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It’s important that the paint color of your wood floors match your various interior design elements. Poly is basically a finishing product that can add strength or even a gloss (depending on the sheen quality you are looking for) to your paint layer. I am wondering if I can talk this with a polyurethane water-based coat. Not a little nervous about painting my new wood floors that were laid last week. Use the 150 grit sandpaper and scar the surface of the previous finish (varnish, etc.) Your article says a primer shouldn’t be necessary on previously painted floors. This means that you might not even need to apply any primer at all, which will definitely save you money. The coarse, 60-grit paper is meant to get rid of old paint coatings, while the finer 80-grit and 120-grit papers  remove any sanding marks left behind from the initial sanding. Hi Marie! I loved the look of the White, but feel like it’s too perfect for what I want and doesn’t wear well (pets and kids and renovating are a great test). It should have dried by now, what does it look like today? Choose enamel latex paint for the best protection. Goodness, that shouldn’t have happened. Excited to see them and I’m saving your article…just in case we need the step-by-step help. The attractive, flat, non-slip formula is effective on both new and previously painted surfaces, outperforming ordinary floor paint when subjected to traffic, washings, weather, acids, and alkalis. I do recommend that you place your furniture carefully though, don’t want to scratch anything . ? KILZ is a good concrete floor paint that is highly most durable wood floor paint, easy to clean and easy to repair of the watermark, fade and crack damage easily. Hi Judy! It will take about a week, but I suggest you put on more than one coat. Use traditional latex paint on seldom-used furnishings. I would like to know your thoughts on dry brushing an old hardwood floor to give it a faded washed look. Let me know! Yes, I know that’s not the ‘go to’ method and all logic says it’s wrong. You are right – I don’t want a glossy finish so will use best high quality polyurethane in oil, yes oil as the paint is oil, I can find. Simply. This will help you get the paint out from wood grain depression. Starting from the shiniest, they are glossy (75%), semi-gloss (55%), satin (40%) and matte (20%). Again, thank you for the great article! Next day he put 2 coats Duraseal Water Based “poly”. Just make sure you choose a sheen that suits you eye. Hope that helps! My name is Marie. Hi Bill: I just moved to California from Michigan and bought a condo. Refinishing Hardwood Floors, The Ultimate Guide, Interior/Exterior Porch, Floor &; Patio Latex Paint is an acrylic coating available in satin or gloss sheens, which gives floors tough, long-lasting protection. It’s encouraging and I’m gonna go for it. I am wanting to pull up old ceramic tiles and lay new (cheap) wood floors and paint them white for that old farmhouse feel. These floors were painted by the previous residents in lime green, glossy paint. Hi Monica! Great article Bill! Continue this process until you are pleased with the finish. I know that those things do affect it slightly, but not to the degree you are talking about, hence my question. Yep, paint is a great way to match the floor to your decor, without the wood itself doing too much in terms of color. Allow your floor to dry overnight. Yes, I would still recommend sanding them but only lightly, won’t take long. EDIT: I know you are asking about removing the paint but if you want, you could also sand it a little bit and then apply a wood colored paint, that will also work. The sky is the limit. On that note, here are their pros and cons: The amount of paint that you will need will depend on 3 factors: The thickness of the paint: If you are using oil-based paint, you will need a larger quantity than a thinner water-based paint. I cannot stand them and cannot afford to replace. I followed these steps and have painted my stairs today, a dark black oil-based enamel. Good luck! Wood and concrete floors. What is polyurethane? We want to re-paint old pine floors in little beachside cottage. PPG recommended their Breakthrough paint which my floor guy sprayed on. If the moldings are in place, make sure that the painting tape is secured properly. Despite popular belief, a good paint job can often look better than the wood underneath, even it’s your grandmother’s prized walnut floor that has been there for generations. Utilize a plastic scrapper to get off as much paint as you can off the floor. There are bits of finish left here and their too meshed together to spot prime or sand. I don’t believe I ever read what kind of primer to use………….will Kilz or Bins for walls be acceptable? Okay, your so-called wood floors aren’t the real deal. Hi Suzanne! Rated 5 out of 5 by r_w_thompson from Great coverage with 2 coats My old porch was peeling pretty badly after only 7 years. I will teach you how to paint your wood floors without any issues and I promise to help you every step of the way. in a circular motion. The floor is original to the building, so late 19th / early 20th century. The products in this range are known for their performance and Hard Floor Paint won’t let you down. I have a question though, you mentioned polyurethane. SORRY so long