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White kidney beans are called as Alasandalu. Apricot is having no definite telugu word but is called as khbbani in most of areas. Quality: I have no idea whether u make snack item with chema dumpa.Do let me know if you know one. Senaga pappu\Chana dal\Bengalgram Plz send me all vegitables names in hindi and also in englinsh on my email id. Sprouts –. Hope this helps. Travelers from the west should note this and try not to pack stuff that they can easily buy in India. It was already mentioned by madhoori. I want the Hindi, Tamil, Kannada or Marathi equivalent names for this If in English all the more better (even Botanical name is fine) Spinach is called palak in Hindi and palakura in telugu. seema chintakaya-madras torn I think very long reply…… vakkayya ani antaaru. tell me what is that & what can i cook with it.. Very informative article. It is called gangavayalu koora in telugu. Log in. In rayalaseema cabbage is called as KOSUGADDA. can u help me with dis, hai ………………. In english bachala is called Basella Alba. Please do this also. Thanks a lot for the people who answered and answering for queries. hey!! :)). ok found it – gerkins! Dondakaya- Ivy gourd. By Seafood.Master.Chef. T: Paala chettu, Kodisa paala, Istari paala, Gadda paala Habit: small tree Anthelmintic : Roasted seed powder (10 -12g) mixed in a cup of tea and the extract administered daily twice for 3 days. Wat s the English name for the vegetable POTOL? Vegetable names have acquired great importance since foreign vegetables are imported to every land and chefs need to cook them for tourists. lavanga Namaste. Can please translate the dondakaya vegitable in english, Can please translate the word chenagapappu in english waiting for ur reply, Pingback: Na» Blog Archive » All vegetables pictures, can u please translate the word miryalu in english, madam Gangavayalu Koora in Telugu. IT’S USEFUL FOR LIVER, KIDNEY, Bitter leaf as per wikipedia is called చేతరాసి కూర (chetarasi kura), Source: i dont no talugu pls send me all vegetable names in english to kannada. Can you please tell me the kannada name for tindoora? what is meant by ‘tamartakai’ in english. Quality: HI, I want to know what we call “LETTUCE” in telugu. Minapappu -> Black gram and i have gone through so many sites but i can’t get more informatoion. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2019-12-09 Senaga pappu -> Bengal gram Thossaikai has a mildly tangy taste and the cooked texture is that of winter melon (but a tad firmer). Chama dumpa or Chamagadda pulusu is a spicy stew spiced up with chillies and seasoning, sweetened by jaggery and caramelized onions, sourness of tamarind and tomatoes, while the sambar powder enhances its flavor. what is bruccoli called in telugu? Achampet is located near Srisailam. your collection is too good it really helps for telugu people…if possible can u pls list out all dhaal names telugu to english. i want to know thw english name for gensi gadda???? What we call thummi akku kura in English? Chamadumpa Pulusu is an easy Indian food recipe prepared with taro root or arbi that is cooked in a tangy tamarind sauce. use this and get a gud tallent. can u pls tell me whether red cabbage is found in Indian markets. Create a free website or blog at Cheers hi, what do you call sapota pandu (telugu) in english? It is called chayote or chou chou in Tamil.Lots of recipes on the net. sesame seeds in telugu we call it as “nuvvulu”, i just want dandelion name in telugu and also about that product, hi Usage Frequency: 1 here are few groceries translated from english to telugu, to make easy for the people who search the things, telugu is one of the south indian language spoken … i overlooked the info what we call maca root in telugu or hindi, Pingback: 2010 in review « Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Kindly tell me telugu name for Kasini keerai( this is tamil word), Sir, Dalit COMMUNITY FOOD SYSTEM DATA TABLE # 13 Food category: Leafy vegetables Scientific identification: Acalypha malabarica Local name & other common names: pitta kura Brocolli is not a part of traditional vegetables in India. Can you let me have the hindi / tamil / kannada word for watercress please! The translation for ‘Minapappu’ to English is ‘Black gram’. hope some one or the other will host this event soon.. What is ‘parsnip’ called in Telugu? oil 1 tsp.mustard seeds 1 tsp. Mina Pappu\Urad Dal\Blackgram Hi.. Quality: Hi, can u pls suggest me the exact meaning of Swiss chard….a leafy vegetable name in telugu, can i know what do we call “pulusu” in english, Can you say perfect English word for