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Kol Mikaelson Marcel bit Kol in the neck with his poisonous bite, broke his neck, and then threw him across the room, defeated. Not wanting Josh to warn Marcel, Kol contemplated killing Josh to be certain but instead stayed behind while his siblings went into the tunnels and Rebekah was distracting Marcel in the cemetery. Rebekah said his name and told that she knew that smirk anywhere. They discussed Vincent's plan to destroy the ancestral plane, cutting off the Ancestors' influence in the living world. Kol and Klaus began causing trouble together, killing what was reported to be forty-six people in a building. Il est à noter que ses cheveux changent au cours du temps : longs tout comme ses frères au Moyen-Age et à l'époque moderne puis courts aux XIXe, XXe et XXIe siè… Kol Mikealson, definition; egotstical annoying original. After a final kiss, Kol woke up in the living world before fleeing from the cemetery as Davina destroyed the ancestral plane. When Elena went searching for Bonnie and Jeremy, she bumped into where Kol was being kept. He then told her what he knew about Silas and how the immortal would turn the world into a living hell and it seemed, for a moment, his belief in Silas was beginning to make Elena realize what they were up against. Soon after, Jeremy returned home but Kol followed behind, telling them he'd thought about the truce, but had decided against it. Kol tried to brush it off, saying that his sister had crossed him, so he struck back. When Davina tried to get retribution for Kol herself, she used a spell to lock Finn inside of his body as a vampire, so he'd be unable to jump into another one as he planned to. Kol Mikaelson is an Original Vampire. When Rebekah told him that she planned on staying in New Orleans to see the battle against the Hollow through, she asked if he would do the same. Kol shares a similar fashion sense to the rest of his family, dressing in a very high-class manner, but with a casual edge similar to his brother Klaus's attire, that is more prominent in modern times. Nobleman (1002-1700's) (Formerly)Nomad (1300's-1700's) (Formerly)Member of The Ancestors (Formerly) Kol included in the "always and forever" pact. Mikael let him go, agreeing to the deal. Hope asked if Kol had been in contact with her father but Kol told her thankfully he and Klaus hadn't seen each other since it would only strengthen their contained portions of the Hollow if they had. Kol's previous interest in magic was even more prominent, now that he could practice it personally again as a witch. Davina brought Aiden to the playhouse, much to Kol's chagrin of people coming to his secret lair. When they are together on screen, Kol is her partner in crime and helped her whenever she needed him. Klaus revealed one of the white oak daggers, much to Kol's terror. Kol thanked Josh before getting into the car and together, he and Davina drove off to parts unknown, leaving the chaos of New Orleans behind. Once there, Kol looked around with relief, knowing that beggars couldn't be choosers. Rebekah thanked Kol for coming to rescue her as Klaus, Hayley, Freya, and the freed Klaus appeared. Finn fought back against Davina before Kol intervened. They met Alaric and Meredith at the Grill. He is the older brother of Rebekah Mikaelson and Henrik Mikaelson. However, some of the vampires in the club began instantly desiccating and dying in front of them, something Rebekah hadn't seen since Kol died. Not knowing which arm it was on, though, and being unable to see it, he decided to just chop off both arms, but Elena intervened. Klaus believed him, saying it was no doubt Finn's task. Riley Voelkel, 30 Freya Mikaelson . Furious with his brother's continued treachery, Klaus attacked Kol who realized what Klaus must have seen. 12. Elijah and Kol were reunited more than a year later in An Old Friend Calls. In order to protect her until he could be right in the head, Kol revealed a dagger he had gotten after his revival, to ensure Klaus wouldn't dagger him. After Rebekah escaped the Witch Mansion she forgave Kol, but Kol did not feel guilty, because he taught his younger sister a lesson for her betrayal. After hearing Mikael had killed their mother, Kol fled from home with his siblings for months. When threatened of being murdered, Kol revealed to Marcel that he believed his family wouldn't care if he was dead. He attempts to lie to her by saying that the spell is impossible to break, but she uses her intuition and logic to figure out that the missing ingredient is an unsired heart which Kol devastatingly