and if you cant help w ideas its ok- going to check out your reccomendation for floors on pinterest. You can also paint the moldings if that was part of the original plan (or some floor paint leaked onto them). As for the sealants, check out the Winmax range (they have a website). Next project is to paint the radiator now that it’s summer, and maybe paint one of the walls! Bill I loved your article. Enamel latex paint will coat your plywood floor to protect it and will last longer than semi-gloss or glossy paint. Hi Dom, thanks for your kind words. Hope that helps! They most likely have a typical polyurethane finish. (I wanted to paint the floors, but hubby wanted them natural- he thinks painted floors will always look dirty). If you do experience issues, I invite you to leave a comment at the end of this article and I will help you myself. You can then scrub the floor using a non-abrasive scouring pad. However, never attempt to paint over raw wood with garage floor epoxy paint, or you may have trouble with adhesion. Also can I use wood filler where needed. I’m going to paint wood floors that are in my attic. You can also subscribe without commenting. To properly remove old paint off your hardwood floor by sanding, follow the steps below: Paint removal by sanding should only be reserved for restoration projects on older homes with hardwood floors that have thick layers of paint. It usually lasts longer than other forms of paint. Tap over the putty knife. I will be sanding it to a smooth finish. Budget is tight. There are so many dark spots that i almost fixed (vinegar, bleach, alcohol- lots of passes w the sander, etc.) If you sand to the bare wood, don’t forget to add a primer Good luck and thanks for the kind words! I would rather use water based (nowhere to go to get away from the fumes ?). Browse our vast range of colour options and find the perfect shade for your floor. It provides excellent adhesion that prevents any paint from “leaking” under it. Hope that helps! Paint Doesn’t Always Age Well. With excellent resistance to scuffing, scraping, flaking, chalking, fading and yellowing, it can be used in areas where higher than normal wear and tear is anticipated. House logic has a great article on this so check that out. Do I need to apply poly of something after stencil is completed? Concrete: Allow surface to cure at least 60 days before painting. Hi Judy! Shop Porch & Floor Paint online at and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. it will be high traffic as it is the living,dining and kitchen areas. Go for it. As such, I decided the wood wasn’t of high enough quality to stain so I decided to paint the treads black and the risers white. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to piece together information on how to re-paint old wood floors, but you did an excellent and very thorough job educating me on the process all in one article. Thanks for your kind words! I’d appreciate any helpful information if you have any. Select whatever color you prefer, but make sure you select enamel latex paint for your plywood floor. Use a paint brush to cut the edges of the floor with paint. You can also use a paint roller or finishing trowel if you don’t have a screed. Additionally, it provides curb appeal for visitors and passersby. Any suggestions to avoiding this headache altogether? I want to make sure that I get the right floors for my dining room. Enamel latex paint will coat your plywood floor to protect it and will last longer than semi-gloss or glossy paint. Dutch Boy Latex Porch and Floor paint is scuff, chip and abrasion resistant, and dries to a hard, durable finish, while cleaning up with water. I haven’t done that in recent memory but I think it will work out nicely, maybe check some guides on the net before you start and don’t forget to send me some pictures . Hi Allison, I’m getting ready to turn a 40′ shipping container into a tiny home and have been researching what to do with the floors. These are super hard to remove and usually requires taking some finish off from your flooring while cleaning. When you’re done sanding, apply a protective sealant to the floor. Wood floor paint Perfect Finish Diamond Hard Floor Paint. Remember, you are not trying to remove the primer, you are just lightly sanding it, using the same motion. Please explain. Bonus of this is that although you will need to prep the surface (more sanding), you won’t need to sand down to bare wood. I’m thinking I would have to perhaps completely sand back that new varnish and scuff the rest, then coat with oil based paint? I’ve seen that opinion on other sites as well. Great article. Smooth out the latex with a screed. Kind regards, Kelly. Thank you for this easy-to-read and very informative article. Right? Hi Sharon! Hi Beverly! Thank you!! However, if you mistakenly chose a dull matte finish and now want a slightly more reflective look on the wood, you can add a nice layer of gloss. If you want to create shapes and patterns, you can use the same tape. A premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamel with great colour and gloss retention that can be used for interior or exterior surfaces. They are discolored and look horrible. The most appropriate method of removing dried paint spots off hardwood floors largely depends on the type of paint in question. You said in your article that it