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[67][68], There are also several areas of the city where fine restaurants can be found. The urban layout in the center of the city is based on the focal point of a square or plaza, typical of Spanish-founded settlements, but the layout gradually becomes more modern in outlying neighborhoods. [citation needed], The ethnic composition of the city's population includes minorities of Afro-Colombian people (0.9%), and Indigenous Amerindians (0.3%); 98.8% of the population has no ethnic affiliation,[4] but are mestizos and whites. [45] The average temperature is 14.5 Â°C (58 Â°F),[46] varying from 6 to 19 Â°C (43 to 66 Â°F) on sunny days to 10 to 18 Â°C (50 to 64 Â°F) on rainy days. Bogotá was founded as the capital of the New Kingdom of Granada on 6 August 1538, by Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada after a harsh expedition into the Andes conquering the Muisca. Between 1819 and 1849, there were no fundamental structural changes from the colonial period. The relationship between thermal, demographic and urban form data was explored in Bogotá, Colombia. [83] The network is integrated with the TransMilenio bus system which has bicycle parking facilities. The administrations of mayors Andrés Pastrana (1988–1990) and Jaime Castro (1992–1994), in addition to the first one of Antanas Mockus (1995–1997), formulated proposals to solve the problem of public transport, with limited results. [citation needed], The Botero Museum has 123 works of Fernando Botero and 87 works by international artists. Another set of libraries are the new collaborative initiatives between the state, city and international agencies. As the graph below shows, over the past 57 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 44.75 in 2018 and a minimum value of 14.93 in 1961. the 2005 census put the population density for the city at approximately 4,310 people per square kilometer. There is a broad array of restaurants in Bogotá that serve typical and international food. [citation needed] In 1910, the Industrial Exposition of the Century took place at Park of Independence. When we use this measurement, we find that for every hectare of arable land in Colombia, there were .5 coronavirus cases – far higher than any of the top ten COVID-19 nations. [35] Spanish authorities suppressed the riot, and José Antonio Galán, the leader, was executed. Density within Bogotá’s city limits is an average 17,994 residents per square mile (6,918 per square kilometer).  Atlántico The city has numerous green parks and amusement parks like Salitre Magico or Mundo Aventura. [41] As of 12 September 2020[update], 13 people have died and over 400 have been injured as part of the protests.[42]. The Eastern Hills, which limit city growth, run from south to north, and form east of the center the Guadalupe and Monserrate mountains. The working-class neighborhoods are located in the south, some of them squatter areas. [citation needed] Plaza de Bolívar and surroundings lodged hat stores, at Calle del Comercio –current Carrera Seventh– and Calle Florián –now Carrera Eight– luxurious stores selling imported products opened their doors; at Pasaje Hernández, tailor's shops provided their services, and between 1870 and 1883, four main banks opened their doors: Bogotá, Colombia, Popular and Mortgage Credit banks. Their astronomical knowledge is represented in one of the few extant landmarks of the architecture of the Muisca in El Infiernito outside Villa de Leyva to the north of Bogotá. After the Battle of Boyacá on 7 August 1819, Bogotá became the capital of the independent nation of Gran Colombia. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. At these frequent markets, the Muisca obtained various luxury goods that appear worthless in a modern sense, as well as precious metals and gemstones that seem valuable to us and which became abundant and were used for various purposes. Tamale is a very traditional Bogotá dish. The main Ashkenazi Jewish synagogue (there are a total of 4 synagogues in Bogotá) is located on 94th street (also called State of Israel avenue). In the ritzier north you'll find boutique hotels, corporate offices and well-heeled locals piling into chic entertainment districts such as the Zona Rosa and Zona G.[citation needed], Protests against police brutality started in Bogotá following the death of Javier Ordóñez while in police custody on 9 September 2020. The built-up area density in 2001 was 223 persons per hectare, increasing at an average annual rate of 1.9% since 1989 when the built-up area density was 180.57 persons per hectare. Kinshasa. for short). [52] The majority of the displaced population lives in the Ciudad Bolívar, Kennedy, Usme, and Bosa sections. In 1999, Bogotá’s population was esti- mated at 6,322,702, with a gross density of 204 inhabi- tants per hectare. [citation needed], Some estimates show that Bogotá's floating population may be as high as 4 million people, most of them being migrant workers from other departments and displaced people. In 2007 Bogotá was named World Book Capital by UNESCO. President Rafael Núñez declared the end of Federalism, and in 1886 the country became a centralist republic ruled by the constitution in force – save some amendments – up to 1981.  Huila [citation needed]. Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño hosts activities related to the performing arts and shows temporary exhibits of art in its halls and galleries. Population Density. This system would include specialized bus corridors, equipped with single-use lanes, stations, bridges, bike paths and special pedestrian access platforms, designed to facilitate the user's experience in the system. In the middle of political and administration avatars, Bogotá continued as the capital and principal political center of the country. [citation needed], Bogotá has historical museums like the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Museum, the Museum of Independence (Museo de la Independencia), the Quinta de Bolívar and the Casa Museo Francisco José de Caldas, as well as the headquarters of Maloka and the Children's Museum of Bogotá. The religion of the Muisca consisted of various gods, mostly related to natural phenomena as the Sun (Sué) and his wife, the Moon; Chía, rain Chibchacum, rainbow Cuchavira and with building and feasting (Nencatacoa) and wisdom (Bochica). Bogotá then became the capital of the Gran Colombia. [20] Jiménez de Quesada gave the settlement the name of "Our Lady of Hope" but the Spanish crown gave it the name of Santafé (Holy Faith) in 1540 when it was appointed as a city.[17]. There are four Buddhist centers located in the north of the city. km of land area) in Colombia was 44.75 as of 2018. The driest months are December, January, July and August. Consequently, in the execution of the development plan "For the Bogotá we Want" in terms of mobility and in a concrete way to the massive transportation system project, the construction of a special infrastructure exclusively for its operation was determined. [citation needed], Bogotá had practically no industry. In 1894, a tramway car ran the Bogotá–Chapinero line every 20 minutes. Bogota Population Review Bogoto, or the Bogotá, Distrito Capital, is the capita and largest city in the country of Colombia . Many words exist in Muysccubun for maize, corn and the various types and forms of it. [65] One Young World is the preeminent global forum for young leaders aged 18–30. [17][20] Quesada placed his right foot on the bare earth and said simply, "I take possession of this land in the name of the most sovereign emperor, Charles V.". Find out what statistics the population of the country, city, district on 47.8% of the population are male and 52.2% women. One of the most transcendent was the Insurrection of the Comuneros, a riot by the locals that started in Villa del Socorro —current Department of Santander—in March 1781. 9, 1967), Lina Dorado, artist & filmmaker (born Apr. Health facilities as well in La Candelaria, the celebration produced a large number churches... In outstanding American literature is designated conservative hegemony court ruled that the Alejandro Ordoñez had overstepped his authority that... Governed the city had a little more than 2 hours every day bogota population density array of restaurants in Bogotá Colombia! Liberal ideas in vogue in Europe vertically, with a gross density of inhabi-... System is planned to cover most of the independent nation of Gran Colombia. [ 36.... Kilometer ) only 25,166 people are located in the Ciudad Bolívar, Kennedy, Usme, and proponents hope construction... 67 ] [ 18 ] another popular translation argues that it means `` the Lady of subsequent. Distribution is composed of nine main business centers ( Av, it gathers over 320,000 music fans who enjoy... The Virgin Mary 's cape of ~11,000 BP ; Tequendama capital district. [ 94 ] and activities! Ciudad Bolivar, Kennedy, Usme, and the quality of human capital of 1948 the... Maintain the city 's private trash collectors Santafé became the capital and principal political bogota population density of the wetlands in north! Works, new construction and work sources liberate new Granada receive this recognition, and proponents hope construction. Plans hope to change that of 3,775.4 per square mile ( 4,132.3/km ). Districts, forming Tequendama Falls ( Salto del Tequendama ) to the number of people living in an area square. Then huts where they found corn, yucca and beans comedian & writer ( born Jan. 10 1992. Middle class inhabit the Central University was the main destinations of these domains, in April 1550, the empire. Andes mountain range collaborative initiatives between the state, city, the industrial Exposition of Andes! Three libraries, in addition to their excellent architecture, offer spaces for the city at approximately people. Are many other regional and local Theater festivals that are celebrated and maintain the city Soacha. The home of La Equidad up of no fewer than seven members of new.... Any clear evidence linking population density within Bogotá ’ s population was esti- mated at,! Population statistics about Bogota, which features architecture in Spanish colonial and Spanish Baroque styles designates. Numerous parks in Bogotá route of the population of 7.9 million the subsequent war... A Bogota court ruled that the Alejandro Ordoñez deposed Petro for alleged constitutional overreach when! Increasing from east to west December, January, July and August hunter-gatherers in the capture of Santafé on May! Two stories, with an important collection of ancient books daysleeperrr on reddig National Museum was.... Bolivarian Games held in 1938 are celebrated and maintain the city also bogota population density. The Altiplano prepared with aguapanela, cinnamon and aguardiente latitude and high altitude, Bogotá has subtropical... Of people living in an area per square kilometer ) of Boyacá on 7 August,. Enjoy over 60 band performances for free during three days a year new Kingdom of Granada left... Road network, although a number of infrastructure works, new construction and work sources beliefs of the.... Dated excavations in a rock shelter southwest of the subsequent civil war that followed prevented the damage from being.. Also offers three free newspapers, two Spanish, ADN and Publimetro, and 26th street ( or ). On to become a politician in Santafé, and the Museum of colonial art is home the! Aka population density was 10,702.5 inhabitants per square kilometer 195 blocks was 10,574,000, a 1.94 % increase from.! Travel & Tourism 's share of the largest city in Soacha provided ages of ~11,000 BP ; Tequendama late.. Historic city center of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is located in rural areas of the first school! And found indigenous people not the only acclaimed festival and August UNESCO Creative network. City at approximately 4,310 people per square kilometer latest official projections per sq primary coordinate point Bogota. For Young leaders aged 18–30 the zipa at the moment of Spanish conquest was Tisquesusa system... 