confirms. Occupation When Kol came to the school, he commented that Rebekah was worse than Klaus when seeing that she had compelled everyone. While on a quest to rescue Josh and Marcel, Kol was hexed by his brother Finn, and after successfully creating a dagger to work on Klaus, which he gave to Davina for her own protection against Klaus, his condition quickly worsens. Kol told his sister that he was tired of being stuck in the same cycle with his family while someone like Davina would have done something with her life if she had been alive. He needed to find other ways to get his thrills, turning to violence and mayhem as a vampire. Jeremy fired stakes at Kol but he easily caught them but was surprised by Elena firing wooden bullets that only stunned him briefly. They discovered a servant of the castle who had overheard their idea of posing as the guests. Davina was concerned, having only ever really known Kol as a witch. Physical Information Having turned himself into the Beast the prophecy spoke up with Lucien's serum, Marcel threatened the brothers but Kol was just amused, asking him if he was going to put on a show. Davina then told Kol about her time being alone in the attic and Kol told her that a witch needs a coven, even if it's only a coven of two. He is the younger brother of Freya Mikaelsdottir, Finn Mikaelson, and Elijah Mikaelson. He briefly appeared in the first season via flashbacks. Klaus offered himself, knowing that as an Original hybrid, he was a strong power source. Kol is the son of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson. When Matt tried to stop him from going after Elena, Kol broke a bottle he was drinking from and threw it into Matt's arm, jokingly complimenting Rebekah on finally winning over the quarterback. In The Murder of One, it is discovered that Kol and Klaus had been keeping in touch with each other and that Kol would be contacted by Klaus if he was needed. Davina asked him why he was lying and reminded him that he could live again; with Kol lamenting that living again was what he wanted most. They remembered a spell that could be used to break links, and Kol realized they just needed one powerful witch to cast it. When Klaus' blood failed to heal Finn and his condition only grew worse, his body dying, Kol stopped teasing and reminded them that Davina had locked Finn inside of his body, not allowing them to save him by putting his spirit into another one. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, she makes a deal with Klaus, exchanging her help with Mikael and Klaus to kill Dahlia for the ashes of Kol's original body, so that she'll be able to use them to bring him back. Kol reunited with Davina at his car, where she was waiting with Josh. Kol confronted Freya, reminding her that he had shown her that room at the Christmas party in 1914. Kol stated that his mother picked a body that would allow him to easily follow Davina, believing she would find it attractive. Having given his reasons to Rebekah for not being content staying with his siblings, Kol left but told Rebekah to say goodbye for him. However, Kol's condition seemed to be worsening and Rebekah told him she would find a way to save him. Significant Spells Hannahis part of theMikaelson Family. Klaus threatened to dagger Rebekah once again because she had attempted to harm Elena. However, Davina's plan was hijacked by the remaining Originals, who knew that only Esther could defeat Dahlia so, behind Davina's back, they switched Kol's ashes with Esther's. Rebekah tells her that there is someone she wants to contact, who she has not seen in a long time. They put it to a vote, with Kol wanting to gut him since he only saw him as a dessert. Kol didn't care and asked her if she didn't hear what Shane said and that Silas would kill them all. He then told her about how his sister, Rebekah, who had helped him back then. However, Kol explained that he knew enough about spells to know that he had been hexed and that there was no reversing the curse that was killing him. When his siblings all came through their own doors, Elijah had regained his memories and Kol watched somberly, barely holding back tears, as his brother took in all of the pain and anguish that plagued him, including the recent death of Hayley Marshall-Kenner. At the ball, Kol introduced himself to Mayor Lockwood and Damon Salvatore, politely and rudely, respectively. Supernatural Information However, in retaliation for assisting his brothers in stopping their mother by turning her into a vampire, Finn hexed Kol with a deadly spell in Sanctuary. When Rebekah called Kol to track down whoever was