would be cheaper to paint old wooden floors. Such an informative article, its exactly what I needed now that I have decided to paint my wood floors. If your paint is high quality, this might not be necessary but this is usually up to your own discretion. but yeah, costing is fairly close. They have no paint on them, just bare wood. I painted my floor with oil based enamel that’s meant for metal. I find that it can sometimes take more than double the time, but that figure is not set in stone. Hi Armen! Our hardwood floors have started to look older because I am not good at keeping them clean and I am wondering what my options are to help them last longer. There is only one tiny area I will go back and try to sand away, the other areas are in the corners. Up to you. I emailed Minwax’s help page and they said that they do not make a product to top coat over paint, only over stain. Make sure that you clean up properly again otherwise your paint will end up containing dirt and other debris. This product is convenient to hold in hand and easy to use. Ammonia is used as a staining agent in woodworking, and it can stain the wood a permanent black. It is a pleasure! Questions: 1. must I use the exact same oil paint (in different color) for the spatters? Many thanks for any advice! to ensure that there is a strong bond between the varnish and the wood, and that you choose a varnish that is suited for outdoors (even though it is inside a shed, it probably will still take a bit of a beating). At this point, you should have no dust in the room. I really would prefer water based and finished with a poly.Do you think if I used a paint designed for floors and went over with a commercial poly it would hold up as well as an oil based?? Hi Cha! Thank you in advance for your expert advice. Excited to learn an entire plethora of tips and tricks? I’m painting old oak floors and I have tried to do everything by the book…sanding from 150 to 250 two coats of SW paint and primer (not by the book) 24 to 72 hours dry time,sand between coats vacuum and removed all dust then 3 coat oil fast dry poly for floors same dry time 24-72 and 250 sand paper…the finish is pretty but the satin dried like a Matt after a day or so and the semi gloss dried like a satin…talked to two paint stores and they thought it might be moisture in the paint (or air) that with the quick dry oil floor poly dries too fast to let the moisture evaporate. Bill, such great replies a feedback. Hi Joe! But, don’t despair! 100% acrylic latex satin enamel finish For wood, concrete floor, porches and decks Armor Coat 3.7 L Grey Latex Porch and Floor Paint Canadian Tire Skip to Main Content It's not good for parking lots or garage floors, therefore it shouldn't be used on wooden floors? I’m also limited in my physical ability so doing it twice has no appeal to me. How to remove old latex paint from hardwood floor. You rock! You are correct, I am not sure why they said that, maybe it has something to do with their specific range? What did I do wrong? I’ve gathered a lot of good info. I had linoleum in my kitchen which my contractor ripped up, then inserted wood planks to form a continuous floor extending from my living room, where I already had wood flooring, into the adjacent kitchen. Usually, this is around 24 – 48 hours, depending on the brand and a couple environmental factors. Hi Bill. I suggest that you first fill those holes and then the entire floor properly. Floor paints have come a long way, if you get a latex based paint (provided it is specifically a floor paint), it will be just as strong as oil, plus much less fumes. Shop porch & floor paint and a variety of paint products online at A freshly painted wood porch is an inviting outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy. We LOVE the result. Some people have shared that using hand sanitizers to remove paint splatter from wood floors has been providing pretty satisfying results. However, if you don’t go down to the wood, you don’t need a primer. Thanks for your diligence. It is possible that the existing stained floor had a couple coats, very common. and are wood? My h easier to read than others I’ve looked at. There is no getting around that? Also, make sure that you use the correct primer, whether it be oil or latex based, otherwise you will have less and desirable results. Hi Bill, Excellent Article and continuing responses, obviously helpful as the thread continues into late 2017! The wood is of high quality and it is white oak. Thanks in advance! Thanks again for your article. Hope that helps. Thanks for your kind words. I Checked out several sites but yours was the most detailed. Great article! Hi Bill…..Love this article and all of the comments and your responses. We can’t afford to re-do our master bath yet & we just pulled the carpet out. Hi Denise, yes you can. Hi Luca! Planning to do our bunkie floor as well. Also make sure its quality, do not buy cheap rubbish! Hi Emma, thanks for your kind words! I am not saying it is not worth it though and if it is what your husband wants, use a belt sander and be prepared to be busy for a couple days, depending on the size of the area. Raising the house is not feasible because of its age and our flood zone requires 17 ft height. Any help you could give me would be beyond appreciated. The people at Home Depot recommended that I use a latex-based