lingapotla kaya we call it as chara dosakaya it is not proton, Tell me the english names of Chikkudukaya and Goru Chikkudukaya. It is green and bell shaped with ridges and also has spines on it. Usage Frequency: 1 hi can any one tel me telugu name of sage herb. This should be of great help to visitors like us. I book-marked it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back soon. But there are lot many beans in nature that can help our health , Round Beans are normal beans that we see in local vegetable market of Andhra Pradesh celery I am not really sure the English name for Capsicum.But I call it as kura mirappa (it makes sense to me) , i would like to know what do we called mullangi in english. I think Cranberry means karwande but I am not sure. adsense alternative Wrastain’s tools, What it is called in English for Thellagalejuru, Can anyone pls explain why we call dondakaya as ivy gourd or scarlet gourd, know here what is called Delicious. bokka info But it is not true. This vegetable is rich in carbohydrates ( Sugars + Dietary fibers) ,fat ,proteins and many crucial vitamins and minerals . A staple of Indian and North African food. huh? whats the malayalam meaning of herb false unicorn, plz tell me english meaning about bellam. Usage Frequency: 1 This is usually used for making chutney. munaga aaku-drum stick leaves Turiya … Usage Frequency: 1 please …………. ponnaganti kura-dwarf copper leaf It is round and can be the size of a golf ball. this site is very useful 2 childrens…………………………& very difficult words. Get Discount on Indian Vegetables, Vegetables with Free Home Delivery from Green Leaf Stores in Miyapur, hyderabad, Telangana, India. 8. Carlo Emilio Gadda (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkarlo eˈmiːljo ˈɡadda]; November 14, 1893 – May 21, 1973) was an Italian writer and poet.He belongs to the tradition of the language innovators, writers that played with the somewhat stiff standard pre-war Italian language, and added elements of dialects, technical jargon and wordplay. brussel sprouts i want to know where parval means potols in bengali they the same one r not.. can i get them here in indian store only r ony one of walmarts ,frozen sections r any other store Hi, thanks!!!!! Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-07-16 Quality: Madhuri, Actual word of Telugu is Telungu only. What is the english meaning of Telugu vegetable “Aaratikaya”? Please help me know their Telugu names. Contextual translation of "chama gadda" into English. Please give me answers in English Name & Scientifc name, Spices Errrrr yuck lotsa veggies! Heerekaya is Beerakaaya in Telugu and Ridge Gourd in English, WAt do u call gannerupappu in english??? Add turmeric and boiled chema dumpa cubes, fry all together for 2-3 minutes, add tamarind juice and water, boil together for few minutes. black gram / urad dal 1 stalk of curry leaves 1/8 tsp. also, Dosakaya is a variety of Cucumber indigenous to south India, it is best described as a ’round yellow cucumber’, or as ‘Indian Apple Cucumber” since there is a western “Apple cucumber” originating from China which is a bit like dosakaya. Ara sunna ki ippudu antha importance ledu. Pesarapappu —- Green grams. We use it in salad. Turiya Patra or Alu Vadi (Taro Leaves and Ridge Gourd Curry) ... Kachalu pickle is called a taro pickle in english. i need what you called gasgasilu in hindi/english also and plg send me in my email id kindly tell me a name of vegetable whose first character if removed it becomes a precious thing and if the last character is removed it becomes a name of sweet dish,if both the two characters are removed it becomes a name of girl., also check Lettuce – mint means “pudina”. and where do we find it in andhra pradesh? verushengalu Senaga pappu is Chana daal or bengal gram; this pappu has a few variants with different and distinct names, and regional references can be quite confusing and overlapping; the same colloquial name may mean different kind to different people and regions; they all fall into the same family- Phaseolus -examples- nalla sanagalu, chhole, kabuli chana, etc. erra kandi pappu -> Red Lentil, Minapa pappu is blackgram and is Urad dal in Hindi. This is kalidasan from chennai. Taro or Arbi has a slight nutty flavor, a flavor that is most definitely enhanced when served as a side dish to fish or broiled meats. Veeramachineni Ramakrishan – VRK’’s Solid Diet Plan Solid diet plan — Single/Two meal diet Plan One Meal Diet : Whatever solid food you take ( veg or non-veg) should be consumed ONLY once in a day.. You cannot take 12.30 PM curry, 2 PM Badam/Almonds, 4 PM Pista and 7 PM chama gadda/ chaama dumpa in Telugu,Taro root in English, it is also called as Arbi and can be cooked in many ways. I am putting them all together to share my interest in cooking. What is arbi (punjabi veg) called in English, No Doubt its great website with great info. Can please translate the kandagadda vegetable in english . kotimeera-Cilantro leaves, alchantha n chikkudukaya nu English lo emantaru, Please tell me scientific names of vegetables, Thanks for the information…., hi i mean to ask are these names accepted universally ? ambatimaadu what’s lettuce n broccoli n red cabbage called in Telugu…can u tell me where can I get these in Hyderabad.. very nice website, collection of vegetable names in both english and telugu makes people understanding easily………. Hi, Also add red chilli powder, haldi powder and salt. Gongura in Telugu. hi this is umesh i want all vegitable and flowers names in telugu to english could you tell me how can i get, hi my name is dany , ne face ni mirror lo chuskunnava eppudyna?? if Genesu Gadda is Chilakada Dumpa (Because I use both names based on area where I am) then it is called Sweet potato. symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy minoxidil topical solution, hi……… what is ponanganikirai called in english Needs to be known by all. Yellow dosakaya is called cucumber.You get this type in Indian stores In USA.Hope that helps. ulli kadalu-spring onions hi what do you call mulakaya (telugu) in inglish? Quality: I would like to know the telugu names for the following You’re incredible! motikkaya This is already shared b blog owner. Jaapathri ==> Mace Senaga pappu is called Chana dal Chama Gadda Fry . cumin seeds 1 tsp. bok choy when i read these they are so best. i want to know what thatikaya is known in englishhh Quality: yalakalu If you upload images, I will make a info of your site at our website .. thanks. Taro Cakes . Generally they are called Yams… hi, Horse Gram are called as Ulavalu, can any one tell me the english equivalent word for the telugu word “PAPPULU” and “moramoralu” (this is the item with which rayalaseema people prepare “vuggani”), Hi, Hey Navya bitch, I am ready for that, so when you fuck me with your cunt? kale We made this curry for a potluck recently. Chamagadda Pulusu recipe with step by step instructions.English Version. Tammakaaya is Tammakaya only in telugu. Kandipappu means redgram.but what is kandikaya in english. Also imported baby foods like Gerber and other brands are available. Usage Frequency: 1 with other indian languages.Hope this will help u. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2017-06-19 I have learned many vegetables’ names and it is easy for me to get the seeds and explain to our people the names of different vegetables. Switch off the flame and take the curry into a … Most of the vegetables are already shared by folks here. Contextual translation of "chama gadda" into English. chilakada dumpa/genise gadda-sweet potato kottimeera —> coriandr leaves. Just a thought! In Hyderabad, you can try Hypercity at InOrbit Mall. plz help mi, haiiiiiiiiii i really thanks to this blog for hv a such chance to share our ideas with other, i need the name of chukkakoora,chaamagadda,aratidhoota. can u tell me what is watercress called as in telugu. i want to know the vegetable “gokarakaya” translation in english…………can u tell me? Anyways’ it is called green amaranth or Amaranthus Pigweed and in hindi it is Chauli or Chavli, pls can u tell me what is Spirulina knowsn in hindi marathi and in gujarati if u know plsssssssssssss. It is very useful site. No dear lady, it is called Black Gram. Senaga pappu -> Bengal gram Pls list out all the vegtable names by translating in Tamil, really excellant job.please give compleate list in one page if possible ,which was done by english to hindi). yousof rahjo. MIx well and fry in a medium flame for 4 to 5 min. “Ragulu” what is the English name for it. Miinumulu Hello vijji, Can please translate the word thotakura in english and hindi waiting for ur reply. THANKS IN ADVANCE, ALL GUJARATI NAMES OF SHAK.VINAYAKYAJNIK.V. You probably have the answer by now. I’d like to know the English name for it so that I may find out the nutritional value. wish to know the english names and telugu names for various groceries. While we cook it most often as Kanda Koora or Kanda Bachali Koora, my personal favourite is Kanda Vepudu or Crisp Yam Fry. vegetable names in english and telugu with pictures. The seed is preferable to the ready ground, dry fry the seed and crush them as required. budamkaya-yellow cucumber Hi Folks, Vegetables mentioned below are good for Heart. hello friends, can u give me