guarding the Hollow's totem, he played along and told her he would help her exterminate the Hollow's servant, keeping possession of the totem himself. However, Kol didn't want to be revived by that spell, as he knew how dangerous it was and that it was one from The Strix. Later, when putting Davina to bed, Kol eyed the white oak stake, unaware that Marcel was watching. In Heart Shaped Box, Davina realized she needed Kol to help her figure out the final ingredient for the spell that would de-link the sire lines from the Originals. Through his mother, sister (Freya), wife (Davina), daughter (Vivienne), sister-in-laws (Dianna and Athina), and his nieces and nephew; he is connected to the Mikaelson Coven. He can quickly go from being a respectful gentleman to direct and aggressive. Status He explains that he is in possession of the ashes of Kol's original body from the first time he died and that if she helps him with Mikael, he will give her the ashes as they are a necessary part of the spell to bring him back to life. He also spent a lot of time with witches, wanting to feel connected to the magic he no longer had. Kol told her about the first time he saw her and how she had changed him before they declared their love for each other one last time. He told them it wasn't there and that he already checked the house. After killing most of the crew, Elijah compelled the last crew member to ship their "luggage" to shore. He also explained his joy of being able to connect with someone again, since, on the Other Side, it was complete isolation. Kol with his family in the Chambre de Chasse. Surprised by a brokenhearted Damon, Kol was pushed from the balcony and had his neck broken by Damon. The servant, Lucien, brought them into the castle and instructed them on how to properly behave themselves, brushing Kol's hair out of his face, to which Kol threatened to pull his arms off if he touched him again. Davina later found a picture of the Original family from 1914, prompting Kol to comment that he was much better looking back then. As a ghost, essentially nothing has changed in his personality. During a family speech, Klaus revealed that he knew about Kol's plan. When Kol possessed the body of Kaleb, and he finally saw Rebekah, they were really happy to see each other, even if it were on different sides. He lived with his family as a human, up until his younger brother, Henrik, was killed by werewolves. The two of them shared a romantic night, having sex for the first time. Lucia is part of theMikaelson Familythrough her father and theClaire Family through her mother. Marcel revealed himself, saying he never thought it would come to this but the Mikaelsons forced his hand. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Elijah and Klaus tried to convince the imprisoned Kol and Finn to join them against Esther. Finn commented that there was never hope for Kol since he had no self-control. Also, Kol dislikes her lovers. Rebekah and Kol seem really close because no matter what they still love each other. He proclaimed Freya and Keelin as married and celebrated with his family afterward, dancing with Davina. When they went back to Hayley's house, Kol looked at photos of Davina on Josh's phone before snapping the phone. Kol left the compound, leaving Davina behind with the promise that he'd get her back. Kol pleaded for her to stop but Davina and the eavesdropping Sisters realized it was Hayley's heart that they needed. When Klaus suggested they use the spell Finn had used to trap Kol in his own body on Finn, Kol told him that he didn't know the spell. Kol reunited with Davina out on the street and they shared a kiss. However, due to not being included in the "always and forever" vow made by Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah, Kol has always felt excluded and isolated from his siblings. Il ressemble beaucoup à Elijah de visage. Klaus was shocked by his brother's return and Elijah and Freya soon joined him, all in disbelief. Rebekah argued that their brother's death was not melodrama but Kol was unconvinced, reminding them of how many times Klaus had avoided his end. Kol's spirit with Davina in the Ancestral Plane. TV Show Premiered on October 3 #1. Kol began to drown him again, almost killing him, until Rebekah told him to stop since he was no use to them dead. He gleefully prepared for another fight with Jeremy but had his neck broken from behind by Stefan. He told her to find another way as nothing was worth what The Strix would make her do in return. However, Kol was just distracting Finn from Davina and Aiden who were sneaking in. Finn tried to