deck paint for my wooden kitchen floors, which they claimed will be more durable than oil-based paint. A gallon costs approximately $40. While the color choice is completely up to you, check out this Pinterest board on wood painted floors for some ideas. Thanks!! It is a major job to undo this but it is possible. Have a good one! How do you Sand and Refinish a Hardwood Floor? Though wood is beautiful in its own right, a paint finish can make floors look fantastic. Sanded the old paint to remove loose and chipping paint and applied a coat of Kilz 3 Premium Primer, per instructions. But not in a good way – chipped, uneven, etc. However, you shouldn’t never paint directly onto a glossy finish as this usually comes out looking bad. So, i want to fix these floors as soon as posssible without breaking the bank. If you do get to bare wood (either by mistake or whatever), you will need to use a primer on that area. Then it will be a fairly painless process of applying a primer, refinishing and bam, you will have floors that will look fantastic (better than before, given their age). Whether you’re after wooden floor paint, garage floor paint or concrete floor paint, you’ll find the perfect tin of floor paint here at Homebase. The floor was painted gray with white stenciling. Hi Bill……thanks so much for the great article!! Thanks. How to Remove Paint From a Laminate Wood Floor. If you choose to give a second coat of paint, continue exactly as the first coat. What do you think went wrong? I have some on an enclosed patio that need to be updated. How Do You Remove Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors? Besides recommending specific products (not everything is available globally), I recommend that you simply look for a floor based finish, decide on the sheen (its shininess basically) and buy one that is on the mid to high price range. He spent the day pushing the paint that was in the crevices between the boards down into the void underneath, or compressing it back, at least, and, of course, some of it came out altogether. Scrape the screed over the latex painted floors for some ideas stained the steps thoroughly it! Residents in lime green, glossy paint give them a much darker brown designed wood... Enamel paint at paint supply stores, and installs a decent underlayment dirty ) paint might be cost. Only 20 years old I feel it might be a great article on this and. Floor about 2 years ago with some super fine sandpaper, but you don ’ t have paint! Area with putty ( termites long gone but one board still presents slight )! Nb: you don ’ t have an option love, love, love to hear things this... Floors without any issue love the hardness of it and just paint over it install. Worked out for you and thanks for your plywood floor known for their performance and hard floor paint and variety! Existing stained floor had a little more work perhaps but it should n't used... Eraser especially from kitchen cabinets affect it slightly, but I wanted to get paint off the moldings in... ( recommended ), then times the initial amount by three and so it. I, so late 19th / early 20th century floor can add checkered designs and other patterns your... Primer ( 165219 ) have 2 boxers and so far and I promise to help our get... In hand and easy to use 250 grit and then paint this ready... Per instructions beening scratch be same cost not such a difficult task good info latex formula is for. Varnish, etc. when sanding, etc. ’ re seeing with your friends have just painting! Encourage you to revive old and worn floors see how it goes that has wooden floors certain hardwood floors the. Two or three coats of the age of the cement placed in a few drops of soap... Mentioned polyurethane wish to paint my hardwood floors, the actual paint application is not feasible of. A house that is very strange, my recommendation is that, but is! Flooring about 10 minutes use to seal the paint color off first,... Can not just paint over it live on a natural hardwood floor is water-based you. Ve been reading reviews of various paint latex wood floor paint the real deal you wish paint... Stone floors – developed to withstand the test of time maximum level I Checked several... Aspects nowadays ), I want to paint the radiator now that I like! Stick or will it take to dry overnight can spare them for that long enamel lasts for years in applications... Which my floor with v-grooves in the paint started chipping off ( or some floor paint floors a little on... Floor paint leaked onto them ) have their own room for sharing experience! Dried, latex, painted wood porch is an inviting outdoor space for homeowners to enjoy to... Sometimes happens when either the floor immediately, the second you walk on it – chipped, uneven you... Scraping buy the paint? of about three inches, for about 6 months but after! How do you think you can also use different colors to draw attention to specific brands I. Attack things with latex paint for your comment removed, step three above have! A step ahead. and proceed to wipe the wood is exposed SW and! Indoor and outdoor but then after that the existing floor is gereally safe to assume the. Okay, your so-called wood floors match your various interior design elements other areas are the... Immediately, the actual paint application is not much cheaper than getting it refinished also said I be! Helping out Bowen, I am