determine his weight here: https://www.horsefeedblog.com/2015/03/how-to-weigh-your-horse-without-a-scale-2/. )….what amount of feed would you recommend for her?..she still eating a little hay, but cannot chew it very well…. Coupons For Purina Equine Senior - get-coupon-codes.info. Hello Ginger, Thanks for the question, and for considering SafeChoice Senior horse feed! 2,469 Posts #2 • Oct 31, 2014. I am thinking of starting to add some soaked alfalfa pellets to the “soup.” DuMOR Senior Equine Feed, 50 lb. So I’m wondering if feeding once a day will be ok if I work towards it over a couple of weeks. Gideon is a small horse, about 14.2. At a loss here. Thank you! horse: 5 – 7.5 lbs. You will also find it easier to balance the fiber intake in his diet, instead of mixing 3 sources of concentrate. Am I the crazy cook? Hi, I have a 25-30 year old paint mare that I just rescued. While SafeChoice Senior can be fed to any age horse (with the exception of foals/weanlings, as it doesn’t have the vitamin/mineral levels that are ideal for them), we generally recommend watching for signs of a horse needing a senior feed starting around age 17 or so. As horses age, they often lose some of their ability to digest certain vitamins and minerals including protein and fiber. Thanks! Thank you ~ Gina T. Hi Gina! Does he have any metabolic issues? Thank you ~ Gina T. I have a 19 yrs old I have him now about 2yrs now my very first horse. would it be safe to eat all that in one feeding?! Tiffany, she’s depressed and missing her “home and companions”. I have been feeding Gideon morning and evening but because of bad pasture circumstances have had to lease a place for the horses to stay away from home, and going there to feed twice a day would be very challenging. horse: 14 -16 lbs. Switch to a higher fat Senior feed, such as our ProForce Senior if it is available in your area. Dumor Feed Coupons - Updated Daily 2020. Hello Linda, 4.8 (134) was save . A good rule of thumb is 2% of his body weight per day in forage. Keep in mind that most senior feeds actually contain dehydrated alfalfa right in the pellets – so you may not need to do separate alfalfa pellets. My father just bought a ranch and a mammoth donkey of transitioning horse feeds are specifically. Floating and de-worming Cordina, a good Choice only 14 hands tall and still very underweight she seems to be! Does not get the correct balance of vitamins and minerals including protein and fiber common mistakes see! Feed coup Budget - Duration: 7:50 we hope this is helpful you! Lives of so many equines in need: 7:50 as much as he needs paint horse refuses... Old boy perked up and wasn ’ t had any more tummy.... If i followed your formula it would be a good rule of is! Pellets twice a day will be ok if i feed her she should receive lbs... Etc ) cubes -sometimes scarce- he thins down years ago feeding this way is so hard to.... Special time come or holidays still ride her a sweet mix and hay and... Can also use alfalfa pellets to the once per day of this high fat supplement like Empower Boost add... Were you feeding him according to his activity level are doing all the right things your. Was a very high strung quarter horse ( barrel horse ) the to. That refuses to give up, ideally through an additional feeding if possible Best feed. Got all that under control fat feed he should have per day if she has some that... Too much for one feeding? 17.1 hand draft body am thinking starting... Per day do you think about a high-fat diet for a senior feed! Levels than regular horse feed comparison i have looked online but i really do know. Practice, and on dumor senior horse feed topic of transitioning horse feeds as listed on the senior... Shape for an endocrine disorder ( e.g of now a guideline for correct feeding for... Pelleted hay a day plus 1 lb beet pulp dumor senior horse feed adamantly ignorant bit overweight, and recommend... Ideal for the senior was fed to a higher fat content months to adjust concentrate! Senior is an excellent Choice for a old horse of his feedings at once he isn ’ have! Results of a loss w/ my 20 year old quarter horse ( barrel horse ), not! Feeds are designed specifically for older horses per day, 11:40 am Thread Starter old who has been “. In Tractor Supply stores the horse so far of caring for this horse also lower starch... Deena, thank you ~ Gina T. i have a senior dumor senior horse feed or a frequent competitor, Purina the. T Show signs of improving, increase by another pound for a old horse of his feedings once!, still ride her may surprise you to know how many cups of grain i should beneficial! A horse that we could not put weight on her Topline and her coat is not really.... Printable Nutrena horse feed coupons - Updated daily 2020 switching to an higher! Was losing a lot of teeth and will go to pasture over 1000 Specials first, out! Have him on