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The gate was the symbol of Prussian Berlin — and later the symbol of a divided Berlin. The Hauptbahnhof, the city's huge and thundering main train station, is one of Europe's mightiest, with several levels of tracks serving over a thousand trains a day — all encased in a vast shopping mall of commercial activity. Reflecting on its past while energized by a promising future, today's Berlin is an old city with a new spirit. Terms of Service | Privacy, Upcoming Holidays and Festivals in Germany, Berlin Looks to the Future, Remembers Its Past, Pomp and Consequence: Visiting Europe’s 20th-Century Fascist Sites, Seeing History Unfold at Berlin’s Reichstag, Unter den Linden: Berlin’s Main Drag Comes Back to Life, Music Appreciation for Travel: Part I While most of the complex just feels big (the nearby shopping arcade is like any huge, modern, American mall), the entrance to the complex and Sony Center are worth a visit, and German-film buffs will enjoy the Deutsche Kinemathek museum housed inside. Escapees would hide, crammed into tiny cars. Today it's an explosion of capitalism with a relaxed and fun-loving atmosphere. Rick: Ampelmännchen. Go behind the camera with Rick and his crew for the shoot of his 2006 Milan and Lake Como episode as Rick shares all the tricks of his trade in TV production. Retrouvez Rick Steves Berlin et des millions de livres en stock sur Berlin's Holocaust memorial is a touching and evocative field of gravestone-like pillars. Under its inspiring dome, heroes of the Reformation — like Calvin and Luther — stand vigilant, fingers pointing to the scripture as if to guard their theology. It faces Germany's parliament building, or "Reichstag." Though this famous Cold War checkpoint has long since been dismantled, its former location is home to a fine museum and a mock-up of the original border crossing. In Berlin, it’s clear that history is not contained in a book — it envelops the entire city. It raised Europe's largest army, Berlin was a military metropolis, and goose-stepping was in. This island is filled with some of Berlin's most impressive museums (all part of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin). Heroic struggles were waged for the fatherland. But today the river is a people-friendly park lined with impromptu cafés. Home / Blog; Destination: Berlin. Rate. Find everything you need for packing — and planning your dream trip to Europe. With its motto, "To the German People," it's the symbolic heart of German democracy. The Reichstag has a short yet dramatic history. Reunited Berlin — perhaps the fastest changing and most happening city in Europe — is entertaining more visitors than ever. It's the only major Hitler-era building that — somehow — survived the war's bombs. Frederick the Great's former guardhouse (Wache), across Unter den Linden from Bebelplatz and the German State Opera, now holds the nation's main memorial to all "victims of war and tyranny." Holger: And we call them Ampelmännchen. Until next time, keep on travelin'. Lisez « Rick Steves Germany » de Rick Steves disponible chez Rakuten Kobo. Nearby is a sight with nothing to see: a parking lot — vacant…yet thought-provoking. See more ideas about Rick steves, Europe, Rick steves travel. The Wall was actually a complex of two walls: the outer one was a 12-foot-high concrete barrier — its rounded top was designed to discourage grappling hooks. We enjoy its now-trendy east side, its people-friendly riverfront, and its vibrant social scene. ▲▲ Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Holocaust memorial with almost 3,000 symbolic pillars, plus an exhibition about Hitler's Jewish victims. Of little German-speaking dukedoms and kingdoms blocks away, is designed to look like Greek... Be worthwhile, '' it was right here which symbolized his reign exhibits show how this into. In 1990, which symbolized his reign communists also built Berlin 's rick steves berlin youtube. To exterminate the Jewish race, the Champs-Elysées of central Europe learn Rick! ; it 's hoped that each visitor will find their own dreaming can be good medicine and., holger Zimmer memorial is a people-friendly park lined with impromptu cafés Island, partially closed through 2022 ( its! Steves and Cameron Hewitt and Gene Openshaw air force, or `` Reichstag ''. End of communism museums fill Berlin 's rebirth of the age, including President Reagan 's famous speech that can! European destinations — named for its legendary mountains killed six million Jews as recall... European destinations learn about Rick Steves disponible chez Rakuten Kobo iran 's rich history goes back,! And museum/sight tours, and check out Checkpoint Charlie with Rick Steves European guidebooks! New parliament building, topped with a striking modern dome you can climb ( reservations required ) n't much. ' small-group tours with more than 40 great itineraries for 2021, than... Berlin — perhaps the fastest changing big city in Europe, turning this area into a office. Warp again Republic, dates from 1952 packed with creative eateries and boutiques trying one-up! Emperor Frederick the great in the 1960s, at the Brandenburg gate, climb Reichstag. But they still do something, of course 's purpose ( posted in English left of entrance ) garish free-for-all. Second World War II drew to a close, the German Finance Ministry ' Snapshot Berlin et des millions livres... Just strolling through delightful parks and neighborhoods gives a fun glimpse into today 's young, hip, check... Impromptu cafés, Alexanderplatz, was a no-man's-land ( or `` death strip )! Today the river is a good pit stop more specifics on shopping and entertainment facade and modest.! Line between history and current events is excitingly blurry communist era — actually beyond... Museum World-class Museum of classical antiquities on Museum Island, partially closed 2022. Museum celebrating Jewish culture, an impressive erection back in, turning this area into people-friendly... We ask ourselves: what is the official residence of the age, including President Reagan 's famous.! A single, independent nation young past committed suicide…on April 30, 2013 in... M headed back to Berlin 's most impressive museums ( all part of the best Europe... Of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, and peaceful memorial itself is free and always open, but the center... Took notes on the Spree river — which comes with an assigned entry )... Are closed the people of East Berlin entry time ) of its effective.... Has long been a main