turn Klaus and Elijah against Kol even more before banishing him from the plane and back into his mortal body, knowing he'd likely be eaten by the vampires. He explained that he had been ordained by a monk in the 13th century as well as on the internet hours before the wedding just to be safe. Il est construit comme le reste de ses frères de manière athlétique mais mince. They tried to get Davina back to her body but were confronted by the spirit of Kara Nguyen, who Davina had ordered to be killed during her time as Regent. Turned August 2nd, 982 (Age 19/1048)Mystic Falls, Virginia, United States During the fight, the Hollow's totem fell out of Kol's jacket and could only helplessly watch as Klaus destroyed it in front of him. Kol hoped that Mary-Alice and Astrid would grow experienced enough to create a dagger that would be able to work on Klaus, hiding their secret endeavors in a tomb in the Lafayette Cemetery. After tearing out her accomplice's heart, Kol scared Sofya away after threatening that she would end up just the man whose heart he had just extracted. Kol and Davina before the candle goes out. Born The plan seemed to work, with Cami not being possessed. Kol was visibly irritated by the decision but backed down as Hayley brought out Hope and Kol met his niece, now seven years old, for the first time. Kol was familiar with Aya, surprised that she hadn't been killed yet. When Kol began choking again, he requested that he be able to spend the worst part of it alone so she didn't have to watch him die. However, Kol's violent, reckless, and impulsive nature often clashed with his family, despite really caring for them beneath his vain personality. He helped her gain information from Shane about the cure until he found out that it involved Silas. Hair color Kol first appeared in Bringing Out The Dead, where his brother Klaus undaggered him, brandishing the newly freed dagger against Elijah after they fought before he re-daggered Kol. Marcel later approaches Davina to convince her to help them dagger Klaus, where she tells Marcel that while he helped save her from Eva, he wasn't there for her when Kol died, and that's when she needed him the most, even if he didn't care for their relationship. He scolded Damon for breaking his neck at the ball, killing Finn and for humiliating him. The more he resists killing Davina, the more Kol becomes savage and thirsty for blood to the point he was a mindless animal looking only to feed, beyond thought or reason. Seven years later, it is also revealed that he and Davina are now married. During the Middle Ages, Kol was born in a small village, now known as Mystic Falls and like the rest of his family, was a human up until his younger brother, Henrik, was killed by werewolves. In Brotherhood of the Damned, Kol continued to remain protected from the other vampires by Marcel. He is the fourth born child of Mikael Agnarsson and Esther Mikaelson (Esther's fifth born overall). He again explained how he didn't want to fall victim to the Hunter's Curse by killing Jeremy so he was just going to cut off his tattooed arm with a knife. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for protection after he was gone, but despite this, she hands over their dagger at the end of the episode, allowing Elijah to dagger Klaus, meaning that after centuries of trying, Kol actually succeeded in creating what could put Klaus down even if he was unable to see it happen. Elijah is Kol's older brother. When his siblings hijack the spell to bring back their mother Esther, as they needed her to kill Dahlia, Kol remained dead. Kol Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚲᛟᛚ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is a major recurring character on The Originals.He also had a recurring role in the third, fourth and fifth season of The Vampire Diaries, where he served as an antagonist and anti-hero.Kol is also the main protagonist of the short web series The Originals: The Awakening. Davina was overjoyed to see him standing but he revealed by putting his hand in sunlight that he had returned as an Original Vampire, his original body brought back to the state it was prior to his first death. Esther is the wife of Mikael and former lover of Ansel. She is the daughter of Kol Mikaelson and Davina Claire. He also told her that his options were either to kill her spell or kill her and he spared her because he had grown to like her. Davina then showed Kol that she was now in possession of the white oak stake and proposed that he help her bring down Klaus. She swore that before she got back to her original body, she'd use her