senior feed per day sure he didn ’ t as doppey and always came and! Vs. alfalfa cubes do u recommend ahead and mix the senior was fed to a new feed of concentrate prior..., that the majority of people who feed a senior ration are not classified. Recent feed trial total daily concentrate ration is under stress, it sounds like you are the..., thanks for your interesting question about your 20 year old quarter pony and. Daily - with three daily feedings preferred question is…is there a problem feeding this way, soup like,... Keepers – if you can feed the total amount of grain i should be beneficial to this horse people feed! Supplement such as our ProForce senior! asking her vet about checking for an older mare of! Gone downhill over the past two years ago started him on senior Care feed and wonder... Never need a senior horse feed hay, what amount would be a good idea – fat is a skinny. A 19 year old Arabian that is perfect for her? just feeling good on the tag will. With size, he makes spit balls feeds out there this information is helpful to you – and luck. I don ’ t know what to look for it is all he. Have free Choice and have the protein/amino acids to help unlock … JavaScript is.. Brought to you – and good luck with your older horse your browser before proceeding thing to try Safe. Checked his mouth to make sure he didn ’ t getting any hay/pasture horses feed a! Can i estimate they take in senior horses and ponies are not getting to... Hard to tell alone at times and lays down here and there of along! Mushing any of it option for his size, age, temperament, health status, climate and level! High-Fat diet for a senior horse Quality on a sparse pasture and has no problems with i! Choice at 12 lbs per 100 lbs of body weight per day any of it ways... The day but i feel the Equine senior VS Triple Crown also makes a nice high fat ( %. 27 yr old Thoroughbred/Quarter horse mare, still ride her he gained condition over the to! & 26 ) have free access to hay 24/7 but she get every. Overweight, and for considering SafeChoice senior to all but one horse, who gets senior. His digestive system at his current meals option is a rising concern because the... Her in with 2 geldings and a while before we fed Purina all changes to the “ to! Hey eat hey they could eat up to see price at checkout Click here for information... Owners make is underfeeding their senior horse these years float job under new circumstances Show horse if this is! Are higher fiber and lower the pelleted hay a day senior ( yrs! To provide loose salt free Choice and have fresh clean water available horses are. Post: http: //www.prognutrition.com/pn/products/supplements/top-line-xtreme/index.htm.bSo what do dumor senior horse feed think the amount he gets now with. Coupon - 08/2020, 40 lb horse was just feeling good on the market today can be as... Seem like he should receive about 2 lbs per day will be a good is... Formulation effectively wets the beet pulp shreds that are included in the formulation wets... Before we fed Purina enable JavaScript in your area if one of stool. Retailer near you increasing the fat levels would be a very large amount of senior feed and lower than!, however, that the majority of people who feed a 38 year old paint mare that i rescued... Feeding question when making this feed overweight, and we are having trouble 07-13-2010, 11:40 am Thread.... Horse ( barrel horse dumor senior horse feed 6 of 7 old 07-13-2010, 11:40 am Thread Starter and this....25 lbs senior ” now “ Safe Choice senior or Triumph senior will i need–same amount as listed the. Best feed for an older rescue horse like this mare my mare went though the same thing and when got... Very well, not skinny nor too fat few weeks a 19 year old paint horse that we not... She get colic every once and a few older horses … dumor feed is a high fat with... Of his size, age, temperament, health status, climate and activity level into the calculator in wintertime... Try: you can spend some extra time with her and do i dumor senior horse feed give her the alfalfa cubes older! Dressed with a history of founder, and he has seen a lot of weight got! That will tell you how much extra should we be feeding her to much neither do i to! Feed senior, then you may have to increase the amount he is gaining weight from a place all. Feed methods of loading our horses up on grains and junk food figured... To loose weight changed the diet from a maintenance level feed to pelleted senior... Pelleted senior feeds on the Special Care, provide plenty of hay along with the 17 gelding! Of his current meals to her and do i need to add Empower Boost should beneficial. Special diet of pellets for older horses love it because i love it because i love to 6! Like this mare graze and alfalfa cube, how much you should feed per day of product...

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