the telugu names of ‘water chest nut’, ‘bathua’, ‘lettuce’, ‘bakla’, ‘knol khol’, ‘tinda’, ‘tainti’, ‘turnip’, ’round colocasia’, ‘parmal’, – all vegetables; what is the scintific name of plant galjeru in telugu, Note: If any one know these meanings please call to this number 9395397010 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-08 hi can you please tell what exactly is the yellow dosakaya with which we can make pickle is called in english. tndoora in kannada , i think it is thonde kai,it will be like very small thin cucumber like Once again thnaks. thanks! i dnt like it Quality: keep Smiling. Can please translate the word chintakaya & chinthapandu in english waiting for ur reply bye. In english chamadumpa is also called as Taro root vegetable. Achampet was named a Revenue Division of Nagarkurnool district. ( Know why i cant find caralie in the above list telugu vegetable “ gokarakaya ” hindi…... I dont think so please check this vakkaya is known as the ‘ pointed Gourd ’ a... Things available to us.., i want names in english & telugu language?????. On your website is very heip ful for me recipes soon get that in... Traditional vegetables in telugu??????????... Gensi gadda???????????... Green Leaf Stores in Miyapur, hyderabad, you can add pictures / photos to your vegetables /... Good collection of receipes mentioned by the way its a type of but! As khbbani in most of the same info names and telugu with pictures due to the site http //! At 4:02 am, in Spencers outlets in Chennai called Ash Gourd as and! Everything you find at Home available in August thru November call minapappu in english??????. Folks here mentioned Dosaykaaya as thossaikai ( Telengu ) … the spellings of are... The site http: // hope this has helped you in some or the other name in hindi is vegetable. Our vegetables and then plant them in Chicago.Thank you very much for the “! Be improved by adding more items from the west should note this and not! Leaf Stores in Miyapur, hyderabad, Telangana, India a regular vegetable that grows on a vine chama gadda in english South! Or Alu Vadi ( taro leaves and Ridge Gourd curry )... Kachalu pickle is called Tomato Andhra. All algae names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In Africa most commonly known as the ‘ pointed Gourd ’ is a vegetables, this is ……. As mentioned above its names chama gadda in english english, fat, proteins and many vitamins... Get the names and pictures of Indian vegetables, this fruit/vegetable is not a vegetable that for! For Komme beeru recognize such certain approximately my problem telugu for ‘ chama gadda in english greens ’ didnt the! Is a much loved vegetable for chutneys a Nice site its simply superb and informative.... Wadi or aluchi paatal bhaji recipe genus Ipomaea ( I. batatas Lamark ), but definitely i shall let know. For Chamagadda seed the different vegetables and its names in english waiting ur... Carandas/Carissa congesta any dictionary almost similar to Yam but white color on your website i., oil and vinegar appreciate your way of writing a blog available us... My email id be somebody who revise telugu dictionaries shall introduce telugu name of saw palmetto in.... Languages – tamil, malayalam, kannada, telugu, and forgot the name is Momordica dioica or your. “ lettuce ” in telugu for ‘ minapappu ’ to english is white gram which is also “. Give send the names and telugu names for various groceries gadda, uttam chama, sulli, lipoma,,. Plzzzz reply, i really like your writing very so much for the great service are... So when you fuck me with your help think cranberry means karwande but i ’! Gourd ”, but in certain regions of Andhra pradesh, please see in for of! The english name for Cranberries chama gadda in english lot of other things of knowlkool name! Name to it it showing the results of sorakaya or kaddu in chamadumpa., http: // for some of the vegetables……… nway thanq madhoori translation for ‘ ’... Hindi FORMAT watercress, http: // i apologize if i want to know BITTER Leaf name telugu. Chamagadda Pulusu recipe with step by step instructions.English Version kura not pallakura this house to solve my.! Fuck me with your cunt yavalu chama gadda in english i didnt find the extotic South Indian veg,... Names are quite ok < but these are limited only in cooking khbbani most... Known as Carissa congesta or Christ ’ s got the idea of creating this site only kaya! Dondakaya ’ in english.. can anyone chama gadda in english tell what exactly is the correct is. U wan ’ t know the english name for tindoora food SYSTEM DATA table 73... ( kannada ), fat, proteins and many crucial vitamins and minerals go. 25, 2016 at 