witch powers to bring him home. Kol is marked by his brown hair and dark brown eyes. Kol also appeared in the third season and fourth season of The Vampire Diaries as a recurring character, antagonist and anti-hero. Finn arrived, telling them he was untouchable there and that they'd be there for a while. Elijah and Freya arrived and convinced Kol not to do it. Kol took the totem to Davina, who suggested he destroy it. Kol is marked by his dark hair and eyes. Kol began to feel the hunger and when he did, his neck was snapped by Marcel. Using Klaus as an anchor, Freya put all of them - herself, Kol, Elijah and Rebekah into a deep sleep that would allow time for Hayley to find cures for each of their ailments. Hearing this, Klaus reminds her that she is not the only one to be grieving Kol before making her an offer. In All My Children, Kol and Klaus were waiting at home when Rebekah came home from her night with Damon. He told her that, together, they were going to change everything. His extremely violent and aggressive antics are a result of wanting attention from them. Kol refused unless they could figure out another way to ensure Davina's survival and safety. Kol explained that he had always felt left out by his siblings but they always seemed to have enough room for Marcel. Kol requested a trade; his help for the paragon diamond Klaus had stolen from him in 1914. Which she seemed to have taken advantage of, as she tends to use him a lot, getting upset if he doesn't do things the way she wants. He prepared to leave, telling Davina to take his car and leave if he wasn't back by midnight. He tried to feed Davina blood but she was too far gone. Klaus decided, against Kol's wishes, to go into Kol's mind to find the answer. As a result of this insecurity, Kol often lashed out violently which earned him a dangerous reputation and on occasion, the ire of his siblings. Klaus led Kol away from the courtyard to get him cleaned up, knowing the recent pain of his own love's death and not wanting Kol to have to experience that pain. Kol barricaded himself inside of his room and then solemnly looked at a picture of his sister. Using his extensive knowledge of witchcraft, Kol taught his witches, Mary-Alice and Astrid, how to create dark objects using Kemiya, a type of magic he had learned in Arabia. Klaus told him to shut up and overpowered him, telling him that he needed to stop feeling sorry for himself and that he was his brother. One of Kol's defining characteristics is his vindictiveness. When Kol and Marcel arrived at the Mikaelson Compound, they found some reluctance initially but their protests convinced Klaus to offer their help. He assured her that if she trusted him, he'd be able to show her how to take down Klaus without killing her friends in the process. When threatened by Rebekah, he was even shown to be ashamed of what his family had become, and was saddened that Elijah was so disgusted by their fighting. While also channeling Rebekah, Kol tried to overpower Finn but was still unsuccessful. In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Kol and Davina holed out in a motel where she asked him to stop calling her "darling" and trying to charm her, to get focused on business. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Davina is seen mourning Kol at a grave bearing Kaleb's name, in the crypts of the cemetery. Supernatural information She has rarely been seen interacting with him unless she got something out of it. While Hope successfully unlinked Davina from the Hollow and Hayley killed the Hollow's body, Klaus decided to spare Kol from being neutralized again. To save Hope from the dark magic consuming her, Kol and his siblings each took a part of the Hollow into themselves, knowing that they would have to keep the power far away and separate to opposite ends of the world. Killed by Davina believed he was just struggling to adjust to his vampire body but Cami seemed to think it was a similar behavior to when her uncle was cursed. Kol has recently shown that he is capable of fighting almost evenly with Klaus, being able to trade punches, grapple, and counter fairly well, however, unlike his brother Elijah, Kol was unable to reach a stalemate as Klaus showed greater skill as well as strength and ultimately defeated Kol and held him at dagger point. Unnamed Paternal Grandfather †Unnamed Maternal Grandparents †Mikael † (Father)Esther Mikaelson † (Mother)Dahlia † (Maternal Aunt)Freya Mikaelson (Older Sister)Finn Mikaelson † (Older Brother)Elijah Mikaelson † (Older Brother)Niklaus Mikaelson † (Older Maternal Half-brother)Rebekah Mikaelson (Younger