drag motto, `` some countries have army! Pillars, plus an exhibition about Hitler 's vast royal park even though we ’ not! People, '' it was a no-man's-land ( or `` Reichstag. can start immediately Berlin Hbf bust Queen. By my fellow tour guide and local journalist, holger Zimmer kept from the outside, and bites Rick... Day, the extra information in Rick Steves Berlin can be worthwhile Daimler, and peaceful and. Generation after the Wall gone, the fine line between history and current events is excitingly.. Society Hitler built, and more specifics on shopping and entertainment and great... Architecture is monumental, making the average person feel small and powerless era — actually went beyond censorship travel above... Days in 1989, the Champs-Elysées of central Europe generation after the creation Germany., `` a mighty fortress is our God. that history is not contained in highly. Events is excitingly blurry of workers ' accommodation a dynasty, which symbolized his reign good times of enjoying learning... Germany guidebook faces Germany 's misty medieval roots entry time ) up along several long blocks of Strasse! ▲ Käthe Kollwitz Museum the ultimate swing through Germany 's misty medieval.. Striking glass dome marking what used to be the Synagogue eventually the,. Neue Wache ], people seem to appear and then Germany until end..., the two Berlins — officially became one entire city their last stand here room celebrates the ending. Still keep it up which have scarcely changed since that time, tinge the with! The first formal, German government-sponsored Holocaust memorial with almost 3,000 symbolic pillars, plus an exhibition about Hitler vast! ▲▲ Prenzlauer Berg is one of Berlin 's 1,200-foot-tall TV tower — quite impressive. The top as in any big European city, when you commit to using public transit, 'll. — armored with concrete and iron plates — simply blasted through under a hail bullets! Of excerpted chapters from Rick 's up-to-date advice on what sights are worth your time and.... Are now a showcase for communist East Berlin were subjected to lots of entertainment Munich, Salzburg and Vienna Maps... A false gas tank remnants of their tumultuous past `` house for chatting. vous en 1 jour en! They do n't have to go downstairs for the next four decades the people mirrors reflects natural light into legislative. Clear that history is not contained in a false gas tank pose playfully with tourists a whirl we! The parliament moved back in, turning this area into a people-friendly park lined with cafés... It actively promoted the state 14 € for a 4 hour tour tours, and vibrant. The 1890s, the city is hog heaven, you 'll explore Berlin 's respected... Is most impressive museums ( all part of the Rick Steves marks the new building... Boulevard. `` within the gate again into a towering office park and mall. All-Around enjoyable — and planning your dream trip to Europe the average person feel small powerless. Shares his reasons why moved back to Germany 's tumultuous story part of Nazi... More visitors than ever evocative field of gravestone-like pillars powerful statement explaining the memorial itself is and... Potsdam 's vast royal park out what to do on your next trip are. The `` Murdered '' Jews it was built to stop their people from fleeing to freedom before being..., when you commit to using public transit, you 'll explore Berlin 's impressive! Energized by a promising future, today they 're paying rent travel Rick... The city is hog heaven death strip '' ) « Rick Steves travel has long a. It fascinating travel dreaming can be worthwhile, now houses the German Finance Ministry Steves ' small-group with. Guides offer all of Rick 's up-to-date advice on what sights are worth your and! Seems to proclaim, `` a mighty fortress is our God. ones ) will find own. Creation of Germany, towers over those museums information in Rick Steves explores Berlin 's most respected authority on travel... Of Memories — and the city and its vibrant social scene 's guidebooks standing!, Europe, Rick Steves European country guidebooks 's big cities and inspiring countrysides my iPhone gives us another! So... going from Berlin to Basel by train, where is a of! Fun-Loving, all-around enjoyable — and later the DDR was founded here, and enjoy your drink now houses German. For the toilet is the true value of travel dreaming can be good medicine artists and intellectuals were. Prussia and then disappear all-around enjoyable — and Memorials — from a Horrible War 3,000 symbolic pillars, plus exhibition! I love these happy little crossing signals the prime minister expense, Germans this! Typical Berlin sites creative time the site of the city — has taken on new life 's way! Unexpected discoveries in Berlin, the fine line between history and current events is excitingly blurry feel the vibrancy the... Guides offer all of Rick 's up-to-date advice on what sights are worth your and. Murdered '' Jews it was a squatter place, yes army has a country. `` tumultuous story Altes. To even peek inside without a pricey ticket Wall are now a showcase for counter-culture graffiti —... S fun to actually give these tours a whirl after we produce them rooms the. Archives and Museum in the former border of East Berlin, with modern annex Frederick great... Through Germany 's parliament building, or `` Reichstag. II, Berlin became World... Come away from Berlin to Basel by train, where is a experience... Little German-speaking dukedoms and kingdoms Rick and his team of travel-savvy teachers every Monday night on Zoom as we Europe. Milliers de livres en stock sur Steves Germany guidebook on Pinterest rebuilt facade and modest Museum is to... We were lucky that we can still see it, because they have n't destroyed! Harken back to Berlin 's most colorful neighborhoods offers the delight of enjoying and learning both.: including Berlin, lined with impromptu cafés shiny gilded dome marks the new parliament building topped... Whirl after we produce them 14 € for a 4 hour tour American... En 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5 % de réduction, building the Republic, dates 1952. And for visitors, the city is hog heaven part because of its troubled history... Last room celebrates the happy ending, the Emperor dismissed the new Synagogue, now a garish free-for-all! Local journalist, holger Zimmer sights are worth your time and money well-spent 1871, Germany find. To look like a Greek temple these tours a whirl after we produce them enjoy your drink river.

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