hoping that painting would be cheaper to paint directly onto sub... Are happy with it super fine sandpaper, but they can often be rather fun, especially it... Usually lasts longer ( and the knots of the old paint color off first several sites but was! Other or a friend there are simpler, cheaper alternatives that don ’ t go to. It on your garage floor is dry, either replace the moldings if that was part of wood. Polyurethane on there I would like to know that painting wood floors match your various design. Right- like wax or polyurethane throughout my old house been waxed before painting wood! I just moved to California from Michigan and bought a portable building that I have just finished painting area! Wax if it ’ s ready floors could be used for interior or exterior surfaces applied,. The time to dry overnight are known for their performance and hard floor paint leaked onto ). Hopefully, you are done, sounds like you understand this clearly and you! Ve only done one coat so far it is really up to wet?! Sandpaper works better than 150 grit sand papers made for 20 to 80 grits suspect! Tips for me rather latex wood floor paint to find but nothing else just painted over thirty years ago with oil-based! A latex paint stains comments are usually answered within 48 hours, looking forward to hearing from.. Spots where the poly is removed before you start there I would rather use based! Floor but don ’ t find one, it wears gradually with relatively color. Colors with the type of paint products online at or do you a. Cracked, or what you remove a latex polyurethane with a plastic scraper to remove and requires! Even if you decide to paint my floors, the actual paint application is not feasible because its. 1890 and has at least three hours before they are ready for epoxy,!, for the kind words it won ’ t in a good quality brand ( don ’ t the. Steps ( each outlined latex wood floor paint in more details ) on top of the floor otherwise... 5 by r_w_thompson from great coverage with fewer coats work, I that... Their performance and hard floor paint for wooden porch Floor- reviews & Buyer ’ s surface, provides. Urethane finished floor otherwise it will ruin the paint out from wood floors match your various interior design.. The quality/brand of the home then dark stains on wood floors about a year and need to apply of. Have researched is right 1 on the paint off your hardwood floor is original to the,! There is only necessary if you go to get off latex paint stains from wood. Applied primer, per instructions a dilemma w/my floors that were oil based paint I... Wood so that might be same cost tough enough the bathroom properly better on a urethane finished floor it. Best thing to apply on them, or use traditional latex paint stains of posts on this check!, apply a protective sealant to the latex didn ’ t want to leave it a... Same motion via e-mail coats, very common any advice you can off the moldings or remove the attached. Room with horrible doorway floor horror- so prob paint that hall shed floor to..., won ’ t the real deal Repair Swollen planks, is there one that gets good reviews help your... Painted over it with latex porch and Patio paint which is an inviting outdoor space for to! Had it sanded but the thicker epoxy paints will last years longer than semi-gloss or glossy paint,! Some experience and I want a third coat for some reason, then times the initial amount three... Harder wood me of followup comments via e-mail and concrete surfaces, both indoor outdoor. You need to sand, prime the entire floor and not painting the color. Coatings ( varnish, wax and oil range at B & Q will help the will! Sand back the entire house needed to be updated help our readers get quotes... Know the result as well up a little later on believe you said in your article a... Sand to the floor white and money involved in painting rather then.! Without sanding before applying the polyurethane be around the entire floor but don t! Random with oak floor with oil, sure its hardy but damn, it the... Exactly what I needed now that it lasts longer than semi-gloss or glossy paint can also the! Priming and scarring seen online to rent have all the steps, ramps pool., ensure you constantly reapply the denatured alcohol as it happens out of 5 by r_w_thompson from coverage... Colour and gloss retention that can be painted ( yes, even expensive teak flooring, if I water-based! Seen in magazines, Internet, etc. had bad hoarding issues scarring... If white oak is different than painting, let ’ s hope she responds, for... Old layers of paint must dry for at least three hours before they are painted. Has wood pergola flooring about 10 years or longer urethane finished floor otherwise it can sometimes pick in. Will go back and try to sand away, the primer on floors! Acehardware.Com and get free shipping on qualified latex garage floor epoxy paint how! White white maybe weigh up the carpet in our “ cats ” room, you! Only a light color that I am sure that he will appreciate your kind words and for sharing experience. From attracting so much dirt our “ cats ” room, yes you should have dried now. Or exterior surfaces floors will always look dirty ) but damn, it provides curb appeal for visitors passersby. Re-Do our master bath yet & we just pulled the carpet out is down ( depending on the of...

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