Sister)Henrik Mikaelson † (Younger Brother)Freya's Unborn Son † (Nephew)Hope Mikaelson (Niece)Keelin (Sister-in-Law)Nik (Nephew)Davina Claire (Wife)Ms. Claire † (Mother-in-Law) His hair was slicked up when he first woke up in the 21st century, but he eventually lessened the gel as he adjusted to modern times, letting his bangs fall over his face. She then told him to get the white oak stake, even if it meant killing Davina. It ended as quickly as it began and Kol went to Vincent to explain what happened. He is also known for his role as Kol Mikaelson on the CW show The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals. Davina arrived, trying to rescue Kol and taking Klaus on head-on, using the dark object's in Kol's playhouse to make her blood poison. After defeating the Hollow, Davina and Kol move away from New Orleans and Kol intended to propose to her. He tried to hit Damon again, but the Salvatore brother impaled Kol with a piece of the broken wooden bat, stunning Kol for a brief time. The magical influence the Ancestors had over Kol ended when he was made to kill Davina, his unnaturally heightened aggression turning to remorse for the actions he was forced to commit against his lover. When Kol questioned him, Klaus explained that since he was no longer a vampire, Kol might look very appetizing to everyone trapped with them. To get Bonnie to go through with a spell to break Esther's spell on the Originals, Klaus called Kol, who showed Bonnie he was with Jeremy and willing to kill him if she didn't do what Klaus said. In Phantomesque, Kol and Rebekah partied in the French Rivera with a number of other vampires, feeding openly on humans at the club they were attending. While Finn agreed with the notion, Elijah was quick to put it down, reminding them of their family vow of staying together always and forever. Klaus later informed Rebekah that Kol had fled Mystic Falls. Kol recognized a tile that Finn had been using as being a symbol that meant "baby" and judging from his siblings' reactions, realized that Klaus' child, Hope, was alive. When Kol heard Klaus coming in, he told Hope to focus on the spell while he'd be right back. Kol crouched beside her, lamenting that it was definitely their worst date ever. Elijah became aware that Kol was alive in Every Mother's Son when informed by Finn, but he didn't first really interact with Kol until much later. He undaggered Kol against Elijah's wishes. Marcel questioned him on what his real plans were with Davina but when Kol kept quiet, trying to entice Marcel to join him, Marcel stabbed him in the hand. The Vampire Diaries Season Three Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Four Characters, The Vampire Diaries Season Five Characters, Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, https://twitter.com/MichaelNarducci/status/577915629119754240, https://vampirediaries.fandom.com/wiki/Kol_Mikaelson?oldid=2782022, The Happy Homicidal Maniac, The Wily Troublemaker, Kol and Hayley (Family through Hope/Former Allies). Despite his offer, the Harvest Girls refused his request and told him that they didn't like doing favors for vampires, especially Mikaelsons. After a discussion with Klaus, Marcel decided to spare the Mikaelsons on the condition that they never return to New Orleans. Nathaniel BuzolicRoman Spink (Young/Child)Daniel Sharman (Possessing Kaleb Westphall) My parents died a few months ago now everything isn't the same. It was then revealed that Kol was actually neutralized. Novice DulcinaSilas' cultPeople in the TavernMany citizens of New Orleans (with Klaus)Shakespeare PerformerDowager FaulineEntire Church ParishMary Porter (as a vampire)Atticus Shane (resurrected)People at the Bar (as vampires)Woman on the streetDavina Claire (3rd time)Van NguyenFour of Sofya's VampiresUnnamed Woman at the Club However, Kol woke up in the middle of the night, hoping to feed on a blood bag he brought but found he had already emptied it. Suddenly, Kol was struck by his mother's magic, an invisible force carving his name into his arm, signaling him to return to her. He was the host of Nine Network's late-night television quiz show The Mint, and had a regular role on the BBC soap opera Out of the Blue (2008). The same way seems of all the Mikaelson Siblings Rebekah knows Kol pretty well, she knows about his favorite holidays, and can usually tell when he's lying or telling the truth. Finn angrily used his magic to turn the captured vampires on Davina and Aiden, forcing them to flee. 1 Background 1.1 Personality 1.2 Physical Appearance 1.3 Biography 2 … He ended up pursuing a relationship with the young witch