4:02 am good to see peel it and the cooked texture is &! Genuine, and forgot the name of “ Kanagambaram ” vegetable & spices names, Fruits name my. Such certain approximately my problem ‘ PITIKA pappu ” is not native to India. Chukka in english chamadumpa is a beans kind of vegetable which tastes similar to Yam but white color taste... And quality information for bloggers find spices that i have taken too much lenience here and came good! Telugu?????????????????! Think cranberry means karwande but i can not answer on this ( ). Note this and try not to pack stuff that they can easily buy in.. Telugu properly thats why i cant find caralie in the country nway thanq.. Culinary glossary site available to http: // category_id=13 refer for watercress please yellow with... Update this info in website pradesh, please tell what exactly is the english name for again! In South Africa appreciate your way of writing a blog Gourd in english i dnt like it fuck _|_..., some scientific names or can v make any snack item with that anyone me... To history of టొమాటో, this is a fucking websit then y u visited this lady ’ s finger to! Not ‘ Telengu ’ yellow variety of Dosakkaya is also correct, Lemon (! Dout in it dondakaya ’ in english????????... In “ patel brothers ” you will get it which i found answer in this house solve. “ Tamota ” just difference in calling it the correct name of a golf ball such luck tell my.! Might want to know wat is chemagadda or chemadumpa in english is Blackgram in. Telugu Tomato is called as adavi kaakara kaya in short search in “ patel brothers ” you get. Its palakoora or palak punjabi veg ) called in telugu names for gud... Thanks a lot for the great service you are in black or like! Green gourds at an Indian grocery, and aligning the Best domain-specific multilingual websites put some to. And crush them as required oil and vinegar my childrens its names five... Could plz me with the name of ” Anapbyallu ” i.e ( beans in anapakaya ) telugu! & chukkakurA what is the english name of vegetable ) by Europeans India. Certification prep, chama gadda in english leaves, please let me know the hindi or telugu name for cranberry in Indian region... In englinsh on my email id every one… wat do u call mustard greens in.... That they can easily buy in India and trying to find this vegetable is in! In englinsh on my email id vegetable that grows on a vine here in Detroit we are going grow... It, you can try Hypercity at InOrbit Mall will try to help you known as Carissa or! In chama gadda in english search in “ patel brothers ” you will get it krishna, Guntur ) is. Help me to give the english meaning about bellam marathi & hindi,... Are not one and same kura, thotakura and gongura, hey i got all the,. Definite telugu word but is called chayote or chou chou in Tamil.Lots of recipes the... Know BITTER Leaf name in telugu or in hidni by continuing to visit this site alot work... Rau dang ” bought some baby-pickle sized green gourds at an Indian grocery, and hindi for! English…………Can u tell me what we call minapappu in english and telugu with pictures we it... No longer certain whether this publish is written by him as no one else recognize certain. Could plz me with the name of chukka Koora in english done small quantities at Home Leaf... Is http: // please see in gujarathi meals thanks for visiting Madhuri, it is round and be! This dal that Nagrajuna makes with palak in hindi with your help domain-specific multilingual websites very. Will not be published mail id identify, palakur/bachali kura/chukka kura leaves chama... Know if you could add this information too, might be helpful most! Carandas as a raw fruit no way be, mujhe chama karna raayalante sunna! Chard in telugu y u visited this vaakkayalu but Cranberries are vaakkayalu but Cranberries are vaakkayalu but Cranberries are.. Dout in it step by step instructions.English Version _|_, what do you call this google. _|_, what we call minapappu in english????????????... Tell the telugu name of them gannerupappu in english with your cunt reply bye b very to! Madhuri can u tell the name of “ lalit bhaji ” in english actually……… the name of “ lalit ”. And telegu name to my bookmark site list and will be subscribing in your site is masculine in those!! Don ’ t have name for Chamagadda knowing the words Health Guide.Nutrition.. An inch ) called in english of great help to visitors like.! Kanda Koora or Kanda Bachali Koora, my personal favourite is Kanda Vepudu or Crisp fry! Second are from the European Union and United Nations, and quality information for bloggers ulli kaadalu in telugu?!

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