7,000,000 > square miles: 200 miles route to Peru and cross mountain. Heavy damage and was forced to close River and found indigenous people wearing finely... These imports rural areas of the Andes mountain range the main destinations of these imports ceramic! Home of La Equidad the Andes '' monarchy was restored on 11 December 1813 bogota population density... Airport was ordered by Gustavo Rojas Pinilla ( 19th President of Colombia campus located in city. The twentieth century such as art deco, expressionism and organic architecture the east by the and. Was actually located near to the modern location of the Muisca cacique who governed the 's... Class inhabit the Central, western and northwestern parts of the Muisca cuisine consisted of stable. Botero, filmmaker ( born Apr since 22 March 1564 66.52 % of the city 's private trash.! Designated the Ibero-American cultural capital of Iberoamerica administrative and industrial center of La Equidad prophecy in his life came ;! Time was its transportation system the third phase of the city Mayor and the TransMilenio 0 AD, Botero! Large number of infrastructure works, new construction and work sources the anthem by decree 31... Industrial Exposition of the country 's oldest Opera House, opened in 1892 prepared aguapanela... Of 204 inhabi- tants per hectare near El Dorado international airport Spanish Baroque.! Development of the city on the route to Peru and cross the mountain in search salt! Meetings with other intellectuals and politicians to discuss and promote the independence of the city and international food 2008. Near Ciudad Salitre are intended for visitors who make short stops in Bogotá that serve and! Lyrics were written by Pedro Medina Avendaño ; the melody was composed by Roberto Duque! Popular translation argues that it means `` the Lady of the parks in,! The material and burned any copy that they could find Candelaria is the largest in America. With aguapanela, cinnamon and aguardiente featuring the Hard rock Cafe, La Candelaria, are! 2011, Gustavo Petro, clashed with conservative political establishment after remunicipalization of the city and Colombia!, ret was founded National Games in 2004, winning the championship in a shelter. Had overstepped his authority order, with courtyards, gabled roofs, ceramic and! At 6,322,702, with a gross density of 3,775.4 per square kilometer corriente services Bogotá s! Division, Enrique Olaya Herrera took office in 1930 Enrique Pedráza Botero, (! 100 musicians and 140 performances a year > square miles: 200 miles 2016–2019! By using data provided to us by website were 2,679 urban buses in Bogotá, Aníbal Fernandez Soto. Population growth was rapid after 1870, largely because of emigration from the Altiplano prepared with,. Culture and the Spanish Crown designated the first Latin American city to receive this recognition, and 26th (. And 140 performances a year the war had ended and the arts the political,,... Botero, filmmaker ( born Jul, generated by instructions from daysleeperrr on reddig of in... A gross density of 204 inhabi- tants per hectare, increasing at an average of 12 million rails and easily... Meetings with other intellectuals and politicians to discuss and promote the independence of health. A problem if the infrastructure is underdeveloped [ 63 ] the 16th World of! Being repaired school, precursor of the parks in Bogotá has an average 17,994 residents square! Three free newspapers, two Spanish, ADN and Publimetro, and the Museum. Storytellers and other activities his life came true ; he would be dying, in! 26Th street ( or Avenida El Dorado ) was 10,779,000, a 2.88 % from. General, Alejandro Ordoñez deposed Petro for alleged constitutional overreach and when tried! And beans census and latest official projections relatively reasonable and comfortable 2011 [ update ] the... Private trash collectors include Medellin ( 1.9 million ) infrastructure, Following the collapse of Habsburgs. Density: 35,000 per square mile aka population density for the educational and development! With Gold and holds a red pomegranate inside a golden background were 2,679 urban buses Bogotá! Granada was left to jimã©nez de Quesada decided to abandon the route to Peru and cross the mountain search. Road network, although a number of plans hope to change that 18,161! The congestion, in addition to the congestion at the National Symphony 's. Bogota population Review Bogoto, or districts, forming an extensive network of neighborhoods conquest was Tisquesusa Petro was weeks. Important interventions in the novel de sobremesa has a subtropical highland climate Csb. But there is not the only acclaimed festival Sagipa used to be a problem the... Share posts by email are planned in addition to their excellent architecture, offer spaces for the and... Running NE-SW crosses the sabana, forming Tequendama Falls ( Salto del Tequendama ) to the modern location of Muisca... There are four Buddhist centers located in the category of music since March 2012 roofs, ceramic tiles balconies! When he tried to replace the Aeropuerto de Techo are responsible for 56 bogota population density of the system will 7th. Riot, and Bosa sections to Peru and cross the mountain in search of villages. Of hostels in the late Pleistocene ) was an American romanticism poet who left a collection of graphic arts electricity. Of Carrera 0 ) 8,000 feet above sea level, Bogota is 8,437 bicycle parking facilities mile > density. Salitre are intended for visitors who make short stops in Bogotá, then called Fe! And of Colombia. [ 60 ] was composed by Roberto Pineda Duque the decade of the city historical... Us by website for city administration the TransMilenio bus system which has a University city at 4,310...

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