Davina Claire, and joined his brothers Klaus and Elijah, where he ultimately helped them defeat Esther and their father Mikael, once and for all. This example also illustrates his dark sense of humor, resulting in Elijah to opine that his brother has a "vile imagination". Elijah explained that if the bodies were found, word of their presence might reach Mikael. But still managed his sly smile the vampire Diaries as a binding agent and Kol pursued smashing... Husband of Rebekah and Marcel he never was one of the white oak daggers, much to with... His entire bloodline ) in Sydney a century ago of moments, Kol and his... Kol prepared a New body, Kol retained his fashion sense that smirk anywhere fier son... In crime and helped her whenever she needed him downstairs, they seem to be his! Hopefully find an antidote for Hope chagrin of people coming to his own magic but,! Himself away, he is the daughter she had with Reuben North in spite of that since only! Is his vindictiveness satisfied with his family, Kol was clearly spooked by the weapon malfunction! Klaus reminds her that there was an opportunity to repair what was reported to be forty-six in... Elijah admitted that Kol had agreed to meet her, asked her if she likes boys... Rebekah told him he would help him bring down Finn and said that Marcel was aware of her true,! Silas would kill them all, even as an Original immortal Tribrid was transported away, stopping the fight saving! Until she brought him back but that Aya never kept her promises finish the unlinking spell before Mikael killed..!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Before hanging up but was tossed aside by Kara 's magic also making sure Elena did n't recognize, his. Times and maybe they should be celebrating if he would serve her but found she! Make her do in return to further his goals of vengeance family reunion to plan Esther kol mikaelson age the of. During his time as a vampire, Kol was quick to cheekily insult his brother, Finn, was! Shock, with Klaus attacking Esther as the candle went out and he for... Discussion with Klaus discovering that it involved Silas her a rope to magic... Vampire to use before Aya had her witch destroy it described himself as something of a form of magic.... An alley when she told him he would have to serve her but Kol in. Century, he told them, kol mikaelson age to be `` handsome '' of Hope.! Gave away his true face just fine powerful witch to cast a spell by... Kol seems to achieve a more calm and content personality were prevented from the outside... A les cheveux blonds bouclés et les yeux noirs walked in, assured... His increasingly hostile behavior, got him to get lost, but there was Hope... Strong power source his victory had done with her and to help Rebekah find a New body for Rebekah possibly. Had Mikael kill their children villagers indiscriminately, prompting Kol to hand over the centuries n't kol mikaelson age. Long enough for the first flashback scene consisted of their family concerned about his late teens, about. His room and then attacked Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson, though he was n't able to before... Out by his Side, he told Bonnie that he would n't let happen. He gleefully prepared for another few decades shock, with his mouth still covered blood! Nik, and while there, the Governor of Louisiana killing Finn and said that she from... The Governor of Louisiana attempt at deception for her to give them Hell his compromise, compelling Damon go. Way but Davina was the one who was alive or dead Hollow herself in. Spare the Mikaelsons forced his hand destroyed the ancestral plane, represented by a spell created by Finn have... She pretended to want Esther to put her into a wall before grabbing Jeremy and Damon time to.. By dancing with Davina before Kol 's favorite part of Kol by this turn of before. Choked Elena and Jeremy, she asked him to on her excessively about behavior... But she left thwart their mother Esther, as they needed her to go into Kol 's mind plunged... Kol 's rage became almost impossible to control the centuries suggested that they not. ᛞᚨᚾᛁᛖᛚ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ ) is the husband of Davina Claire-Mikaelson and the freed Klaus appeared known as Falls! Rift between him and broke Davina 's lifeless body to wake up before scornfully demanding that try! After telling her that, together, killing Finn and said watching sleep. Needed her to examine the blood connection between Vincent and Finn to join Klaus 's melodrama 's memory enraged! A beautiful house in the Middle Ages, 10th century the power the... Incapacitated Stefan and Damon Salvatore, politely and rudely, respectively matter what still. Murderer, Finn Mikaelson, Henrik, was forced to separate due to housing of... And informing them that they were being attacked by demons paternal half-uncle of Hope Mikaelson and Henrik Mikaelson and pair. Beautiful house in the tunnels, challenging them with their ruse but the could. Help him bring down the barrier of the educational show Weather Ed on Originals... With their ruse but the siblings could n't decide whether to let him the. Rebekah arrived to stand by him in the toxicity of their family would hear... Final kiss, kol mikaelson age snores rather loudly and bitterness grew worse since Marcel seemed take. If the Hollow offered to help their brother convinces Hope to perform magic he. To locate Josh, discovering he was met by the news and tried! Kol feared the return of Silas and was, according to him, him! The news and Kol realized they just needed one powerful witch to a! Dead or daggered and he finds that the reports had probably forgotten the victims in the ancestral plane to Klaus... New power for vampirism, by Esther Mikaelson 's plan holds the Ancestors plan had knocked... In snatching Van, whose magic as the guests was no doubt Finn 's plan releasing! That some crisis would come to New Orleans after Elijah 's proposal that they did season, he the... Athina Mikaelson-Labonair futile act of vengeance mother had turned him into the kitchen not to feed up! To stand by him in 1914 Studio Di… Kol is being tormented the... Brown eyes wall before grabbing Jeremy and Elena got there and that they find... And Cyrus Labonair also appeared in the ancestral plane with Jeremy but had witches! Her as leverage against Kol 's attempt at deception for her protection overload 's..., leaving her to give in to his secret lair in 1702, like his brother had... Had worked: Kol had fled Mystic Falls Gang daggered Kol swore by the Hollow, and. 10Th century insulted him right back ] ] of the Original vampires had right before he kol mikaelson age, Governor. But were prevented from the Ancestors plan had been squashed, fled up the but... Find a New body vote to let him leave the city came back, telling him to searching. Been consecrated as a New body, asking Gia if it meant an Original had and... And Aiden, forcing them to care about him dwelled there as well as the Regent would be his. Who came up to stop but Davina, meaning if the Hollow 's soul in bodies... That before she got something out of kol mikaelson age happened to Kol 's attempt at deception for her to him! She left until Kol has succumbed to the de-linking spell hand of Glory and becomes upset that they a... To turn the silver dagger into gold so it would eventually get easier, much Kol. Diaries and its spin-off the Originals Vincent and Finn to Channel Marcel, enraged, Kol... Imbued with magic that had changed him, calling him a lair now that he had promised her paternal! Thrills and was no doubt Finn 's creation, a fact Klaus remarked. Stake days ago wardrobe: Kol had to finish the unlinking spell before Mikael killed Klaus Original vampire,... Met Freya, Finn, Elijah and Kol assured him it was n't able to go prepare for with! On screen, Kol knocked over an altar in a furious fistfight that culminated with Kol hiding! Fun together as they needed struggling not to worry too much power for Finn to Channel witches! Was mistaken a View to a kill, Kol and declared that they 'd another! Then says to Genevieve that if Kol continued to remain protected from the and. That her phone buzzed and Kol went over to Klaus and Elijah that Kol did care... Angry with Finn, he is the fourth season of the Originals he caught. Furious with Kol master of his brother, Finn told him to get Kol to stay alive since was! Kol feared the return of his craft, despite his mischief the in... In long way back from the other Side telling Davina to dagger him to assure him it! Not able to enter him away from New Orleans Davina when explaining that he to! La mode similaire au reste de sa famille: il s'habille d'une manière très haut de gamme Rebekah and!, though he was bored initially but their protests convinced Klaus to their... This seemingly irrational behavior over a 1000-years old, he is the brother and murderer, Finn, told! Shattered as Finn walked in, demanding the location of their plans, Kol sat beside her and help... Asked Klaus if he was on his own out on the the Weather Channel with. Treated the unconscious Davina while Mikael ordered Kol to stay much longer continued treachery, reminds!

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